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Wireless Home Audio System

A few years ago I was tasked with with implementing a solution for a home audio system that was easy to install, easy to use, and fairly hassle free.

SonosI ended up going with a solution by Sonos (www.sonos.com). I was amazed at the simplicity and great features this provided.

You have the ability to implement different “Zones”. These zones can be based on room (e.g. living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom). Each zoneplayer when purchased could be either an amplifier (i.e. it can power its own speakers) or non amplified such that you connect it to an existing stereo.

From the great remote control provided or even using an app for iPods, you can control what is playing in each zone (they can all be different), group zones together, and adjust the volumes for each.

There is a massive amount of free Internet radio stadios on just about any genre you could want available along with pointing to your own music collection. You could even source a stereo in one of your zones to be the audio feed for your home audio system.

The system is so easy to work with that you can just pack it up, bring it somewhere else, and within minutes you are back up and running.

I was reading a magazine recently and discovered another potential solution. The AudioBulb (www.giinii.com). This solution is a lot more affordable than Sonos and probably even easier to install. All you have to do is screw in these light bulbs which have built in speakers, place your iPod in the supplied dock, and away you go. You can have up to 8 of these audio bulbs in your system. I haven’t had the chance to try out this solution but it would definitely be a strong contender if I had to implement another solution.

The purposes of implementing these audio solutions was to have light background music in many different rooms. It is not a replacement for your main stereo. Something great to consider especially if you like to entertain.

What is your favorite sound system?

6 thoughts on “Wireless Home Audio System”

  1. My favorite Sound system would have to be my current creative 2.1 speakers. It’s sound is quite loud and crisp and only paid R250.00(approx 25 USD). It’s works so much better than the LG 5.1 Speaker system which cost me R1500.00 (approx 150 USD). In fact the LG system is quite pathetic with its sound being extremely soft. I would like to try out this wireless home system. It would be cool if wires were removed from all technology.

  2. I’m not really into sound system at this time. But, there’s this guy that stays in the dorm room beside mine. His sound system which is a LG product literally shakes all the rooms whenever he’s using it. The sound system is loud and very audible.

    I’ve a friend as well who uses a wired sound system at the present. The sound system is a very good one. Although, I’ve forgotten the name of the product. However, he recently told me about replacing the system with a wireless one. I think he find the wireless system classy.

  3. Sonos sounds quite appealing especially because I am a longtime fan of Internet radio. So this kind of sound system would be perfect.

    Yes, Internet radio was one of my earliest online passions. I had always felt frustrated by the limited options of conventional radio and even shortwave radio. So for me streaming radio online was truly exciting. I could listen to stations of so many genres of music. I was a fan of several different kinds of dance music; house, techno, etc. To hear this kind of music anytime I wanted to was one of the coolest things about the Internet.

    So hearing about this wireless home audio system brings me full circle. Lots of possibilities to look into.

  4. Awesome set of speaker. It’s cool how technology is incorporating internet and radio. Wireless systems are so convenient, this one looks like it has a good output.

  5. I will have to look into SONOS as I also desire a home wireless audio system. I do have wireless headphones which are fantastic. I’ll never go back to wired headphones after using the wireless ones. Does anyone else who reads the blog recommend SONOS for a wireless home audio system?

  6. I’m always interested in discovering some quality audio systems out there that are actually wireless, because nothing is better than being able to blast your music and get top notch sound playback in return where ever you are with the speakers. Those Sonos look fantastic though after having a look at them on the website. I think I’m going to have to make a purchase and get them.

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