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Top 10 Facebook Fan Pages (as of May22/13)

I was preparing an updated social media presentations and updated my video of top 10 Facebook fan pages. This is the video created for my presentation. Enjoy!

The top 10 as of May 22, 2013 were:

  1. Facebook for Every Phone
    244.0 Million
  2. Facebook
    92.0 Million
  3. YouTube
    74.5 Million
  4. Rihanna
    70.8 Million
  5. Eminem
    70.4 Million
  6. Texas HoldEm Poker
    70.3 Million
  7. Coca-Cola
    65.3 Million
  8. Shakira
    64.7 Million
  9. The Simpsons
    64.6 Million
  10. Harry Potter
    62.0 million

55 thoughts on “Top 10 Facebook Fan Pages (as of May22/13)”

  1. Definitely facebook for every phone would be the number 1 fan page. Since everybody has their own facebook account and they just sync it in their phone. While the second one would be Facebook itself.

    • It’s funny cause Facebook has over a billion users not, so if the have 82 million likes over 8 million users don’t like Facebook or they just use it cause they have to? But how accurate are likes anyway? It doesn’t take much to click a button.

      • It doesn’t take too much to click a button but that doesn’t mean it’s something you should do. I personally haven’t done it but I use FB daily.

  2. Those are all very popular things, so nothing is too surprising. I respect the amount of likes Eminem has, he’s such a good artist. Although I had no idea that so many people played Texas HoldEm’ Poker. Maybe I should give it a try..

  3. I’m surprised to see Shakira that high, maybe it’s just because I don’t keep up with music that much, but I haven’t heard about her in a long time.

    • I think Shakira is up there because of the fact that she was a judge on The Voice this past season. That may have influenced people who haven’t heard of her in a while to take new interest. I am also surprised to see poker up there! Other than that I feel like this top 10 fan page reflects what I see and know.

    • Looking at this list really makes me feel out of touch with popular culture. Not that I use Facebook that much to begin with, but this list makes me come to the stark realization that my interests largely do not coincide with the “rest” of society, as represented by Facebook likes.

  4. It’s scary to see the Poker thing, not sure if it’s an actual gambling app on Facebook but if so that’s a hell of a lot of people! The rest are pretty predictable and you’d expect them there. Except perhaps Shakira, didn’t know she was still popular I guess she is more so in Spanish speaking countries. Glad to see The Simpsons there, the rip-offs (I’m looking at you Family Guy!) haven’t damaged the reputation of my favorite show.

  5. It is okay to see “Facebook for Every Phone” being on top of the most liked Facebook page but why “Facebook” is in second? Is it default page that every person should like or Facebook is just getting its own page in high rank? And I love poker is in 6th because I am addicted to that game and there are millions people playing it.

    • I should probably try the poker game. So many friends play it but I didn’t know it was that popular among the entire Facebook world.

  6. Wow! surprised to see that 3 music artists make the list. I wonder how much marketing dollars go towards these Facebook Ad Campaigns?

    I think if a user is trying to promote his/her own page, it is also important to determine how many are active users. Personally, I believe it’s more improtant to have active users than it is to have a large following where only on average, 16% see what you share (source: http://www.insidefacebook.com/2013/06/12/the-surprising-reason-why-coca-cola-is-not-the-no-1-brand-on-facebook/#more-82925)

  7. What I find quite interesting is the common top entries between Facebook Pages and Twitter Followers. 3 that are common – YouTube, Shakira and Rihanna.
    @pbjelycows , I am not sure if it is marketing dollars or pure fans. But it would be interesting to see if the same followers are on twitter as are on the Facebook fan pages.

  8. I had no idea Shakira and Rihanna were THAT popular. I’m behind pop culture. Also, I don’t really know if it’s fair to count Facebook though in its own fan pages, haha.

    • I agree, I definitely had no idea shakira out of all people would be that popular. I was trying to figure out the facebook one also lol.

  9. The fact that poker is so high up on the list is a tad concerning. One could say that was expected though with the economic crash people are looking to make money in new ways. I am surprised that Justin Beiber is not on the list considering he has one of the fastest growing fan bases. Other than that I am glad social networking is on the rise because I believe it is the gateway to the future.

  10. I am glad to see that the Facebook list is better than twitters. Although the Facebook Page seems a bit sketchy. If you remove the two sketchy Facebook pages. YouTube ranks number one. Such brilliance!!!

