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Neat Portable Scanner

“Very handy light and compact scanner to bring along on trips!”

The neat portable scanner is another tool has recently been made part of my road warrior arsenal. Having a scanner on hand is great when you need to send information back to people quickly, scan in something, and send it off. It can accommodate up to a 8.5″ wide paper and 14″ in length.

The rollers inside allow you to easily scan smaller items as well such as business cards and receipts. Neat has created a software suite to help you categorize your receipts and create expense reports while on trips.

This 600 dpi mobile scanner can scan up to 3-4 receipts per minute, seems to have the same scanning rate for larger papers, and weighs under 11 oz. It is only 11″ wide and roughly 1.5″ x 1″ in size. Very compact.

It does not require external power and feeds off the single USB cable. It comes with a soft case but I really like the optional harder shell case you can get for it.

I have been very impressed with this scanner and use it to help reduce the amount of paper I need to carry around. If you are able to name your files appropriately and sort them, it makes retrieving a multitude of documents while you are on the road very easy.

17 thoughts on “Neat Portable Scanner”

  1. I love it and I need it!!!! <3
    I have had a couple of scanners in my time and the real downside of them is the fact that they are not space savy , this is exactly what I'm aiming for in my next purchase.

  2. This is a nice little gadget to have. Before graduating college and obtaining employment, I never realized the necessity of having a scanner, especially when travelling. They are vital when you need to urgently send an important document. I’ve also had some success with some of the mobile apps that use your smartphone as a scanner. Generally, they’re pretty cheap and work well when you’re in a bind. However, the quality is not what you would get from a dedicated piece of scanning equipment.

  3. Sounds really cool! I’ve always hated how cumbersome scanners are. Do you know the ballpark price?

  4. A portable scanner would be super handy for people who travel a lot. I used to travel for work, and it would have been great for saving receipts to submit for expenses. Also, my work meant that I taught and met a lot of kids, who often gave us really cute thank you cards and stuff. At the time, I had a huge file of them, but if I’d been able to scan them, that would have been even better! And I could have shared them with the team back home more easily. I’ll have to suggest this portable scanner to gang doing that job now!

  5. I’ve only recently discovered the joy of making backup copies of important documents and looking at shops made me interested in one of those things. I’m curious though if it’s more difficult to use a portable scanner compared to a regular one. I mean, won’t it slip or something while you’re scanning?

  6. Wow, loved it. I’m really going to buy it the next time I aim for buying something. I was really looking for something like this, had enough with the heavy scanners, thanks a lot for the article.

  7. Oh, this looks like a nice and handy device! And it’s cute, lol! I could really use it for the exchange of documents and papers between me and my collegues. I have a great big scanner at home, but none in my dorm, and I travel between cities a lot. But then again… they can hardly read my writings anyway XD

  8. Wow! This is amazing. Would be especially helpful when needing to copy notes off others. Much better than taking their pictures off my phone.

    However..200$ does sound a bit expensive..

  9. That’s an impressive scanner; it’s so compact and lightweight and yet scans so quickly. Plus in checking out the details on this scanner on the Web site I was impressed to see the optional supporting services that are available, especially the NeatCloud that enables you to synch the data. It’s just amazing how it could relieve some of the tediousness of keeping track of documents while traveling.

  10. I’ve always wanted a portable scanner. I’ll have to check that one out and some others. It is such a cool idea for those of us who commute on the go and for those of us who own businesses. I can think of a few friends who would also use portable scanners. Thanks for reminding me to get one.

  11. Looks great. Can also serve as a compact stationary scanner for people with less space on their desk. I usually do not require scanning and if I do, I just use a phone app called CamScanner. But, phone scanning isn’t really scanning and this device can help professional scanning on-the-go.

  12. This look very useful for people who travel for business. It will give them the opportunity to scan anything that they need while traveling to different places. It would also be useful for college students.

  13. I’ve always seen the Neat scanner commercials, but I never really took them seriously because they were so constant, and my logic with it is that it was just a gimmick really. I could get using this for business travelers that want to save receipts and all, but is it really that hard to just hold onto it until you get home? I would just carry an extra wallet to keep receipts and business cards instead of getting a portable scanner.

  14. Wow look at the scanner calmly passing all the tests. I have bought about three scanners in the past three years, but the reason for purchase is not business. Upgrading my PC to new OS resulted in my scanner not recognized by the computer. I thought there would be a way to get around it, but there really was not any way.

  15. Awesome, because you never know when you will need a new scanner. I’d love to get one of those, much better than that monster scanner we have at home… it happens to be a printer as well, but the thing is excessively huge. Not practical at all. We might get one of those scanners in the future, just because you never know!

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