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Is the Apple iPad Mini a “Tweener”?

There appears to be a lot of discussion on what the perfect screen size is on mobile devices.

Not too long ago Steve Jobs made comments regarding a small tablet from a competitor saying it was a “tweener” that was too big and also too small to compete with tablets and smartphones.

Now Apple recently unveiled the iPad mini with a screen size about 2/3’s the size of the full model. It will be 7.9 inches on the diagonal which is larger than the 7 inch screen sizes of their competitors.

What do you think is the perfect screen size?

12 thoughts on “Is the Apple iPad Mini a “Tweener”?”

  1. I personally like the bigger size of the I pad, so I can watch movies, and play games in clear view. If I am wanting a smaller screen, I will just use an I phone, or an I pod. Anything in between I think would be a waste, and not as good.

  2. I’m into big screens, but not crazy-big screens! This iPad Mini from Apple looks awesome, and, the brand–you just can’t go wrong with it. Apple has already produced a lot of fantastic gadgets, and this one’s a great addition to the bunch of expensive yet cream of the crop modern devices.

    • As an addendum to this, I recently bought an iPad Mini to try out. And I actually really like the size. It is not too big, so I don’t mind carrying it around. And the screen size it great for movies/shows, emails, web browsing, etc. It actually is a comfortable portable size. Even fits in some of my coat pockets.

  3. I am the owner of an iPad 1 since the beginning. It still works and I have not gotten around to upgrading my device. It still works fine. Ok, I don’t have a camera but I can do without.
    When the iPad mini came out, I thought it would have been a flunk. Surprise, surprise it became an instant hit. I don’t see too much of them in North America, but I just came back from China and it is pretty much the only small tablet I saw in the hands of people.
    North Americans like bigger stuff so Chinese folk like smaller stuff? Who knows, it sorts of make sense.

  4. I’m currently checking which tablet to buy and if I have the budget, I’d totally get an iPad Mini. The size is just right for me. I find the usual iPad too bulky to carry around and this one looks big enough for games and watching movies.

  5. I think the iPad mini is an absolute perfect size for me. I thought the iPad 3 was way to big for me. I really like how apple designed this amazing perfect sized device.

  6. I think it’s great that we have all these different options. I haven’t bought the iPad mini or a competitor tablet of the equivalent size but it’s a size that I would definitely consider. I would do so mainly because it’s much more portable as others have pointed out, and yet the screen size makes surfing and watching video much easier than on a smartphone.

    I still find my Android phone a bit cumbersome for surfing and emailing as it’s hard to get the typeface just the right size; it’s always too big or too small and I spend too much time trying to adjust it.

  7. I have used an iPad Mini for several months and I believe that it is a nice size. I understand that it’s not for everyone, but it allows for a lot of great portability. It is the size of a book, about, which makes it great for apps like iBooks and Kindle.

    Being used to devices like netbooks, I felt the iPad Mini was a very comfortable size. Although many of the keyboards that can pair with it are on the small side, they are still usable with ease. One I especially love is the Logitech Ultrathin Mini.

  8. “Tweener”, the iPad Mini? In my opinion tuner would not correctly describe the size of the iPad Mini. In fact, the iPad Mini is the best suitable size for a tablet. It does not seem too miniscule and not too large. The iPad Mini has great proportions, size ratio, and viewing depth, without being oversized. For once, an iPad finally fits my combined hand span. I feel more comfortable with the iPad Mini then I did with the IP ad. Honestly speaking, this was one of many mistakes that Steve Jobs had made it his lifetime, he never acknowledged tablets smaller than the native iPad.

    • I’m surprised other companies haven’t followed suit. I usually expect to see similar China-made tablets but it’s mostly the usual non iPad Mini size. I would definitely buy this if only it’s within my budget.

  9. I used to have an asus eee pc which was actually a mini laptop. It had a 7 inch screen which was suitable for me. I have good eyesight though. I’m really not sure where the future of these mobile computers is going. People seem content with the tiny screens on their smart phones which surprised me a lot. I don’t think I could settle for a screen that is less than 7 inches.

  10. In summary, they must all have a reason why they are designed in those sizes. For pads and flat computers, I am more in favor of Microsoft’s product, the Surface Pro, which has a 12 inch monitor and the 11.5″ x 7.93″ x 0.36″ dimension for regular use. Anything smaller than that requires more effort on the user’s part, and that is not always convenient for a writer.

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