  11. Facebook has become a monster in the internet world an so have the fanpages with him, its not weird to actually see that the top ranking fanpages either have to do with facebook technology or the entertainment industry mostly. I would find it odd if i would find green peace or the westboro baptist church in the list due to the fact that in order to have such a massive fanbase you really have to BE OUT THERE.

    • Haha, I think that if Westboro Baptist was in that list, most of the people that liked the page would be doing it ironically.

      But it would be hilarious to see something along those lines.

  12. Wow, I’m surprised those fan pages are so popular! I don’t think I’ve been to any of those pages! I am a member of a few science pages and one of them I would have sworn was one of the most popular Facebook pages.

    Interesting post! Really surprising list!

  13. The list is really surprising. I know these pages are popular but I didn’t expect that they are THAT POPULAR, especially Texas Poker.

  14. I an surprised as well, how popular these pages are. What was most surprising to me, was that Harry Potter was in the top 10. Especially after it ended a little over a year ago now. Also, I would of thought Family Guy, would be more popular then the Simpsons.

    • I think that family guy is still young in comparison to simspons, so there are more loyal fan for Simpsons than Family Guy. Give it some time, Family Guy will take over.

  15. I’m interested that Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is on there, since there are so many games that are equally, if not more popular. For example, Candy Crush Saga.

  16. I’m definitely surprised at a few of these entries. I didn’t expect Texas Hold’Em Poker and Rihanna to be above Coca-Cola! It’s also interesting to see Shakira in there, as I haven’t heard anything from her in a while. I probably would have expected to see Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber ahead of her.

  17. I’m very surprised Shakira and Texas Hold ‘Em ranked higher than the likes of Harry Potter – a cultural phenomenon – as I never hear anyone talk about either of those two! I would’ve expected much bigger artists, such as Gaga, Bieber or even The Beatles in hgiher positions. It would be interetsing to see the top 50, to see what other surprises there are.

  18. Haha, the Texas Hold’Em page that high is pretty hilarious. How is that even possible? A lot of degenerate online gamblers like the page for free chips? I just don’t get it. Shakira is another curve-ball in there.

  19. Lol! Rihanna is more popular than I thought.
    First, I expected something stupid like Justin Bieber, but ultimately it is only the official Facebook page.

    These pages must be a lot of money right now!

  20. I’d like to see who makes the current top 10 list, now that Facebook has done it’s first sweep of fake accounts. I’m sure that a few of these pages won’t be seen once those deletions are accounted for.

  21. It’s not surprising Facebook tops the list, especially the one that wants it for every phone. Our generation’s addicted to sharing the smallest details of their lives, having Facebook in one’s phone just makes it so much easier.

    I’m surprised Shakira got to the list. The singing competition called “The Voice” might have a lot to do with that.

    • Shakira has a boat load of fans in South America. She is probably their biggest female artist. I also agree with your point about young people obsessing about sharing their personal information on social networks. Why do they feel so compelled to share every itsy bitsy detail of their life on social media? My guess is narcissism.

  22. That’s interesting. It attracts your attention that there are relatively much musicians in this top ten and that Google is not in it while Youtube is. it is also very dominated by American products so this may say something about Facebook itself and about who still is most important when it comes to having success with all kinds of things all over the world.

  23. Wow! I didn’t know Harry Potter had so many Facebook fans! I would have never guessed it is still in the top 10 after all this time! Also, didn’t know that Facebook for Every Phone was so strong! It’s way up there!

    Very good and to the point video, David!

  24. So, Texas Hold em Poker has more fans on facebook than The Simpsons and Harry Potter. For some reason I find this information a bit unnerving.

    Also surprising is the fact that youtube is there but google is not. The number one is not surprising, everyone uses Facebook for phone. So, it’s position was somewhat expected.

    • I don’t understand why so many people become fans of a card game’s facebook page. It makes no sense to me. You would think that The Simpsons would have some good humor on their page that would win over more fans than a card game like Texas Hold Em. I guess people don’t care about google’s facebook page. You know that youtube will be uploading some of their best videos on their page though.

  25. I was sort of surprised to see Shakira up there. I expected some politico figures to make it up there. Or even a few superstars from movies to get a top billing. Not Shakira though, that was unusual to me. Who is every phone? Coca-Cola comes as no surprise to me. Neither is Facebook that shocking to see on here. Boo Harry Potter!

