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YouTube: It Keeps Growing and Growing and Growing…

YouTube was created by three former PayPal employees in 2005. Only 18 months later, over 65,000 videos per day were being uploaded and it was bought by Google for 1.65 Billion dollars.

Within another year, in 2007, there were over 8 hours of video being uploaded every minute!

Crazy growth! But wait, it doesn’t stop there. In 2008, there were over 13 hours of video uploaded every minute. In 2009 over 1 day worth (24 hours) uploaded every minute.

1 day every minute?!?

Yet it still didn’t stop there. In 2010, over 35 hours every minute, in 2011 over 48 hours every minute, and in 2012, it hit over 72 hours of video every minute.

3 days every minute?!?

Can you imagine what the Google Empire must have to store, process, and make all of this content accessible?

It seems that the rate which uploads are occurring is still increasing with no visible sign of leveling off.

What do you think?

37 thoughts on “YouTube: It Keeps Growing and Growing and Growing…”

  1. Google was intelligent in purchasing YouTube in 2006. Taking a look at YouTube now. The site has been redesigned for search optimization. Video management is also much easier. Vimeo and Vine seem to be competitors in the video social network but I don’t believe it will ever match the potential of YouTube.

    • And I think the creators were also intelligent in selling it. It’s much easier to start something rather than preserve it… Or maybe a better example, it’s much easier bring a new life into this world than to raise and look after it the years following after. In any case, were the choices chosen any different than it had, we wouldn’t know if YouTube would still be what it is today; it is likely it grew into its extended fame today because of Google taking it over.
      On the other hand, pertaining to Vimeo and Vine, it’s hard to measure potential. Almost everything in the age of technology seem to rise, plateau and dive pretty steeply.

  2. Those figures are out of this world! I hope google and youtube will continue to move forward and improve at par with their growing subscribers.

  3. I feel Google always makes the best decisions for itself. Purchasing YouTube was a brilliant move. They always seem to think one step ahead. YouTube deserves the growth as they keep producing good quality entertainment and informative videos. I seriously don’t sleep at night without watching YouTube videos on my playbook until I feel sleepy. I hope it’s not a condition lol. I guess Google and YouTube make the internet world a better place.

  4. Youtube is seriously going nuts. In fact, shy little me is starting to make YouTube videos! I think it will continue growing… it’s a monster right now, but it’ll just get bigger.

    • I agree, YouTube seems to be so incorporated into our lives already and its growth doesn’t seem to be stopping. Yet it’s frightening to wonder how much further they can go. It’s not necessarily YouTube itself but technology in general. Common among teachers now are also discussion about incorporation of such devices in lesson plans and students’ lives. Personally I worry about the growing number of online courses (for example, in my state, student are required to take at least one online course before high school graduation), I really don’t think it’s a good thing, it’s very easy to cheat and fool teachers over the phone. But I digress, as you said, “a monster.”

  5. 72 hours of video per min is really crazy! Its Good for Google, but when everyone has the freedom to post almost anything, everybody feels like they can be a star or become famous. There are a whole lot of people who have become famous through youtube for really doing nothing. I feel like youtube has lowered the standard for quality material in general. I do watch it and use it frequently, mostly for educational and quality entertainment purposes, There are a lot of funny and very interesting videos that i find my self watching also but i try not to get caught up in spending countless hours watching things that will not benefit me in a positive way

    • I never knew YouTube had a standard for quality, nor the internet in any case. But that is also why YouTube is as popular as it is, they have different sorts of materials for different parts of the population. Even the most idiotic thing, someone is bond to find it funny; thus YouTube satisfies everyone. And certainly they don’t need everyone to spending countless hours on there, or else how would they sell the advertisement slots?

  6. Anyone remember when YouTube videos were squares and there’s no ads to click to skip? Not that we’d go back to that.

    The attractive thing about YouTube, aside from sharing your thoughts or showing off your creativity is that people do make money from it. I can’t even think of any other video sharing service that can compete with them, so I guess they’ll be king for a long time.

