Waterproof dustproof sports MP3 earbuds, great for swimming and running


The Sony NW WS410 series headphones are great for exercising! They are waterproof and dustproof IP67/68 earbuds. The WS413 is a 4GB MP3 player and they have the WS414 with an 8GB flavor for more tunes. There is no Bluetooth support or mic, and they are relatively expensive. However these do fit a niche requirement with their fantastic fit and weight, the water/dust-proofing, and you can get an hour of usage out of a quick 3-minute charge! The battery is amazing for such a lightweight headset. They support an ambient sound mode. The waterproofing includes resilience in salt water up to 6 feet deep for 30 minutes.

The battery life and charging is a big deal along with how comfortable they are. They look bulkier than typical earbuds, but they don’t feel it. Quick and simple to wear while running or swimming, they come with a variety of different sizes of earbuds for a more snug fit.

Case study of the side effects of viral YouTube videos


Four years ago in October 2012, I posted a quick video after getting the idea from an article I read. I never did anything else with it and it just sat there in YouTube-land obtaining views. Over the past 4 years, I obtained an average of 100 views per day along with a couple Likes per day. This resulted in 100,000 views over the course of those 4 years. Then something happened on August 24, 2016…

Wow! How is this possible? I clicked on the “Analytics” button on my YouTube video and start digging.

Could Google’s New Wireless Service Save You Money?

project fi

With many complaints about expensive cell phone company data plans and roaming prices, Google’s new wireless plan may be worth a look. And it’s not just a wireless plan. Project Fi‘s innovative program uses a network of the biggest wireless carriers combined with WiFi in your home and locations all over the world to give you the best available cell signal wherever you are in world.

The Project, open by invitation only in 2015, is now in full swing and available in the US on the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6 phones. This summer, it expanded its coverage to over 135 countries and locations all over the world. With rumored new features from Google Nougat coming in the fall, now might be the best time to explore Google’s new option.

Here are 5 reasons to keep your eye on Fi:

Data breaches such as Dropbox and LinkedIn


The data breach for Dropbox hitting the news today occurred 4 years ago (in 2012). The reason it is hitting the news now is the information was recently leaked out into the open through the dark web. It includes 68 million Dropbox accounts but also 117 million from a 2012 LinkedIn breach as well. Since 2012, Dropbox has been proactively forcing password resets. Therefore even if someone managed to recover account information from the 2012 hack, they wouldn’t be able to access the accounts. If you haven’t yet changed your password since prior to mid-2012, you are obviously urged to do so immediately. On that note, you should be updating your passwords on a regular basis as 4 years is way too long to be using the same one for reasons such as this. Dropbox handled this breach very well. They were proactive and mitigated a huge amount of risk to their users.

Where is this hacked information leaked?

It appears on the dark web. I explain what is the darknet in a prior article.

How do I manage all my passwords?

There are several techniques I share in earlier posts which include password tips and considering a vault such as LastPass

Also here are 12 fraud awareness tips to protect yourself online

Smartwatch that floats!


Smartwatches have been around a while. Don’t you remember the calculator watches back in the 70s? I had one, it was pretty cool at the time. Then they came out with memo capabilities in the 90s with appointment reminders and 30 character screens. Some watches even had built-in pagers. What’s that you ask? Imagine one-way text messaging but with extremely limited number of characters. We were thinking there would be a whole bunch of new smartwatches out in 2016 but the pickings are few.

A super cool Smartwatch to check out is Nixon The Mission, an Androidwear watch for outdoor and sport enthusiasts. And yes as you can see by the photos, it floats.


This large watch is rugged and waterproof to 100m. It has a very nice 400×400 touchscreen that you can use even when wet. Being a smartwatch, it is equipped with compass, gyrometer, altimeter, GPS, thermometer, accelerometer and humidity sensors. Other specs are 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage for apps and music. It will be available later this year for roughly $400.

6 Fitness Bands to Consider


There are so many options now for choosing a personal fitness band. These bands are great for those starting out. Remember small changes can turn into big results. Some people may base their decision purely on looks but I would recommend taking a look at functionality as well.

Spider robots find and repair holes in airship


The Skunk Works division of Lockheed Martin created a self-propelled spider robot that moves over an airship to scan for holes and repair them. It has an inside part and outside part that are held together by magnets. When it finds a hole using light sensors and repairs it, it takes before and after photos so they can be manually verified by an operator. Many spider robots can operate simultaneously which reduces the time considerably.

Imagine applying similar technology to other aircraft, vehicles, vessels, or even pipelines. We could avoid very unfortunate leaks having serious environmental impact and safety concerns.

Windows 10 celebrates one-year


Today July 29th marks the one-year anniversary of Windows 10 and the last day to get the free Windows 10 upgrade. They indicate there are over 350 million devices worldwide now running this latest Microsoft operating system.

Ensure you have upgraded all your device drivers as well after updating, even if it says it is compatible. Devices such as printers will work much better with the latest drivers.

Overall people are very happy with their upgrades and the feedback is very positive. There will be a big anniversary update occurring on August 2nd bringing new features to Microsoft Edge, Cortana, Windows Hello, Windows Ink, and more.