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Building Your Own PC.. Should you do it? Is it worth it?


Building Your Own PCMore and more people are opting to build their own computer. It’s a good idea as it saves money and allows you to completely customize your computer. Plus, if you build your own computer, you know exactly how your system works. But you can also buy a pre-built computer rather than building one yourself.

Building your own computer allows you to choose and purchase the components that make up your system. This enables you to be completely familiar with your computer and understand how it operates. In addition, there is a certain satisfaction that comes with building your own PC which is invaluable.

You may ask yourself if it’s really worth your time to build your own computer. If you have ample time to construct a PC that works for you, than it definitely is. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, then you should consider purchasing a new PC.

There are many PCs that don’t have quality hardware and there are pre-built PCs that do. If you purchase a new PC or a pre-built one, it will most likely be comprised of generic hardware. But building your own PC allows you to choose your components, which also means that you can select the best hardware and ensure that each component functions.

It is more cost effective to build your own PC. Even though you can buy PCs cheaper than a home-built one, it is still in your best interest to build your own PC when considering the hardware and components.

Support is something you should consider if you have built your own PC since there is no service or help available. But there is an increasing community of people who build their own computers, and forums are an invaluable resource for people who may need help fixing their computers. For pre-built computers, there is accessible support, but there is no guarantee that they will be responsible for your PC if it stops working.

Pre-built computers usually come with a warranty on the entire system and an extended service plan. For home-built computers, if you choose high quality hardware, most of the components have warranties. Pre-built computers come with software already installed on the system, but there may be certain software that you would never typically use. If you build your own PC, you can purchase the software that you need and will use even if it does cost you a little more in the long run.

19 thoughts on “Building Your Own PC.. Should you do it? Is it worth it?”

  1. I full agree building your own PC is brilliant , you can chose everything from the Motherboard and CPU to the graphics card and hard-drive. Some concerns when building your own PC to consider is over heating and you need to make sure you put the correct cooling in for the PC. Some cooling is also done through fans on the outside of the box and these have to be considered carefully because of the noise factor. So when building a PC you really should research before hand. If you are just browsing the internet and using word my suggestion by a new already made PC with support. If you do a lot of programming and gaming then building your own PC is definitely the way to go.

  2. I would love to build my own PC, as it is cheaper and rewarding. However, I am afraid my clumsiness would destroy the product. I always have weird fluke things that happen. By accident, a static electric discharge from my body would probably fry my motherboard. Until I gain more confidence, I won’t build my own, but kudos to anyone else who does!

  3. I always wanted to build my own computer but I feel that nowadays I’m out of touch with the hardware part of the computer. I knew more as a child. I feel the same as you “atheletictypist” I feel I might mess it up. I think the best way is to watch many YouTube videos and read a lot of articles before attempting this. I don’t feel that it’s a waste of time as this knowledge gained from building computers since we are always going to be upgrading our computers.

  4. I have always wanted to be build my own pc, but I was not confident in myself. I was a big pc gamer a few years ago, playing world of warcraft a lot. I finally decided though, to just get a custom built one, and it works very well. I think if I can learn a few more things about computers, I will try to build one of my computer I buy in the future.

  5. J’ai souvent eu envie de faire ça ! Construire mon propre PC qui sera parfaitement adapté à mes besoins. Le seul problème, c’est que ça coûte plus cher qu’un PC déjà assemblé.

    Puis il faut que les pièces du hardware cohabitent ensemble. Je vais sûrement essayer un jours. Merci pour l’article ! ^^

  6. I guess you really should be sure you have enough knowledge and experience. I myself wouldn’t build my own PC as I consider myself as a still learning user. Still I know enough I may not have the perfect PC but I trust the companies that much that I think I will at least have a decent one I can work with.

    • I’m not knowledgeable enough about hardware so I don’t build my own PC. However, our local computer store suggests parts for building a PC, works with us within our budget and needs and then proceeds to build it themselves. I’m curious though if this is a common service in other places.

  7. If I wasn’t such a computer noob I would build my own computer. I always wanted a good gaming rig, but I know all of the ones prebuilt need things swapped out which is beyond my ability. Besides that my big mittens would probably bust or break any important parts before I got them installed.

  8. Building a computer is quite simple. I remember building gaming machines with my friends in the Counter Strike and Warcraft 3 years. You saved money. You were able to put the components you really wanted. Plus, you could upgrade it after a time so that the longevity of your computer was lengthened. Can’t wait to pile up my money and buy a decent 1200$ machine. 🙂

  9. I plan to buy a custom built laptop by Alienware at some point in the future for the purpose of gaming. I absolutely agree that it’s worth it to custom build your PC because you can decide which features are most important to you. For example, to game with a laptop I would need an excellent graphics card and video card to get the most out of the system and as much RAM as possible. These are features that are a lot more important to me than the sound quality or entertainment features, for example.

  10. Building your own PC is one of the best things you can do for yourself, you learn something new and its a lot of fun. You can build a PC to fit any budget whereas going to a store the costs are going to be more, so you end up saving a lot of money its much more cost effective and rewarding to just to build your own PC.

  11. I have always been intrigued with the possibility of building a computer. On the one hand it feels a bit intimidating, yet on the other hand I know it would be a learning and growing experience. Taking on such challenges always is.

    But as you point out in your article, David, there are online forums and communities of like-minded people who build their own computers. That would give me more confidence. I’ve found tech support forums to be very helpful in the past such as when I needed to solve problems with WordPress. I did learn a lot. So it would be somewhat similar.

    It’s good to know that if we build a computer, we don’t have to be building alone!

  12. It’s definitely worth it to make your own computer rather than buying a one already assembled.

    Of course, you need to have quite a bit of knowledge of computer to assemble one, but it really pays off in the end as you save quite a bit of cash.

  13. Our first home PC was built by my grandfather. But he was first a radio engineer, then continued working in micro engineering, programming and it technologies, so it was more of a fun for him than a real work. It was a great device – and actually it still is. More than 12 years has passed, and it is still working, and only one hardware repair was needed few years ago.

  14. It’s worth mentioning that some of the really nice computer components have very long warranty periods that often more than surpass that of a prebuilt computer. While you can definitely save a significant amount of money by building it yourself, and get a machine that’s more suited to your needs, if you’re anything like me, you’ll end up wanting to put only the best (read: most expensive) parts into your rig. Self-control and a planned budget are key.

  15. I will build my own computer once the one I currently use finishes its last days. It is definitely better to build your own computer. You can choose the specific specs you need, and like you mentioned, you save a lot of money.

  16. I think I could save some money by building my own but I don’t feel 100% confident I’d make the right decisions. I’d rather spend the money and get what I want already built, personally but it’s different for everybody. I like tinkering but doing it with a computer doesn’t seem that fun to me.

    • It’s actually really easy, all you need is just a philips head screwdriver and some time. If you want help on knowing what to choose, look around on forums or blogs to see what’s the latest. Also, you can outline your build using pcpartpicker.com, and you can have friends either suggest things to change or add. Once you build your computer, and you get it up and running, you’ll be amazed at what a couple of hours of work can get you for the price.

  17. When building your own PC you can leave out many explanations. We’re learning all the time what is what and which goes where, and nobody will insist on an explanation about parts of the built PC. It’s probably even more rewarding to be able to assemble the PC from scratch. There is sense of antiquity in building your own PC. Without the direct support, it could get pretty frustrating for beginners. Luckily, just a quick search on the web can provide rewarding links.

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