LG reveals ultra-wide curved display monitor for PCs

lg 34uc97

The folks at LG recently unveiled the 34-inch 34UC97 – the world’s first curved widescreen monitor. Equipped with a 3440 x 1440 pixel resolution, it gives you Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) images. Its high pixel density delivers hyper-realistic images that are sharp and vivid for that ultimate viewing experience.

3D drawing pens in the market today

3d pens

3D printing technology has reached new heights since it penetrated the mainstream market. Take 3D pens, for example, the handheld version of the technology. They’ve been generating a lot of buzz lately, with a number of independent companies and manufacturers competing to set themselves apart from each other and coming up with their own niches in the market.

Top 4 free sites for website building and hosting


These days, building your own website has never been easier. Whether you’re trying to create your own personal blog or portfolio, or you’re setting up an online platform for a small business you want to put up, here are the top website builders that provide hosting and customization – absolutely free! The best part is you won’t have to deal with a single line of code with the help of these websites.

iPhone 6 to launch on September 9


The release of the much-anticipated version of the smartphone from Apple is finally official. Mark your calendars, the September 9 launch date has been confirmed.

Consumers always expect a lot from Apple so all eyes are definitely going to be on the iPhone 6. There’s already been leaked information about the new smartphone, so everyone’s in suspense to get all the details on the new innovations applied to the iPhone 6, which will be coming in two versions: 5.5 inches and 4.7 inches. (FYI: iPhone 4 is 3.5″ and iPhone5 is 4″)

5 most helpful back-to-school apps


Getting organized for school can be tricky. Luckily, there are amazing mobile apps available that provide smart solutions. Need help managing your schedule, keeping up with deadlines or organizing your notes? These apps aim to make your academic life more structured to help you get ahead in your pursuit for excellence in school.

iPhone case gives you instant heat vision powers – FLIR ONE

flir one

With the FLIR ONE case, you can instantly transform your phone into a high-tech infrared seeking device – all you have to do is slip it on. FLIR stands for “forward-looking infrared device” and it basically detects heat and translates it into a composite image that can be photographed, recorded or viewed live. The thermal image registers onto your phone in bright red, orange and yellow tones, signifying heat.