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11 Choices to Discover Your Perfect Messaging App


What’s your messaging personality? Do you want to send secure and anonymous messages, make your own memes, or chat with your favorite 200 friends all at once? Whatever your preference, there’s an app for you. Check out these 11 choices to see which fits your personality and

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Pokémon Go augmented reality game

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NVMe, super-fast data storage

One of the main bottlenecks in a computer is the speed of your storage device (hard drive). The main defacto technology is SATA (Serial ATA) however SSD (Solid State Drive) are becoming the norm for many computing device. However there was a ceiling reached which was an

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World’s first consumer deca-core processor – Intel i7-6950X

This is huge! Desktops are getting the next big leap in processing power with Intel’s Core i7-6950X Broadwell-E processor which has 10 3.5 GHz cores (20 with HyperThreading). It’s been a couple years since we’ve had such a breakthrough. This was accomplished by shrinking the transistors again,

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Radho walk through video review of my UberStax


Radho did a walk through video review of my UberStax universal game piece holders. This is a new product I invented as a gaming accessory and listed it on Kickstarter in the fall of 2015 and are now available for sale through game retailers. Funds were successfully

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Google’s AlphaGo AI defeats one of world’s top Go players

AlphaGo is an artificial intelligence (AI) program created by Google and got its fourth win against a master player in the final match of this year’s DeepMind Challenge which was held in Seoul this March. It won against Lee Sedol, a nine-dan ranked professional player and one

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