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The #BirdCam Social Media Experiment Final Recap

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The #BirdCam Experiment has come to an end. As you all know I was fortunate enough to spot a robin’s nest on May 22nd in our yard in a location conducive for having a webcam mounted. The eggs hatched on June 3rd and the 4 baby robin’s left on June 16th.


  • May 18-21 Eggs laid
  • June 2-4 Eggs hatched
  • June 9 Open eyes
  • June 12 Standing up, spread wings
  • June 15 Jumping around nest
  • June 16 Baby robins left nest

Here is a final recap video just completed with highlights of the project, amazing pictures, and time lapsed videos:

The website is still available to view:

  • 19 Videos (time lapse, live, news)
  • Archive pictures
  • Favorite pictures
  • All-time favorites
  • Fun facts

See http://birdcam.ca/

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  1. Thank you again, for sharing this with us. Aside from being able to observe nature at work and up close, the growth of the birds from eggs until they flew off their nest attracted lots of attention because it is an experience that is very familiar to what many families go through. Plus those birdies looked really cute.

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