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Are You Really Protected?

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Are You Really Protected?

Unfortunately we have noticed many of the clients we deal with have a false sense of security. Just because you have anti-virus software installed on your workstations does not mean that you are protected and aren’t already infected.

Clients are always shocked when we are engaged to perform an audit of their network and we find screen loggers, key loggers, root kits, and downloader trojans. Some clients have issues with infected systems causing their legitimate emails to be blocked as they end up getting blacklisted on the Internet.

Unfortunately not all antivirus software is complete or current. You need to upgrade your antivirus software to the latest and also ensure that it is also scanning for Malware and Spyware. Viruses are no longer the predominant threat.

– Ensure that you have the latest Anti-“X” solution.
– Educate your users to not click on the “too good to be true” links
– Configure your firewall to only permit your mail server to send outbound emails
– Have your network audited on a regular basis

6 thoughts on “Are You Really Protected?”

  1. I think most people aren’t as protected as they think – certainly I’m not. But common sense, like not clicking on suspicious links, can go a long way.

    • At least you are well aware of that. To be honest I also know I’m not very protected, but I’m very calm right now, mostly because nothing serious has happened so far, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen tho! So I better start learning more about how to use mobiles and computers safely!

  2. I’ll have to look up anti-x solutions. I agree with periodic audits of the IT department. Most small companies only have one person working IT so they can often be too distracted to focus on firm security. I remember the last employer that I worked for was hacked by Syrian hackers and they didn’t have the manpower to do much about it. It was a multi-state company with an IT department of only 2 people.

  3. I think I’m guilty of this kind of behavior more often than not and I think much of everyone is. All those antivirus software programs out there sell us on the idea that they are 100% protecting our computer and most of us really think that because they are shielding us, that threats can’t get through or never stop to think they already did. Sometimes when I suspect a malicious threat is lingering, the software doesn’t even pick it up and another antivirus installed potentially does. It isn’t perfect and I don’t think we should expect perfection out of them, but at the same time, we shouldn’t get too comfortable not thinking that it doesn’t have loopholes that can be bypassed.

  4. This is kinda scary, I don’t want to imagine how compromised my system really is! I’m not a tech savvy person, but the more I read this kind of articles there more I realize I really need to lean more about computers. At least enough to know how to protect m personal info.

  5. It’s sad that people don’t take the precautions needed when securing computers. IT departments don’t take the time to educate users, but the other part is that users don’t listen. A lot of people are arrogant, yet clueless when it comes to computers, and that causes them to either give out info that can jeopardize the whole company, or allow access to files that could jeopardize the company. I always have one saying – “Man’s the weakest link in security.”

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