Do You Own a Laptop? Treat it like your wallet!

Stolen laptop

Most thefts occur from cars. Many people just want to quickly go in to a store on their way from work. Hiding the laptop from sight doesn’t provide much safety, especially if you place it in the trunk upon arriving which gives the thief visual confirmation of

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Permanent Digital Footprints and Private Data

Digital Fingers

I am always surprised at how trusting people are with confidential and “private” data. They send attachments by email, they chat and post updates/pictures through their facebook/blogs/twitter accounts. And yet people are shocked when they hear about identity theft. You are shocked when someone knows your name,

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Internal Fraud

Enter Passcode

Unfortunately economic slowdowns can lead to downsizing, forced days off without pay, or lay offs. This can be dangerous in the world of Information Technology [IT] where disgruntled employees may retaliate against their (former) employers. Be cautious in these situations where the corporate decision has been to

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Something For Everyone (Movies, Long Distance, Remote Access)

“Apple TV redefines what your TV can do. Rent HD movies. Buy HD TV shows. Listen to your iTunes music. Watch podcasts. Even show off your photos.” Aside from viewing video clips on YouTube or pictures on Flickr, I must say that this device is amazing purely

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Social Networking in the Corporate Environment

Social Networking

Most people are now involved in one or more of the social networking sites that are available online such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter to name a few. The focus behind social networking is building an online community that shares some common interest. They are mostly

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Growing Bits, Bytes, and Backups

1956 Hard Drive

Here is a picture of a hard disk drive from 1956. It had a whopping 5 MB (MegaBytes) of storage. In September 1956, IBM launched the 305 RAMAC, the first computer with a hard disk drive. It weighed over a ton. By way of comparison, I use

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