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How To Hack a Watermelon For an Instant Smoothie and be the Picnic Boss

I stumbled on this video while surfing online. I must say that it can be very entertaining to see all the interesting stuff people have come up with on YouTube. Especially considering the crazy amount of video uploaded each minute. This hack by Mark Rober just had to be shared. It isn’t technological (except for the drill perhaps, haha) though it is very fun and can make you an instant hit at any party. Check out the video!

48 thoughts on “How To Hack a Watermelon For an Instant Smoothie and be the Picnic Boss”

  1. I love this and the phase, “hacking a watermelon”. This is pretty innovative and I like to see that kind of stuff on YouTube. I would call it somewhat technological, since he used a drill to pretty much disperse the insides of that poor sphere. I certainly want to give this a try one day.

    • Check out lifehacker.com – the term “hacking” in this context basically means to utilize things or perform tasks in manners that weren’t originally intended. For example, lifehacker LOVES to take Ikea furniture/parts and turn it in to functional items with completely different purposes.

      I actually followed one and build monitor stands from some table legs and shelves. Pretty spiffy and cheap!

  2. Wow. And I thought I was going to have a busy night. It reminds me of those great blender advertisments where they would blend anything, except food of course.

    Instant party hit, add Vodka, it must be great.

    Another thing added to the bucket list.

    • That is the “Will It Blend?” YouTube videos by Blendtec. Check out their YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/Blendtec – they are great. Many great ones like when they blend smartphones, pool cues, notebooks, shoes, etc. Really brilliant for a company that creates an industrial strength blender and wanted to differentiate themselves from regular household blenders.

      • Thanks for the recommend. I’ll look it up if ever I have the need to know if things can’t blend without actually doing it and wasting good stuff. D:

    • Oooh, adding some vodka would make this a delight, though I suspect that the last cup or two out of the watermelon will be pretty brutal compared to the first few. That being said I guess you can always add a shot of vodka to the cup after pouring it out first.

  3. This is a great trick to round out the summer with. I like that it’s relatively easy to do, big “impressive” points to bring to a party, and is delicious and healthy to boot.

    I assume the same principle can be applied to other melons, though I doubt any would be as simple as the watermelon due to the low density flesh. Canteloupe or honeydew may work?

  4. Wow, very interesting. I am so going to try this next weekend.
    It’s amazing what people come up with.

  5. Yeah, technically a hack. I think that’s pretty useful if the watermelon doesn’t have big seeds or has seeds without coating. I like how he worked with the presentation and made it a bit morbid. Definitely something cool to do especially on hot days.

  6. Heh. I love watching life hack videos, and this was no exception!

    It’s a pretty great one as well. Loved the way he showcased it, the presentation was simple and easy to follow.

    Gonna have to try this one day soon!

  7. This was such an enjoyable video from start to finish. The idea is brilliant, original and yet very simple. But nonetheless someone had to think of it! And I must say the watermelon smoothie looks very appetizing.

    Watermelons are delicious — as well as extremely nutritious as they are loaded with antioxidants and phytochemicals — but alas, so very messy to cut. And this so cool, it sidesteps all the mess and the cleanup. A great hack!

    What’s also cool is this video has gone viral so quickly; more than 1 million views in just a couple of days. Very impressive!

  8. Another excellent article. I live by a farm that grows watermelons and I am allowed to take as many as I please within reason because I’ve known the owner for a couple decades now. I plan on showing him the watermelon hack smoothie this weekend during football. We’ll add some vodka and have a grand old time on the farm! Thank you!

  9. Okay instead of waiting till next weekend I went and bought a watermelon today to try this an It tasted amazing! Even though it is so simple it can really make things more fun.

  10. This is actually pretty awesome. I’m wondering if it would pull from the shock and awe factor much taking a couple more minutes to sanitize the hanger a bit. I think the sweetest part about it is that it could really add to any kind of casual party or occasion, from kids’ parties to college or family gatherings (depending on the contents that may or may not be added).

    • Yes, I thought of that, too. The hack and its execution are brilliant, but it is unsanitary to use the hanger as is.

      I can also envision this watermelon hack as a great science project for school children, in which case, a lesson on food safety would also be appropriate and would not detract from the fun. Also, in that context, a teacher could also encourage students to be creative and find uses for tools and utensils that they encounter in daily life. With supervision, of course, as children should not be operating electric drills and the like on their own!

  11. Awesome idea to be honest, however I would add a couple of steps to remove the seeds inside while serving it because most of the kids find them annoying, but if you’re on a party without anyone with this issue then it’s fine, other cool step would be fill the watermelon with some ice cubes after the ‘shredding’ so it would be served as cold as possible. thanks for the share!

    • There are some watermelons in my area that are sold “seedless.” I think they still have the seeds although the hard outer covering is somehow absent. It would be perfect to use those in this project.

  12. This is definitely the highlight of my day. Haha, if you can get past the fact that it is, indeed, a little bit creepy, it seems like a truly useful trick. How many people would even think of doing something cool like that? I’d love to see people’s faces at a party when you cram the drill into the beastly fruit and start blending. Just avoid making the final contents spill out of a mouth-hole akin to a fruit-based vomit session, as in the video.

    • Eh, I know my family would appreciate it as creepy as it is. They might even make vomiting sounds as the contents get poured into glasses. All in good family fun!

    • I could not hold back when he said “a little bit creepy.” This is a great hack for use in Halloween: Cover the Watermelon with black paint, put some eyes and grim expression on it as a face and then make people serve from it as sort of pouring out blood.

      All pumpkins approve watermelons replacing them!

  13. Wow! I just saw the video now. I think I’m going to show my mum, she loves Watermelon. We’re probably going to start ‘hacking’ Watermelons and drink in the refreshing liquefied state.

