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How To Use Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site that has become very popular. It helps make the six degrees of separation possible. You can share your favorite posts, photos, videos, and memories with your friends.

Important Terms

Events” – You can attend and create your own events on Facebook. People are asked if they will be attending or not.

Groups”- A community of people gathering for a specific caused or interest. You need to be a member of the group to post in it.

Likes” – Give positive feedback if you like a post. You need to like a page to subscribe to it.

Status” – Content and updates you post on your wall.

Timeline” – Your stories. Share and highlight your most memorable posts, photos and life events on your timeline. This is where you can tell your story from beginning, to middle, to now.

Wall” – The space on your wall where you and those that have Liked your page can post content, make comments and interact.

Want people to follow you?

Get connected with your friends and family. Send out invites to them through Facebook. They will see updates you make to your status and profile. Chances are you’ll get in contact with people you lost touch with.

Sign up for an account

Go to http://facebook.com with your web browser.

Use your real information on Facebook. There are no fictional identities. When you sign up, it will guide you through a series of steps to populate your profile.

Customize your profile with photos and information.


Facebook Help Center

Facebook Basics

Facebook Glossary

How to use Facebook


Facebook for Mobile

Rather than logging into Twitter and Facebook, this can post automatically at the same time. This is a Twitter-based tool, so do not make posts that are longer than 140 characters. Remember to press/highlight the Twitter and Facebook tabs on the top area of the TweetDeck to activate and post to those two sites.

Advertising Opportunities

Highly targeted ads with amazing demographics, Promote a Facebook page or external URL


How To Use Facebook

23 thoughts on “How To Use Facebook”

  1. Not included in this guide:
    How to block someone’s post after you realize some people use Facebook to post the most annoying unnecessary statuses, and you wonder why you added/accepted them in the first place.

    Just kidding, great guide!

    • Well, it’s kind of like marriage. Before you get married, you might not ever had any clue how living with the other person is. You love them certainly… And yet you would still question.
      There’s always divorce? But in this comparison of the two, we certainly can see why the divorce rate is so high, can’t we? We fall into things and commit before we’re really sure.

  2. Be careful of many apps you install onto Facebook these days. For example, online Poker games could be posting to your friends or on your wall because you gave them permission to during the installation. Don’t just click through, read carefully. Your Facebook wall is a representation of you!

  3. Its funny how this guide can be so usefull for my parents, and when I say useful I actually mean that it could become their next bible in terms of learning how to social media but the really funny part is that if I was to show this to my daughter she would flip me off, kids now days are born knowing all these stuff that took us quite a bit to learn and/or develop.

  4. Facebook is really easy to use when you get involved in it often and find more friends. Sometimes, though, people can post annoying things but you can always hide that person’s post from showing up on your timeline.

  5. I really wish more people used the events feature. I would remember to attend more things and also it would be nice to see what’s going on around town!

  6. Also, you can “tag” people on Facebook so that they see your post, by putting an @ and then typing their name. But be careful of your privacy settings – once you tag someone, their friends can see the post as well.

  7. Facebook is a great social networking site and you can do a lot of things on this site. I don’t really use apps or games,and I hate it when people send me game requests and it ends up hijacking my account or installing weird stuff on my computer. Overall, a necessity for my social life,

  8. I’m a big user of Facebook!

    I find that Facebook lost some of its splendor in recent years.
    It is also a bit complicated to use now!

    It has become a real commercial space! Can see that advertisements everywhere!
    Despite still, I like Facebook well!

  9. Facebook is very easy to use, and it’s an awesome social networking site. This can’t be beat!

  10. Very good article. It gives more than just an introduction to Facebook.as it examines all the important aspects of this social media site.

    I guess one could add that it is also necessary to change the security settings to have a really private profile. Nobody wants his personal photos and similar sensitive stuff to be seen in public. And if so you are still able to do it.

