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Facebook – 1 Billion Active Monthly Users

On October 4th 2012, Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook CEO), announced they reached the 1 billion mark. That is, one billion monthly active users. This means they have 1 billion people checking the Facebook site at least once a month. Mr Zuckerburg even made a personal post on his wall.

The total world population was estimated to be over 7 billion earlier this year. Over one seventh of the world population actively uses Facebook…

They also claim to have over 600 million mobile users which was included in a fact sheet they made available with this announcement.

Considering the amount of people living in poverty, the overall age distribution of the world population, and what defines an active user, can Facebook continue to grow?

14 thoughts on “Facebook – 1 Billion Active Monthly Users”

  1. I think Facebook still has a huge potential for growth. Though many people are suffering with the current economy they still feel the need to connect to people. That is what Facebook has to offer. Also we have a constant population growth in the world with China and India having the largest population. And with a growing world that is eager to connect there is definitely room for mass growth. That’s what I think.

  2. That is an insane number, but it doesn’t really surprise me any more. A lot of people’s lives seem to revolve around Facebook these days, and I think it will only continue to grow.

  3. Facebook is already a social networking empire,and it just can’t be beat. I personally use this site to connect to family and friends, and to discuss a lot of things with them. Very user-friendly, I’m gonna stay in this site forever. Other social networking domains may sprout like mushrooms, but I’m gonna be with Facebook still. I’ve already built a connection with it.

    • This is the reason why many businesses has invested their time and finances into marketing on Facebook. In this century if you don’t have a Facebook account then you are out of this world.

  4. I don’t think poverty would be much of an issue on Facebook growth given how technology adapts in order to be more available to the most people it can reach. Even in my country which can be considered poor, there are still people in the lower income bracket who have Facebook accounts just to keep connected with family and friends.

  5. The one billion is not all that surprising, really, considering that it is so easy to access Facebook on a mobile device. While some people may not have a laptop or tablet computer they often do have a mobile phone.

    It is also gratifying to witness the significant role Facebook has played in grassroots organizing for social change in various countries around the world, even when there is civil unrest and violence or the threat of violence. The uprisings in the Middle East are a good example. I see this as very positive. Facebook gives people a chance to become empowered and to organize in a way that is unprecedented.

  6. It’s really uncanny how a social network could amass so many users. Facebook has engraved its name in history as the biggest network of all time. I can only imagine the amount of information in this site. As much as it is a social network, It has become a unique advertising entity that can deliver target advertising for each user.

  7. It’s amazing that how more than 1/7th of the world is on this single site!

    Who could have thought that this small site made by a college student would one day be the biggest site in history? And not only that it’s probably the biggest platform to ever harbour these many human connections at a time.

    Truly exceptional.

  8. Doesn’t really seem as popular though to be honest. Facebook is kind of dying out. People are moving on to other social media networks.

  9. Although there is a still a huge gap economically throughout this wide world of ours, I feel that at the rate of jobs constantly being shipped overseas that at least those nations will continue to grow, slowly reaching the level of our working poor. Effectively bringing them toward a more level playing field technologically, even as our own economy rapidly declines.

  10. I wonder how many active Facebook users are there now? I’m guessing there are less active Facebook users now, but I could be wrong. The reason to think that is because there are many other social networking sites now, social networking sites that definitely appeal to younger audiences and dominate specific niches. Wish there was a fitness social networking site… maybe one soon!

  11. I joined Facebook back in 2011, just to play the fun browser games they offered. I knew it would blow up though, because it is such a useful tool. You can communicate with relative across the world because of one man’s idea. Congratulations to Mark Zuckerberg on this amazing feat.

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