Security expert says 500 million android phones are infected due to flashlight apps


Alarming information has been brought forward this month that the top 10 flashlight apps on Google Play store are malware. Gary Miliefsky, CEO of Snoopwall, estimates over half a billion Android devices globally are unknowingly infected and sending personal information to China, India, and Russia.

Gary goes on further to say the only way you can be sure to uninfect your Android device is with a full factory reset. Apple iOS users are safe from this issue. Here is a link to the Snoopwall Flashlight Apps Threat Assessment Report. The report goes on to list these flashlight apps:

The quadcopter drone is now going to be wearable


You’ve probably heard of drones, and these days you may have heard of them in a negative light. Drones are essentially any automatic mechanical device that can be remote controlled without being manned. Quadcopter drones, in particular, have really taken off (pardon the pun) in recent years. While drones are not really the most technologically advanced objects out there, they are, you have to admit, among the coolest. Everyone from filmmakers to marketing teams to hobbyists enjoys taking aerial shots and literally getting a new perspective on things.

How much would you pay for an old computer?


It is believed that less than 50 of the original Apple-1‘s are still in existence and today one of those computers just sold for $905,000. This Apple-1 was put together by Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder) in Steve Job’s family garage in the summer of 1976. This antique was purchased by The Henry Ford organization with goal to put it on display in their Michigan museum.

We no longer use the phone in our smartphones


Ahh, smart phones: the modern human’s weapon of choice in braving today’s hyper-connected digital world. Have you ever wondered why they’re still called phones nowadays? More than anything, the functionality of our so-called smart phones has transcended their original purpose. They’re now devices jam-packed with applications that let you do almost anything, and they have become less of a traditional phone in every sense of the word.

A way for your devices to work seamlessly together – Pushbullet

pushbullet app

Now more than ever, we are expected to be connected all the time and we send and receive information using all kinds of platforms and devices. This fast-paced exchange of information can be difficult to keep track of especially if you’re working with multiple devices. But, hey, guess what, there’s an app that can help you with that. It’s called Pushbullet and it is arguably one of the best productivity apps of the year.

Apple Pay and the rise of the digital wallet

apple pay

With the creation of innovative and practical mobile payment systems, mobile payment is becoming more accessible than ever.

Types of mobile payment
Mobile payment systems these days come in all kinds of flavors. There are those that make use of external accessories like The Square and “Tap and Go” pay systems that turn your mobile phone into a mobile wallet, where you go into a store and check out with your smartphone. Mobile payment systems that are in the latter category include Google Wallet, One Touch PayPal, and the recently launched Apple Pay.