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4 thoughts on “David Introduces Microtek”

  1. Haha, my favourite moment was at 0:06 or so when the camera is watching you type on the Mac and it looks like you’re just randomly punching keys with no results.

    I assume that you were actually typing on the external monitor, but it just looked funny since there were no changes occurring on the laptop’s display.

    • Yeah, I was wondering about that too. Could it be that the screen is replaced when the video was edited? Other than that, it’s professionally made and it’s a plus that we know David’s good at what he offers.

  2. It’s a good video presentation. David has a nice, clear voice which makes you want to work with him and his team. I would personally make the video last a little longer (maybe 1 minute) and would feature a couple of themes and other things the company could be making for the potential customer. This way anyone can see what Microtek is all about. Also, add a call to action at the end. Maybe something like: “Book a meeting with us this month and get 25% free” or something like that.

  3. This is quite a well laid out brief video that presents Microtek Corporation very effectively. It sounds like you’re presiding over an adept, capable and goal-oriented web developing company. Wouldn’t expect any less from how professional you appear in the video and your solid level of knowledge that comes with your blog posts. Hope your business continues on greatly.

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