Preparing your online social legacy


We caution our children about the digital paper trails we leave. We need to be aware of what gets posted online, who can see it, and how things can be easily taken out of context. Another problem that is starting to manifest itself is our online legacy. What happens to our social media accounts when we pass away? Can our family access them or are they simply online forever stuck in limbo?

Automation apps and devices that can make your daily life easier


Smartphones and tablets, along with the near-endless selection of apps, often seem like nothing more than time-consuming distractions. According to a study conducted by British psychologists, most people spend an average of five hours a day using their smartphones – that’s roughly one-third of a person’s total waking hours. Crazy, who are these people?! Lol!

While this may seem like the current direction for humanity (Wall-E?), we can always take a look at the bright side. There’s also a growing number of apps and devices that help you use technology to save time, instead of wasting it.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

Important facts about encryption on smartphones

phone security tips

With recent security and privacy issues resulting from the San Bernardino iPhone dispute, it’s a good time to learn more about encryption.

What is encryption?

Basically encryption is a method used to secure information stored on any electronic device. This includes data such as text messages, photos, emails, and documents on smartphones.

When data is “encrypted,” it means it’s in a scrambled format, which makes it unreadable for computers or people without a key (such as a PIN code or passphrase) to the device.

It’s actually more complex than simply requiring a PIN code – Apple for example, requires several pieces of information in order to access data within the device. In addition to a PIN code or a fingerprint required from the user, there is also a key embedded in the device’s processor (secure enclave), which is unknown to anyone.

Twitter loosens the 140-character tweet limit


In an effort to be more competitive in the social networking space, Twitter is removing some restrictions on what counts towards their 140-character tweet limit. People agree that the brevity in posts is what makes Twitter great and soon images, videos, and people’s Twitter usernames (@account) will no longer count. This is great news!

Facebook has 1.65 billion users at last count and no character limit, definitely a social network that Twitter “competes” with. Twitter is celebrating 10 years with 310 million users. Twitter is hoping to re-ignite more user growth with these changes.

The H2 Speed hydrogen-powered supercar


In the world of supercars, it takes a lot to stand out these days. Pininfarina, one of Italy’s top design and engineering firms, has done just that with their new “H2 Speed“.

A unique supercar concept which recently drew a lot of attention at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the H2 Speed utilizes a pair of electric motors that generate a combined power output of around 370 kW (500 hp), which is produced at a blistering 13,000 rpm. The supercar’s only exhaust emission is water!

Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles aren’t entirely new – many of them are currently deep in the development stages and aren’t about to hit the roads anytime soon. These projects are geared more towards creating alternatives to regular gasoline and diesel-powered cars. With the H2 Speed, Pininfarina hopes to fill the tiny yet ultra-expensive and very high profile supercar niche.