Coming Soon: Ad-Free Browsing by Google


If you feel like there’s a trend towards subscriptions these days, you may be right. From Netflix to Spotify, online media providers rely on the subscription model to monetize digital content while providing a relatively ad-free environment. The popularity of these services proves that consumers are willing to pay for a seamless experience, but would this extend to the world of web ads? Google seems to think so.

Introducing the Facebook Groups App

facebook groups app

Facebook Messenger isn’t the only feature that the social media giant feels is worthy of a standalone app anymore. Fans of the social network can now download Facebook Groups, an app that lets users stay connected with their Facebook groups and join new ones. If you’ve ever felt that the groups feature of the site was underused then this app is a great way to put it on center stage. As soon as you launch the app, you’re presented with a list of groups you currently belong to, with the ones you view more frequently appearing on top.

Are you being watched? The bad side of webcams


Many people fall into two groups when it comes to Internet security: those who don’t care about it or those who care a little too much. While reaching a happy medium may seem difficult, it’s a task that’s very doable as long as you bother to stay up to date with current vulnerabilities. Past and recent news tells us that our webcams are vulnerable to hacking, so you’re probably wondering how seriously you should take those warnings. Should you be worried?

Embracing voice control using an open language for the Internet of Things

internet of things

More and more inanimate objects are being added to the list of devices that we interact with and every year we are this much closer to having a fully responsive smart home. Integrating voice recognition in the different devices we use is a step forward that will transform our homes – and our lives – even further.

Samsung is about to unleash breakneck WiFi speeds


When it comes to WiFi signals, the routers many of us have in our homes today are hampered by barriers such as walls and other electronic devices that interfere with the signal. Because of this, routers never quite deliver the speeds manufacturers claim they’re capable of, especially when multiple devices are involved.

In a recent announcement, Samsung Electronics claims to have solved this problem by developing new technology, and get this – this new tech will boost WiFi speeds fivefold!

Enhance your Firefox browsing experience


Mozilla Firefox is a great browser that has long remained at the top in the battle of Internet web browsers. It is very fast when it comes to speed and has plenty of great downloadable add-ons and customizable options in its arsenal as well.

While it’s already great as is, a little tweaking and knowledge of a few shortcuts will give you a buttery-smooth Firefox browsing experience. Read on to find out how you can maximize your use of this open-source browser.

The 411 on dealing with online identity theft


What is online identity theft? It’s when someone collects your personal information to open your online accounts, using whatever they find there for their own personal gain (or amusement). An identity thief can be anyone – it could be someone from a different country or even someone close to you. Identity thieves have different motives as to why they attack, from wanting to steal your credit card information to the desire to ruin somebody’s reputation and everything beyond and in between.