YouTube Celebrates 10 Years


Many argue that YouTube is one most time consuming sites ever invented on the Internet, though many Facebook users might disagree. In February of 2005, 3 former PayPal employees decided to start up a video sharing service and they uploaded the first video on April 23, 2005. Here we are 10 years later.

In 2006, many people were not sure it was going to survive due to all the copyright infringement lawsuits but then later that year (Nov 2006) Google acquired them for 1.65 Billion USD. This seemed like another ridiculous dot com valuation yet it definitely looks like a deal now.

Newest Apps for Your Deepest, Darkest Secrets

secret mask

While social media has become a platform for individuals to have their own public personas, there are also different online platforms these days that allow users to share and post without revealing their true selves. Different “anonymous apps” such as Whisper, Yik Yak and Secret allow users to remain nameless while posting some of their thoughts (deep, dark, and otherwise), secrets, ideas or revelations that they’d rather not be traced back to them. Here’s a quick review of the different features these three apps possess.


Google Mobilegeddon live April 21


I have been preaching quite heavily especially in the past couple years to either have a separate mobile friendly website ( or even better yet a responsive website. A responsive website “responds” to the width of the screen viewing it to display all of the elements in a more friendly fashion. This is done by stacking elements, shrinking images or removing them, and displaying a mobile/touch friendly menu. That way your website looks good on desktop computers, tablets, and also smartphones. Many websites on the Internet are still not mobile friendly which is frustrating for the user experience, sometimes almost unusable. On many sites, the inbound traffic is now over 50% accessed by mobile devices. If they can’t easily find what they are looking for, they leave (bounce) away from the website and look at a different one. In the past this only affected overall usability however Google is now unleashing a major algorithm update taking effect on April 21st which many in the industry have nicknamed Mobilegeddon.

Google’s secret sauce will now take into effect the mobile-friendliness of a website, whether it has a separate or is responsive. Google has made it clear that it will now have a significant impact in their search results. The idea is that people will be happier with their Google search results if Google sends them to websites that are not only relevant but easier to navigate on the particular device they are viewing it. Otherwise people would “blame” Google for giving them search results that aren’t as good.


How can you test your website to see if it is mobile friendly? Use this Google tool:

Keeping Trolls Away With Twitter’s New Quality Filter


The Internet is undoubtedly one of the most pivotal innovations of the 21st century. It has changed so much about every aspect of human lives and its impact is probably most evident in how people communicate. Nowadays, communication and the spread of ideas is not just quick, it’s instantaneous, particularly when we’re using social media platforms like Twitter.

Easy Ways to Free Up Space on Your Mobile Device


Is there anything more annoying than that “No More Storage Space” notification? Especially when you’re seconds away from losing that image that’s just begging to be captured.

These things usually take up the most space: applications, pictures, videos and music. If you don’t want to run the risk of having limited memory on your device again, below are just some suggestions to help you keep your smartphones’ and tablets’ space optimized.

What happens to our Facebook account when we pass away?


While it’s never easy for any of us to ponder our own demise, we live in an age wherein many of us have an “online counterpart” of our real lives – our social media profiles.

Have you ever wondered about what happens to your Facebook profile when you die? Does it remain online forever, or does Facebook simply delete your account? Wait, how would they know for sure about someone’s death?

Like I said, it’s a thought that might make a lot of us uncomfortable, but it’s something we nevertheless have to come to grips with just in case something unfortunate happens to us.

Facebook has apparently already considered such a scenario, and has a system that can turn your page into a “memorial page” in case of death. They also recently introduced a new “legacy contact” feature.

Depth-sensing cameras using Intel RealSense technology


Intel is has been rolling out a new technology called RealSense. They are taking perceptual computing to the next level by interpreting sensory inputs and movement for different applications. They achieve this using their 3D depth-sensing cameras in RealSense enabled devices. This exciting new technology has been Intel’s big highlight at CES rather than focusing on chip advancements.

3D printing makes its way to the culinary world


Companies are finding more and more ways to harness the power of 3D printing technology. At CES 2015, XYZPrinting, the company who also made the Da Vinci AiO 3D printer, introduced a 3D printer that makes use of flour and chocolate as “ink,” which you can then turn into pastries, cookies, cake decorations, and more (you still have to bake them).

Glowing earphones that beat along with your music and heartbeat

glow headphones

Other than comfort, sound quality, aesthetic value, and a few nifty features here and there, it’s safe to say headphone technology hasn’t seen many changes during the past few decades. So when Glow, LLC, a San Francisco-based tech company, launched a Kickstarter page for their unique set of earphones, they literally unleashed a bright new feature that turned quite a number of heads online.