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Something For Everyone (Movies, Long Distance, Remote Access)

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“Apple TV redefines what your TV can do. Rent HD movies. Buy HD TV shows. Listen to your iTunes music. Watch podcasts. Even show off your photos.”

Aside from viewing video clips on YouTube or pictures on Flickr, I must say that this device is amazing purely from the simplicity of renting movies.

Right now to rent a movie, you probably have to jump out to your local blockbuster, rent a video, hope it is there, then having to bring it back to avoid late fees, very inconvenient. Not to mention all the careless people who scratch the discs and it can’t play beyond some crucial point in the movie. How frustrating!

With Apple TV, you can rent from movies online, that are available on demand, and it is only $2.99 for older titles, $3.99 for newer titles, and $4.99 for HD movies. The rental is good for 48 hours and can be played multiple times.

For those of you who like movies and convenience, something to think about.



Skype LogoMore and more people are needing to reach out to business associates, clients, family and friends who are located (perhaps temporarily) outside of their calling region. Skype keeps improving their product and is worth trying out. It is free. And it also allows you to use a webcam (many laptops have them built-in) for a video conference. It is quite impressive.

LogMeIn LogoIf you need to access your computer remotely, I would highly recommend you look into LogMeIn Free. It allows you to access your computer desktop remotely. It is very easy to install and doesn’t require any special knowledge.

13 thoughts on “Something For Everyone (Movies, Long Distance, Remote Access)”

  1. I also like using Netflix for movies on demand. For $8 a month, it’s totally worth it!

    • Completely man! I don’t know why I didn’t start a subscription of it before, I just got it this year!

      It’s so much worth it, literally 100s of thousands of movies and TV shows at our fingertips. Just amazing. I seriously can never get bored now.

  2. That’s quite interesting, Here in BC, Blockbuster is no longer around. I probably would not go with Apple TV because the new PS4 with Netflix can do everything you mentioned, It can also play games, which is a big advantage for the PS4.

  3. This was just 4 years ago. It’s amazing how fast technology improves. I wonder what’s the number of Netflix users these days. As for remotely accessing desktops, I use Teamviewer whenever I have to help someone with some game scripts.

  4. How fast technology is developing these days. Now Chromecast can do this and more and comes packed in a small dongle.

    It’s seriously giving Apple TV a run for its money.

  5. I agree. It is amazing to see how much technology has advanced in just four years.

    These days not only is Netflix becoming predominant for original programming but it’s indicative of the major changes we’re seeing. The mere fact that Netflix got 14 Emmy nominations — mostly for ‘House of Cards’ — is just a sign of what is taking place not just technologically but culturally as well.

    I’m also very curious to see what happens with Amazon and the original programming that they have in the works.

    So just imagine what it will be like in another year or so — both the technological advances and the cultural shifts — let alone four years!

  6. Apple TV sounds nice but I don’t have Apple devices I could use with it. I would probably go with the Google equivalent since I have an Android. Another good thing is that you can use Netflix almost anywhere (in the US, at least, I’d assume).

  7. I’ve heard good things about apple tv. I’ve never been that big of an apple products user so I have been hesitant to jump right in. I’m sort of in a comfort zone with my netflix instant stream. I’ve also tried to watch movies on youtube and I remember the prices being a little cheaper than the prices listed above for apple tv.

  8. I have used Apple TV and I really like it. It saves me a lot of money every year because I stopped buying cable. Now I just download what I’m interested in watching and it’s there.

  9. Apple TV seems like an affordable and convenient service to use. The prices of rentals are appealing and looking at the cost of renting the newer or HD titles, I’d have to agree some more. Ultimately, I think Netflix is the leviathan of such services though. For $7.99 a month and having access to various content, both older and newer, and being able to have unlimited playbacks is just wonderful.

    • When I think of all the money I used to spend at the old Blockbuster video rental stores, I’m inclined to agree with you! Netflix has saved me a small fortune!

  10. I honestly wouldn’t go for an Apple TV now that there are some better, cheaper alternatives out there. Take the Chromecast for example, it’s small, discrete, and it’s compatible with pretty much every device, Android, iOS, even computers can stream to it. But what’s really cool is the Raspberry Pi, and if you don’t mind a bit more setup, you can gain a lot more out of it than an Apple TV.

  11. Apple TV is a big deal because it shapes a significant portion of our lifestyle. With it being available to support online access to movies, we have online movie rentals. That is access to movies on demand, using associated services. There is no time wasted. We get to watch movies online as soon as they are available.

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