Astronauts eat first ever space salad


It was, quite literally, a bite that was out of this world. And it tasted “awesome”, according to the astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

The very first outer space lettuce was grown in a small, microwave-sized box for more than a year, and exposed to LED lights. The crew members first used sanitary wipes to clean the lettuce before trying them raw, and then with a bit of extra virgin olive oil and Italian balsamic vinegar.

The astronauts said it tasted “fresh” and “kind of like arugula” – a great alternative to the usual packaged, freeze-dried space food.

Meet Lily: An aerial drone that can follow you around


Those small flying robots from that 80’s flick “Batteries Not Included” have arrived. Toss this device into the air (or the water!) and it will automatically whir to life, activating its four rotors while looking back at you with illuminated smiling eyes, eagerly anticipating the crazy stuff you’re about to do next.

It’s not a sentient machine from outer space – just Lily, a new type of action camera drone that can follow you around while filming you.

Under the hood of an Intel 2-in-1 Laptop / Tablet


I recently obtained an Acer R3-471T-5448. Do I call it a laptop or a tablet? Really it is the best of both worlds. I call it a convertible 14″ touchscreen personal device – a comfortable size to carry around. It has a 10-point touch display which I find to be quite intuitive. Intel has been pushing out 2-in-1‘s which are helping bridge the gap between both world (laptops and tablets). There are 4 different ways it can be used: as a laptop/notebook, propped up like a tent so everyone can see, used as a tablet/pad, or as a display. This is achieved by using a 360 dual torque hinge which is very versatile.

I dislike Facebook’s idea for a new Dislike button


Mark Zuckerburg announced Facebook’s new Dislike button which will be coming soon to a Facebook page near you. I understand what sparked this, it is the awkward moment you have when someone posts some bad news (natural disaster or death of a loved one) and you really don’t want to click “Like”. It just doesn’t seem right. However you want to show your support. Facebook is bringing us a Dislike button to help express empathy rather than disdain for posts.

Unfortunately I feel it could very easily backfire and get into a situation where people use it the wrong way or get the wrong meaning from it. Wouldn’t it be easier to use an emoticon such as a sad face? Not every moment is a good moment, but we don’t want to create more bad moments.

My First Kickstarter Campaign – UberStax!


I’ve always wanted to try something on the very popular crowdfunding website known as Kickstarter. It’s an amazing way of presenting a fresh idea to a community who are looking to support innovation. This is my first Kickstarter project, and something I’m very excited about!

It’s called überStax, an accessory for anyone playing table top games. Young, old, families, and gamers. After designing numerous prototypes over the course of a year, I created a simple universal piece that snaps together with other pieces, becoming a purposeful ‘rack’ used to place cards, tiles, miniatures, or other game pieces during any gameplay.

Project Underskin: The next phase of wearable tech


Wearing devices on our wrists isn’t really something new. In the past few years, we’ve been seeing more and more devices like the Fitbit, Jawbone Up, Apple Watch, and other similar gadgets.

Though wearable technology is still somewhat in its early stages, NewDealDesign, the same tech design consultancy behind Fitbit and Google’s Project Ara, has already taken it a step further: smart digital tattoos.

Disney Parks Ban Selfie Sticks


Selfie sticks are now prohibited in Disney parks across the US. Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong and other Disney parks around the world are also expected to follow suit.

“We strive to provide a great experience for the entire family, and unfortunately, selfie sticks have become a growing safety concern for both our guests and cast,” said a representative from Disney.

Visitors with selfie sticks will now be asked to temporarily leave the accessory at the entrance. Originally park management planned to prohibit the device on rides only, but some stubborn visitors still managed to sneak them in and take shots while onboard an attraction. 

The Best Meditation Apps


When most people think of meditation, they often imagine sitting silently in a lotus position, breathing deeply, and allowing thoughts to come and go. Many are not aware that meditation is a very freeform activity and there’s really no right or wrong way to do it.

Using apps to meditate might seem like a contradiction of some sort, but the truth is you can use anything to help you meditate – whether it’s the sounds of nature or words from a guided meditation app.

Because we take our smartphones pretty much everywhere we go, having a meditation app to help us be more mindful even in the midst of activity is a big game changer for how we spend our daily lives.

If you’d like to try out a meditation app, here are some of the best ones available today: