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Daylight Savings Times, it’s a love/hate thing

Daylight Savings Time (DST) was first thought of in the 1700 and 1800s however was first implemented during the first World War. They were using it as a way to conserve coal during the war.

What does DST do for us? In a nutshell, the idea is people need more sunlight during evening hours as it gets dark sooner. Also daylight hours were being wasted in the early morning while you are sleeping.

There is much frustration with changing clocks twice a year along with the implications. Keeping track of what time it is in other timezones can be confusing. Many countries also have exceptions to DST.

Technology has not reached a point where things can “automatically” happen. There are still a lot of manual clocks to adjust.

When it comes to DST, are you siding with the love or the hate?

15 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Times, it’s a love/hate thing”

  1. I love DST half the year, as my clocks are finally right. I hate it, because I almost never change my clocks. Depending what I did the year before, I’m constantly adding or subtracting one hour from the current time! The time adjustment doesn’t really affect my sleep patterns or anything, but sometimes it is just a minor annoyance to be clueless on the time. Most of that is my own laziness though. I hope you all do better than me!

  2. I like the concept of it; I would rather have more daylight during my day and I can easily adapt to changing my body’s schedule by one hour twice a year. I like being able to go to sleep when it’s dark, wake up when it’s light, and have this all happening at decent times during the day. However, there’s always drawbacks. I am one of the worst at figuring out how to turn back all my clocks/alarms around the house so everything’s working with DST again and this can cause some stress. Also, I have found myself running ahead/behind schedule by one hour after DST starts again because I forgot to change my clocks!

  3. This one is a really great concept. It could help save energy; you could really minimize your usage of fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. Adding an hour more to daytime is not really that hard to get along with.

  4. I don’t care actually, it’s just a normal thing to me. I just wish I would be more sure about when to change the clocks. I am more sure about if to change it fowards or backwards, there is a phrase that’s useful: you put out your garden furniture in summer and put it back in in winter.

    Means that you change the clock in summer forwards and in winter backwards.

  5. I woud say I love the DST principle. Sun deprivation on a macro scale is not something wanted for any society. I live in Canada and I have to tell you that winters are long and dark. You get out after school or work and the sun is already down. Imagine the scandinavian countries…

  6. I don’t really have to worry about DST where I am at which is near the equator. And we’re in one of the countries that do not use it. When I move to the US, I’ll set the home clocks to the computer time after I make the necessary adjustments.

  7. I think the little annoyance that daylight savings times brings is worth it. I mean it means we have to spend less electricity on powering our houses. So it helps save the world a little bit. It does however make timing things with people in other countries a little harder since the time conversion is always changing.

  8. I think daylight savings time is well worth the effort. These days changing the clocks is not quite the task it used to be, as so many electronics will automatically make the switch.

    I really like having more daylight in the evening. This way I can get my work done during traditional business hours and have several hours to go out and enjoy the warmer weather. It’s perfect for outdoor festivals and fairs which are among the activities I enjoy most in summer. I remember, too, as a child, enjoying the long summer hours to stay outside and play, so I guess as an adult I’m doing something very similar.

    Aside from my own preferences, I think it’s great for the energy saving benefits, too.

  9. To be honest I love it that where I love we don’t have any such system in place. There is no DST in my country.

    And I never even understand what’s the point of having it. It’s pretty useless in my opinion. So I’m glad we don’t follow it.

  10. It depends if it gives me one more hour of sleep or robbs me out of it. I’m not a big fan of the DST. it messes with my habbits and my daily rythm and it always takes me many days and even weeks to adjust.

  11. I hate daylight savings time with a passion. Why even bother with it? It is totally unnecessary. Think of how many critical appointments, interviews and meetings have been missed due to daylight savings time. Half the winter I have to get up and drive to work when it is pitch black in the morning. It makes no sense.

  12. I feel that the idea of daylight savings time is good to maximise the usage of our natural resource, the sun, instead of wasting electricity and lighting lamps. But I personally believe that it could only be fruitful if there is a world wide implementation of DST, because there would be a lot of confusion in some countries as to what the time in the other is, and business and official transactions might be affected. And plus, the activities which are meant to take place at night wouldn’t be much celebrated because of this concept.

  13. I’m in the hate category 🙂 I hate the initial change when it gets dark so early. Leaving work when the sun is down makes me feel like the day has been wasted. I just want to go home and go to bed instead of going for a run or running more errands.

  14. I strongly dislike daylight savings. I do appreciate the extra hour to sleep in when it kicks in, but having to switch the clocks to the right time is a pain. Not only that, as once it starts, much of daytime is gone. The sun takes longer to rise in the morning and it gets pitch dark by 4:30-5pm and I do not like that at all. When the time changes forward an hour to do the opposite with daylight in the spring, that’s what I prefer. Hopefully soon smart clocks are made to automatically update the time changes, though.

  15. Yeah, when DST comes around, everyone hates it or loves it. You gain an hour of sleep or lose an hour. But honestly, after that, you’ve got to appreciate what it helps us with. The sun is out longer in the night, comes up earlier in the day, and during winter, the reverse. Sure, it’s kinda annoying to change clocks manually, but with so many devices connected to the internet constantly polling for time, you really never do have the wrong time with you.

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