5 most helpful back-to-school apps


Getting organized for school can be tricky. Luckily, there are amazing mobile apps available that provide smart solutions. Need help managing your schedule, keeping up with deadlines or organizing your notes? These apps aim to make your academic life more structured to help you get ahead in your pursuit for excellence in school.

iPhone case gives you instant heat vision powers – FLIR ONE

flir one

With the FLIR ONE case, you can instantly transform your phone into a high-tech infrared seeking device – all you have to do is slip it on. FLIR stands for “forward-looking infrared device” and it basically detects heat and translates it into a composite image that can be photographed, recorded or viewed live. The thermal image registers onto your phone in bright red, orange and yellow tones, signifying heat.

Microwave that counts calories

calorie counting microwave

Imagine a microwave that doesn’t warm your food, but scans it instead and instantly reveals how many calories it has. Thanks to General Electric, who are currently working on a machine that does exactly that, this technology will soon be a reality. This new microwave’s concept design can be found all over the web, but the final name and look is yet to be revealed.

Transport your Lego creations to the virtual world with Lego Fusion

lego fusion

More and more kids are opting to play virtual games these days. Lego Fusion acknowledges this fact, but it also encourages children to go back to playing and creating with their own two hands. This new game developed by The Lego Group combines old-school brick by brick Lego play with virtual app-based gaming.

Garmin’s own GPS mobile app, víago


Garmin has stepped over to mobile application technology with víago, a navigation application for smartphones. Garmin is known for producing GPS receivers and products for the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sports industries, with products ranging from pet obedience gadgets to chart plotters and watches among the plethora of products they create. víago sets itself apart from more popular navigation apps like Waze or Google maps with several advanced features.

10 iPhone iOS 7.1 features you probably didn’t know about


We’re still getting used to iOS 7 and now Apple is set to release iOS 8 (it’ll come with the iPhone 6). iOS 8 promises a better experience – don’t they always? – but don’t say goodbye to 7 yet. You may not know it as well as you think; it has plenty of features that you probably haven’t heard about and are well worth exploring.

What to do in the event of a data breach


When it comes to data breaches these days, it’s no longer a question of if, but when. And when confidential and sensitive information is exposed to prying eyes, this can cause members of your organization or the owners of said information to panic or worse: your clients may leave/stop patronizing your product/service altogether. If handled poorly, the general public may also develop a negative perception about your organization – and that is never good for business. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind: