Review: The Typo 2 keyboard case


Ever since Steve Jobs championed virtual keyboards through the development of iPhones, more and more smartphones have jettisoned physical keyboards altogether as people seemed alright with typing on glass. There are still some, however, who prefer typing on a physical keyboard, but who are also fans of iOS and don’t want to give up using their iPhones.

Enter Typo, an iPhone case with a physical keyboard. There was a lawsuit launch by BlackBerry on their first version, the courts agreed and Typo was discontinued. But now it’s back with a revised design. Meet Typo 2, an iPhone keyboard case that retails for $79 for its iPhone 5/5s-compatible models, and $99 for iPhone 6 cases. Interested? Hold your horses and consider the following:

Flexible, printable, rechargeable, batteries are on the horizon


As smartphones get even smarter, screen resolutions clearer, processing speeds faster and 3D graphics more and more lifelike, one aspect that hasn’t really changed all that much in the ever-evolving technological landscape are batteries. Though lithium-ion battery manufacturers constantly find ways to increase energy efficiency, performance, and capacity, we haven’t really experienced any major breakthroughs in battery technology. Until recently, that is.

Should you switch to mechanical keyboards for gaming?


When it comes to PC peripherals, mechanical keyboards aren’t really all that popular yet, though they’ve slowly been gaining a bit of traction in recent years. One factor is definitely the price – mechanical keyboards are significantly more expensive than the common rubber-dome switch keyboards usually bundled with PC packages. So why pay extra if you’re already satisfied with a completely functional keyboard?

The funny thing with mechanical keyboards is that you won’t know what you’re missing until you actually get to use one for an extended period. And most people who discover mechanical keyboards swear they’re never going back to using regular membrane or scissor-type switch keyboards again.

15 Quick Tips for a Great PowerPoint Presentation


I was asked to come up with tips on making a good PowerPoint presentation. Being a public speaker, I thought this was a great blog topic with random points I feel are important for a great presentation. The focus of the presentation is not PowerPoint, you should be able to give the presentation without any visual aids. Here are 15 quick tips I came up with to consider.

Introducing the app controlled Ollie robot


This new fun toy from Sphero is a simple looking robot that can do ridiculously cool stunts. Ollie can be controlled via an app on your smartphone and at first glance this little robot looks fairly ordinary, but wait until you see it in action.

Ollie is able to do various stunts similar to what skateboarders can do. In fact, the toy itself was named after a particular skateboarding move – the Ollie is a trick wherein the skater performs an aerial stunt with no hands – and it looks as cool as it sounds.

Texan Creates a Hoverboard with 4 Leaf Blowers


The technology in science fiction films has always fascinated people. Take the hoverboard, for example, that cool floating skateboard Marty McFly uses in Back to the Future. It makes you wonder – would it be possible for this type of technology to exist in our lifetime? And if so, how would we go about building our own?

Double Telepresence – Your Double is Here


If you’re a telecommuter, then there’s probably been a time or two when you wished you could physically go around the office and talk to people directly. If you’ve ever wanted to be in two places at once, then you’ll be interested to know that there’s this new robot that allows you to do just that.

Double Telepresence
The Double is being manufactured by Double Robotics which has dubbed the robot “the ultimate tool for telecommuting.” The firm calls this method of communication double telepresence. It allows you to be “physically” present in a certain place even if you’re not there. The technology is quite simple: it’s essentially a wheeled stand (it looks like a Segway) that holds an iPad, which you can drive remotely. Voila! You can now remotely roam around your office.

Technology Highlights and Trends during 2014


Here is a brief summary of the many highlights and trends blending in from 2013 and moving into 2015. Smartphones, Tablets and now many phablets. Apple jumped in with the iPhone 6 Plus and the skinniest ever iPad Air 2. The Internet of Things is really taking off with regular household items such as connected toothbrushes, tennis rackets and basketballs. They are continuing to embed technology in everyday objects. Televisions keep making strides to be bigger, better, and more immersive with 4K TVs (Ultra HD) and many curved screens. Wearables with Google Glass and integrating into personal clothing such as socks and baby clothes, even a wearable drone. Speaking of drones, they are getting very popular with professional photographers and videographers, not to mention just as fun toys. With vehicles we have improvements towards self-driving, driverless parking, and even cars with 4G Internet connections. 3D Printing is taking huge strides to print  every days objects, tools, parts, and even different foods. Affordable 3D printers in every household is becoming more of a reality. We also have constant improvements in intuitive computing with moving away from the traditional keyboard and mouse. Better recognition in voice, gestures, and even eye movements. Looking into 2015 there will be continued advancements in virtual reality, streaming video, and wearables. The Oculus Rift already creates stunning VR experiences with their video and head motion tracking.

Sony unveils e-paper watch


Technology plays a role in so many things in our everyday lives that it doesn’t come as a surprise that visionaries and developers are continuously coming up with concepts that make fashion play a larger role in the tech industry. Enter wearable technology. Alright, it’s not a new concept, but experimentation on the use of different materials for gadgets is pretty awesome. Japanese electronics giant Sony’s e-paper watch is definitely worth looking at.