  11. Facebook truly has changed the face of social media with it’s simplicity. Now that has clearly been taken over by Twitter. But Facebook is still very much at the forefront of online social communities. I’ve been using Facebook since 2006/2007 and my love for it has changed with age. When I joined, I was in college and Facebook made sense. When I graduated, Facebook was great to keep in contact with friends, classmates, etc. Now I’m approaching 30 and all I get are people getting married, people having babies or unwanted contact with people you would never have contact with (nor want to) from your past. Maybe it’s my general idea to “unplug my life” from online. Regardless, good information for those ready to take the dive into Facebook.

  12. Facebook is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st centenary. Why I think that? Well it allows people across the world to contact friends and family without a phone. I just think people should learn how to use Facebook a little more responsibly because they could leak out a lot of private information to hackers and cyber theif.

  13. This a very good overview of Facebook. Whether we’re new to Facebook or need a refresher course, it’s very helpful. I especially like the links to the resources.

    Yes, I enjoy Facebook and the opportunities I have had to stay in contact with people as well as to reconnect with and meet others.

    But it’s so easy to get swept up in the moment and start over-sharing. So I think we all need to use Facebook with much caution. They are constantly changing the details of the privacy settings and so it’s important to stay apprised of those updates and to make the necessary changes to maintain privacy and to make sure that what we want to keep private stays that way, and out of the search engines.

    That said, I think we also have to keep in mind that future employers and others in our professional lives are turning Facebook to see what they can discern about us. There have been so many well publicized cases of people facing negative repercussions when their private Facebook details go public.

  14. Well I amd just a regular Facebook user. Maybe evem lower than regular since I seem to spend less time there than most of my friends. I use facebook mostly during the school year and checl for activity my university group. I’ve been wondering tho, should I make a separate page fro my blog and update stuff there when I post. I’ve seen people do this and I guess it must really help their blogs to grow more popular. But I am just no good at managint things in Facebook, so I haven’t made this step for now.

  15. Just like the Twitter and G+ posts, this is really nice. A lot of people who use these services have no idea what they’re doing and these types of articles will do worlds of help for them.

    I will definitely use this and refer to it for newbies.

  16. I can see the elderly benefiting from this write up. Everyone else probably already knows how to maneuver around facebook. I think a lot of us regret joining in the first place. Way back in the day it was a tool for college students to socialize online. Now it is a thirteen billion headed monster that everyone has become a piece of or at least it seems that way.

  17. I have always found Facebook to be the best method of sharing things in a ‘word-of-mouth’ sort of way. If you don’t blatantly try to sell things to people but instead introduce them to it in a fun and friendly manner, they will often be more likely to actually check it out, even buy it!

    • Good points. In spite of the ads, Facebook still comes across as relatively noncommercial. A few of the fan pages I’ve joined are for businesses, especially local businesses. I don’t really feel that I am being marketed to. Rather it’s a good way to stay apprised of what’s new with the business. I especially like getting coupons and discounts. If businesses use Facebook in that kind of respectful way, I don’t mind it.

      Facebook, of course, is great for bloggers and I have joined all of the fan pages for my favorite blogs that I regularly read.

  18. Facebook is the easiest social media site to use. I use Facebook everyday for personal and business. It is a great place to connect with a lot of people and businesses.

  19. This guide is useful to get started with Facebook. It’s got links to the help section, glossary, and even advertising opportunities. I like that new Facebook now introduces offers, which are just brands trying to get in touch with potential customers. Many writers are opening up Facebook pages for their works and to discover their readerships. Lots of competitions nowadays, which are a good way of getting to know new brands without having to make unnecessary commitments.

  20. Facebook is a powerful social network that has transcended into the biggest social media entity known to the world. You can make so much discoveries there such as finding some new friends or learning of various businesses and you can also make great re-connections with people you probably thought you’d never see or hear from again. You’ve also got a fantastic platform to use to communicate with close ones at a far distance. Facebook has really become an online stable for all the aforementioned. Great tips by the way that should help others learn to maneuver their way around the site.

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