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Google Photos for iOS adds support for Live Photos on iPhone 6S/Plus and iPad Pro

iPhone 6S users can now update Google Photos to version 1.8.0 to enjoy full support of Apple’s Live Photos feature. The new update also comes with full compatibility with the iPad Pro.

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X PlusOne: A super fast drone (up to 100 kph / 62mph!)


X PlusOne is a new type of drone created by xCraft and was successfully funded on Kickstarter this year, with 263 backers pledging over $143,000 to help it take flight.

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Tips to stay connected safe while travelling

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Pluto: Unchartered Territory No More


It’s been 9 years since the spacecraft called New Horizons was launched into outer space from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. On July 14th, it finally reached its destination: the icy dwarf planet Pluto.

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What to expect in smartphone camera technology


Our mobile phones are no longer just phones these days. They’ve become smart, for one thing; and for smartphone-makers product development it is now about better connectivity, camera capabilities and standing out and being one step ahead of competitors.

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iPhoneography 101

iphone camera

As the name suggests, iPhoneography is the art of capturing and editing images with an iOS device. The iPhone’s powerful camera has made taking beautiful photographs easier since users don’t have to worry about the technicalities that come with a single lens reflex camera, which has to

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