  26. I know Rhianna is famous but I didn’t think she is that famous… Eminem too and Shakira. I guess it’s the type of fan base they have. Other stars may have more fans but their fans may not be avid Facebook users. I have been in Facebook for a long time. In fact I have 4 accounts. One with my maiden name for my old friends, one with my current name for my current friends, one for my students and one for my work. Never have I liked anybody’s fan page unless they were my personal friends.

  27. This was a little surprising. I was expected to see Justin Bieber at number 1. Interesting to see that the Simpsons cracked the top ten. Another shocker was the lack of Kardashians…has their mind control been broken?

    • I think Justin Bieber’s more active on Twitter. Twitter makes it easy to share stuff to followers and there’s the added benefit of the a two-way interaction between profile owners and followers. Twitter executes that better than Facebook, imho.

  28. Omg. Shakira? That is amazing. Was it a summer hit? Incredible how little things like that can have major impact on social media. Virality at its best.
    And thank you other members of the top ten for having excluding countryman (sorry) Justin Bieber from a list like that.

  29. The one that surprises me the most out of this list is Coca-Cola. Even considering that the company has a wide variety of products aside from the iconic Coke and the other sugary soft drinks — some of which are purportedly “healthy” in some way — it still is puzzling to me why the page is so popular. Probably the advertising campaigns that use celebrities and special promotions, I would imagine.

    Whatever it is, it certainly goes to show the power, scope and influence of Coca-Cola’s marketing campaigns!

  30. I was pretty surprised. I didn’t think that Facebook for Every Phone would be the number one most liked page. I also didn’t think Shakira of all the celebrities would be on that list. It’s really interesting to say the very least.

  31. Pretty suprised that Shakira would be that high but I guess she is really liked among Mexicans (not the racist or anything just based off what I’ve seen) and also suprised that Rihanna is ahead of Coca-Cola.

  32. Wow! Even if you charged $0.01 per like on Facebook for Every Phone, you’d have 2.44 million dollars. I’m surprised Coca-Cola and The Simpsons are up there. What?? No Justine Bieber?? 😀

  33. Facebook for every phone is an interesting top selection. I thought it would have been a famous celebrity. That’s actually an encouraging sign for humanity. I’m not surprised at any of the others. Though I do not understand the appeal of Rihanna at all. I actually deleted my facebook account a few months ago because it had turned into an exercise in narcissism.

  34. I’m actually surprised that Justin Bieber is not dominating that list. Thank God, actually. Facebook has so many millions of users, and I am more often taken aback that they are head and shoulders over Twitter, with Twitter getting the majority of hype from media. Also I certainly expected anything about “Facebook for Every Phone” would be one of the top runners since way more people own a phone than a computer. Interesting post.

  35. Interesting, so the only fanpages more popular than Rihanna on Facebook are YouTube and Facebook itself? That says something about her popularity world-wide. She’s more popular than Harry Potter and still manages to squeak past Eminem. Good going girl! This was interesting to read about. Short, concise, and humorous without even trying to be funny.

    • But she isn’t event that talented. Those facts/statistics are disturbing. It really shows how the masses can be brainwashed to flock to a few artists. That is a concentration of power, money and fame. This is not good for an alleged democracy. It reduces chances for new acts, reduces the amount of money in rotation and homogenizes art on a macro level. It is just not healthy in any respect.

  36. Well that wasn’t surprising at all, other than Shakira…Where did she come from? To be honest I expected to see more musicians up there. I guess I am biased because I love music so much.

  37. I realized, music is more influential than showbusiness, haha! Didn’t see any actor here. Well I suppose that would change this 2014? Nevertheless, Facebook could have robots liking their page LOL

    • Yeah, I was amazed to see Coca Cola in the 7th place! Lol! A soda there instead of an actor or actress, ha! I guess this goes to really show those celebrities aren’t as loved as they want us to think (and their managers). I personally couldn’t care less about most actors and actresses out there. After all their degree of talent is quite subjective, unlike the one of the singers that can be quite obvious.

  38. Wow, if you had asked me what the top 10 like pages are I would have never guessed Eminem and Poker. I wonder why that is. I am in my mid-20’s and Eminem seems so 2000. I guess he’s doing well for himself. It’s interesting to see what so may people are interested in. Top ten of FB is no easy feat.

  39. Glad to see that a Harry Potter fan page made it to the top 10 list 🙂 I personally love that movie and I’m glad there still are fans of that amazing franchise out there. As for Shakira… meh! Funny to learn that Coca Cola has a fan page and is a very popular one. I hate that stuff, it’s so loaded with sugar and gas! It’s too darn sweet!

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