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Edmonton Top 40 Under 40

For the third year in a row, Avenue Magazine has held awards for Edmonton’s Top 40 Under 40. They have a number of sponsors including Global Edmonton.

Back in the summer I was informed that I was chosen as one of these top 40 which is pretty cool, but it had to be kept a secret until now.

Yesterday evening I attended a gala at the Winspear along with the other award recipients. Everything became public at that point.

Avenue Top 40 Under 40

After having gone through a main interview and a few more subsequent fact checking ones, along with a photo shoot, it is interesting to see what pieces of information they decided to focus on and their interpretation. Here is the full page article that is appearing in the November issue of the magazine:


There are a lot of amazing people in Edmonton. Even the mayor came out to event (he was part of the judging panel).

I have lived in Edmonton my entire life and love what I do. It is great to be recognized for accomplishments and I can definitely say I am still having fun!

5 thoughts on “Edmonton Top 40 Under 40”

  1. Congratulations! It must have felt good being awarded such a recognition in your own hometown. I’m sure they were all proud of your accomplishments. more power!

  2. Congratulations on this accomplishment! You definitely deserve this award and I hope you feel very successful in your work– you’ve made some great breakthroughs and I know you’ll continue to go far!

  3. Grats! It’s good you’re being recognized in your hometown, given how much help you’ve given to your subscribers. I’m just curious if you’re getting more questions from people you know now that the list’s been made public. xD

  4. Congratulations, David. You are a pride of your own town. Your posts are really very helpful, and you’ve already helped people from all over the world. Someday, you’ll make it to the worldwide mainstream list. Kudos!

  5. I want to visit Edmonton now. I have seen eastern Canada but not much else. Newfoundland seems really distinct from the rest of Canda, eh? I just saw an Oilers jersey in town the other day. Happy that you were rewarded for your efforts.

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