Hadrian X: The Brick Laying Robot that Builds a House in Two Days

A fast-moving robot is about to change the construction industry. Fast Brick Robotics is bringing revolutionary efficiency to the art of building with bricks. The Perth-based company’s new robot, Hadrian X, can lay up to 1000 bricks an hour. It’s capable of building a house in 2

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Hyperloop: The Future is Here


Imagine traveling on land from New York to Chicago in little over an hour … for the price of a cab ride. That’s now closer than ever to becoming reality thanks to the Hyperloop. In fact, Hyperloop One has already started construction in Dubai and plans to

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The New Perdix Generation – Drones that Swarm


Micro-drones are now smarter than ever. While older drones were pre-programmed with individual missions, the new 6th generation Perdix drones operate in intelligent swarms. A recently released video shows a Perdix drop from last October. The Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO), working with Naval Systems Air Command and

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New High-Tech Credit Card Scam Alert – Shimmers

credit card

Thieves have come up with yet another way to scam our credit cards. Law enforcement are finding slim plastic cards with electronics inside POS (point of sale) terminals. We were concerned before by skimmers where waiters could quickly scan your credit card into a pager sized device

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Now You Can Hail a Self-Driving Uber


Beginning last September, Uber introduced self-driving vehicles to the City of Steel. The company’s Advanced Technology Center in Pittsburgh has been working to make the city into one of America’s smartest … while creating safer transportation through automation. Uber’s car of choice is the Ford Fusion. These

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5 YouTube Trends Making This 5-Year-Old A Star


A 5-year-old boy is a rising star on YouTube with over 550 million views of his most popular video. He and his family are making about $1 million a month from advertising alone. At last count, he had 6,038,116 subscribers and over 10 billion lifetime views. The

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