Enhance your Firefox browsing experience


Mozilla Firefox is a great browser that has long remained at the top in the battle of Internet web browsers. It is very fast when it comes to speed and has plenty of great downloadable add-ons and customizable options in its arsenal as well.

While it’s already great as is, a little tweaking and knowledge of a few shortcuts will give you a buttery-smooth Firefox browsing experience. Read on to find out how you can maximize your use of this open-source browser.

The 411 on dealing with online identity theft

What is online identity theft? It’s when someone collects your personal information to open your online accounts, using whatever they find there for their own personal gain (or amusement). An identity thief can be anyone – it could be someone from a different country or even someone close to you. Identity thieves have different motives as to why they attack, from wanting to steal your credit card information to the desire to ruin somebody’s reputation and everything beyond and in between.

The tech behind Honda’s brilliant The Other Side video

yin yang

Honda’s newest online commercial is nothing short of brilliant on so many levels. They released it as a short film called “The Other Side”. This video is a double-sided interactive film. As you watch this video, you can press the “R” key which toggles between the humble dad version of the video over to the criminal underworld version. It is so addictive that you constantly press “R” over and over while watching, helping Honda reinforce their brand and bringing film watching to a whole new level!


Maximize your iPhone’s efficiency!


Did you know that you can actually make your iPhone work faster just by making a few adjustments on your phone? The trick is to make the OS work as little as possible so that your apps run and load faster once prompted. This also helps in making your content load faster when you’re browsing the Internet or watching videos on your phone.

Gmail shortcuts you probably didn’t know about


Emails… we deal with them every day. Chances are you spend a lot of time reviewing your email and you’re probably using a free email service. Nowadays, Gmail is considered to be the most widely used – having gained an edge over competitors Outlook.com (previously known as Hotmail) and Yahoo Mail in the last couple of years.

Recharge your smartphone to 100% in 5 minutes with new lithium-ion battery

battery charging

When it comes to electronic devices, particularly smartphones and tablets, battery life is one of the biggest issues consumers rant about.

If you’re one of these people – and if you use a smartphone regularly then you probably are – good news! Your battery life woes will soon be a thing of the past. Researchers from Singapore’s Nanyang Technology University (NTU) have developed a groundbreaking new lithium-ion battery technology that can charge your phone to up to 70% in as fast as two minutes.