    • I do. I also remember when Facebook used to be so square and blue too. It looks so retro but has it even been 10 years? Not yet no. I think Google might turn 10 soon though. Can you believe how much has happened in the past 10 years, it is incredible. And now, Google Glasses and 3d printers. Youtube will soon be printed out of a 3d printers on Google glasses, it will be a classic task.

      • They’re also in a good place right now, being bought by Google since it’s the company that is bringing many innovations in technology these days. I don’t know about Youtube being printed out, I can’t imagine how that will be.

      • How will youtube be printed on 3d printers? That makes no sense. I also remember when facebook was blue with the square designs also. Everything changed by leaps and bounds in this past ten years. It has been a remarkable transition.

  7. Thanks for the statistics, David. It’s just awesome how big Youtube is.

    I was actually very late at using Youtube, it somehow didn’t interest me right from the start. But the first times on the website just blew me way. There was so much of everything. Just imagine how many people share their original concent there and how fast it is growing!

  8. YOUTUBE is humongous it just can’t be beat anymore! Almost all the videos available in the world is also available in this site. Interaction among users is crazy in here, and it really generates a lot of ideas.

  9. YouTube is truly revolutionary, making it so easy for anyone to upload video. It’s hard to imagine that amount of video content uploaded hour after hour, around the clock.

    YouTube has had such a widespread impact on culture and society. Like Google it’s difficult to imagine life without it. What in the world did we do with our time when we could not spend it looking at viral videos on YouTube?!

    Aside from being an endless source of entertainment, I also appreciate the many tutorial videos you can find on so many subjects on YouTube.

    • Yes, one of my favorite things to do is spend a night at home going from youtube video to youtube video. It beats television, that is for sure. I wonder how many videos are uploaded per hour and how they go about storing all of them. Will they eventually delete some of the videos or what?

  10. Youtube was a brilliant move by google. It wasn’t a huge leap to look at youtube in its former life and extrapolate the potential that it contained. Millions of users watching dozens of videos per day – that’s an advertiser’s dream, something that television had/has but has become prohibitively expensive to break in to. Now, advertisers can access nearly the same size audiences while also being able to target their demographic more accurately since their history basically self-reports what they like! Amazing.

    • I dont think that it was a risky move at all. Almost everybody that I knew used youtube before google bought it out. I think it was one of the safest moves in the history of business acquisitions. At the time, youtube had very few legitimate competitors and that remains true today.

  11. Yeah google was very wise in purchasing Goolge becuase they probably had a vision of how big the YouTube was going to become. It’s pretty amazing to see how the website started back in 2005 and how far it’s come in 8 years. I still remember when the Youtube first hit the web and how there weren’t too many videos available on the site.

  12. I have to say, I was really shocked to find out how much video is being uploaded every minute to Youtube. More that 3 days of video every minute is insane! It’s probably because a lot of TV networks have their respective Youtube channels uploading shows that were shown of TV. To bad a big chuck of that 3day a minute video is useless non-sense.

    I’m one of those people who depend a lot on Youtube for learning and entertainment, and It’s one of the best resources for media out there. I guess now it’s safe to say Youtube is the biggest media entity that ever existed on this planet.

    • It sure was a smart business move by Google to purchase them. So it is over three days of video that is uploaded to youtube every minute? I wonder how they handle all of that in terms of storage. I know how they pay for it. It’s those darn ads that you can’t escape! They are on every single video I play now.

  13. It makes you wonder how many warehouses they are going to either have to buy or purchase in order to store all the servers that they will need. Some suspect that Google is actually a covert government entity. I mean, it is usually governments that take on gigantic projects like those that google has taken on (think of google maps etc. here).

    Personally, I’d like to see more competition for youtube. I really don’t frequent other sites that play videos because none can compare to youtube in the least.

  14. I was curious to see if that 72 hours of video per minute had increased since last year. So I Googled “YouTube statistics” and found YouTube’s official stats. As of September 2013 there now 100 hours per minute being uploaded to YouTube. It’s hard to envision that amount. Really amazing. They also say they get more than 1 billion unique users per month. That’s an astonishing number as well. So yes, indeed, it’s still growing!

  15. YouTube just flat out makes me happy. There is so much to watch on it that it should be illegal! Well, in some cases it technically is illegal. Still, I can see why the popularity is growing. The over-saturation of the video market online is probably the biggest reason. YouTube was big, before that was big. People don’t want to waste their time. Why run off to a site that is less known and possibly virus riddled when they can go to the one site everyone thinks of when online videos come to mind. It’s like the online video equivalent of an S&M safe word.

    • That’s a very good point about safety. YouTube is established, and yet it is still a wild paradise as far as content is concerned. One can find just about everything imaginable. But it’s within a Web site which we know is safe — as far as online threats go. It is an easy to navigate Web site that has become the brand leader. It’s where we go to check out the latest video we heard about, and it’s where we go to get distracted from our work!

      There are other sites that are not as easy to navigate and have far less content. Other than Daily Motion and Vimeo, there really are no sites even remotely comparable. And their brand names don’t come to mind as in the case of YouTube.

    • Speaking of illegal videos, there are still many whole films being uploaded to Youtube, I’m really surprised. Granted, they’re usually obscure films but yeah, still illegal. I guess it’s just Youtube being too large for itself to police.

  16. 72 hours of video every minute. That is astounding! YouTube is just a huge bank of information. The stuff you can learn from YouTube is unbelievable. However anyone who’s knowledge was purely from YouTube would believe in a lot of well… not so correct things. If you think your an alien, YouTube would be an obvious place to learn about our race. How many different people have featured (even walking in the background) on YouTube? Maybe it’s over a billion people.

  17. YouTube is the base website for watching videos. Right now it s so obvious that YouTube will increase and increase because of the many opportunities that exist there. Marketing and advertising opportunities are there as well as fun and entertainment.

  18. Aside from Youtube itself growing, it’s funny how Youtube itself has influenced the world. Before Youtube exploded, you wouldn’t think of ordinary people becoming famous because of one unusual incident, or even doing what they do everyday. Now it’s a regular occurrence that everyone’s uploading everything, hoping to get their 15 minutes of fame.

    • Yes, YouTube has been pioneering in this regard. It has given people a shot at fame. It’s especially true for music artists. There have been quite a few who have launched their careers thanks to YouTube. Just recently, Kait Weston went from obscurity to having her song, “Til Death Do Us Part,” appear on the “Romeo and Juliet” movie soundtrack. Her current managers discovered her on YouTube. And there are numerous other examples.

      It’s the next logical step to have the YouTube Music Awards Show; the inaugural show will be this November. It appears that it will be much in the style of the Grammy Awards and other award shows.

      • Yeah, I think Karmin came from Youtube too. Heh, would like to see a Youtube Music Awards show. It’s funny how technology in general is bringing out more talents and more advancements in every walks of life into the limelight. I’m surprised not many are breaking down (that I know of) due to all the sudden fame.

  19. I think the former owners were smart in selling YouTube, not to mention they got a good deal for it, even though now, it’s probably worth 3x that price. But were would they have stored all that data? Only Google is able to do that.

  20. No wonder Google literally needs rooms full of high end servers just to keep the thing running. I remember reading that one day of video is uploaded every minute. Not to mention the hundred other services Google is running at the same time. I’ll never abandon Google Ultron though.

  21. Now YouTube has great promotional space for writers, bloggers and brand owners. People studying online are benefiting from the vast amount of educational videos that are being maintained through its channels. Anyone who is going to do business online should invest in online videos. Teachers would need YouTube to deliver their lectures and to review their Google Hangout sessions. Students need to be able to access the lectures online and create subtitles. Not to mention that YouTube has started delivering its own line of music awards in 2013. I am quite confident that in the near future people can start adding YouTube skills to their list of expertise.

  22. I don’t think YouTube will die for a very long time. They basically have no competitor and they also have the best content and variety. You can watch anything from video games to educational videos like Khan Academy. There’s essentially an endless stream of videos. Personally, I spend a decent amount of time every day watching YouTube videos. I’ve learned a lot from YouTube videos, but also wasted a lot of time on them.

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