  14. This is a very clever idea to put into practice. The cold still hasn’t left my country, but when summer comes, I will make the attempt with a watermelon. I think kids will be delighted with this unique technique and it’s a perfect excuse to invite natural fruit juice. A fantastic combination of masculine tools and the delicate work of a housewife. Thanks for sharing the video.

    • Just imagining this, chilled, on a hot summer day, is almost too much for me. Although I agree with you on the all-natural part, as it’s hard enough to get to people to eat something if it’s even labeled with “reduced fat”, I don’t think it would be a total bummer if the drill accidentally hit a bag of sugar on it’s way out and that spilled into the fruit. Haha, maybe it’s just me.

  15. That’s fantastic! Combine it with the other hack of drilling a hole through the rind then sticking a mickey of vodka or tequila in it, to infuse the watermelon with the liquor, and you have an awesome party trick! Next party I’m definitely going to have to do this.

  16. Haha , this is great I’ve got a watermelon in the kitchen right now I’m going to go try it

  17. Now that is seriously cool. Actually, its more than that – its ingenious. There are a lot of really neat hacks on the net and YouTube especially. Many of them are neat but useless; this one is awesome and useful. Thanks for sharing, even if it’s not strictly technological.

  18. Now I’m wondering what other fruits you can use this hack on just for more variety. I do believe we have yellow watermelons here. That should provide more colour in our picnics.

  19. Great video! I’ll have to try this next time I buy a watermelon. It’s interesting to see how you can do things with everyday objects (like in this case, a watermelon), and do something you never could imagine with it. Awesome!

  20. This is great, I can’t wait to try it out. Although the video says “no mess”, I’m sure I’ll find a way to have watermelon juice all over me. I always love these kinds of foods you can make with just a fruit, like the banana ice cream thing. Although in my experience the banana ice cream thing doesn’t turn out too well.

  21. Watermelons are my favorite snack on a hot summer day, especially chilled watermelon. I’ve never seen this kind of food hack before, but it definitely seems to produce a ton of blended watermelon with so little work. This has much more utility for me compared to some of the fruit and alcohol hacks I’ve seen on Youtube here and there.

  22. This is one of those ideas that once you see it you wonder: “Why didn’t I think of that?”
    It looks super simple and should be very refreshing, I’m definitely trying this out next time we get a watermelon, although the wife might get confused when I pull out the drill and the coat hanger 🙂

  23. This is really clever. However, he says you need a drill, a watermelon, and a coathanger yet he uses a knife on the first shot. I want to try this out though. It seems like it would be great at any sort of gathering.

  24. This is how men make watermelon juice!!

    Pretty cool method there, the only thing I’m thinking of are the seeds. Of course that’s not a problem if it a seedless GMO watermelon.

  25. This is a good idea! Watermelons are in season now so I can experiment on it. I will make sure to get one when I visit the grocery. My son loves watermelons.

  26. I really enjoyed this video; it sounds like something a friend of mine would do at a party. I love using these food hacks around the home! I just used the one where you can pit a strawberry using a straw, it worked great.

  27. Watermelon Hacker! How cute.! I just hope that he cleaned everything first.
    This is certainly an innovative idea. The drill was technical. Plus this is something you can do with the family. It’s also creative, tasty, cool and refreshing.

  28. Haha, that’s brilliant! Looks delicious as well. It’s a shame I don’t have a drill or a wire coat hanger though. It seems like a really easy way to do it – perhaps I’ll need to try it next summer, when we get hotter weather again!

  29. Great video, I love it! A great lifehack.

    Definitely on my bucket list for next summer – can’t do it now, unfortunately, picnic season is over where I live!

    On the technical side of things, this guy is pretty ingenious, I would never even have thought to blend watermelon; yet alone blend it INSIDE the watermelon.

  30. This is the kind of thing that draws me to the internet world, just how creative people can be and go out of the ordinary to bring out simple results. I know that everyone who sees this will be triggered to go and try it out.

  31. Awesome! I love Life Hack videos. I didn’t know about this whole “Watermelon Hack” but i’m sure gonna use it. I have never tried a water-melon smoothie but when it takes 5-10 minutes to make a fruit smoothie, I get impatient. Mostly the fact this can be done in 2 MINUTES amazes me. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  32. Okay, that definitely was interesting to see, and I never saw something like that before! Hopefully people will actually buy seedless watermelons before attempting something like this though. I bet this could go well for anyone that may want to mix in other components with this. Definitely another way to get a few chuckles, and putting some uniqueness to any hot summer day party.

    Hopefully I won’t cause a mess when I give this a go! Thanks for the share, David!

  33. This is such a simple thing to do and yet it is such an amazing thing! You will truly be the hero of the party (especially on a hot day, yummy)! The only problem would be that this treat is going to be so good that everyone will want more so there better be a couple watermelons prepared or else…

  34. Eeck! The thought of drinking that mess makes me cringe. I have never been a huge watermelon fan, but there is no way I would be able to drink liquified watermelon. But on the bright side, that’s a a pretty genius idea and would be great for parties!

  35. Wow that’s pretty legit right there. It goes to show that a little imagination and with the use of a couple of everyday tools you can make something tedious into a breeze. It’s a pretty simple trick but I would’ve never thought of it in a million years.

  36. Pretty cool. Who knows you can use a clothes hanger that way. So I guess you have to have watermelons that don’t have seeds on them otherwise you might end up gobbling them all up.

  37. This video looks crazy but interesting. People now days seem to figure out anything by using objects that you would never thought of. Truly amazing.

  38. Holy cow this is awesome! How have I never seen this video before. This would be messy but lots of fun. I agree with comments above that it would be great for a party. I’ll also be adding liquor to mine 🙂

  39. I never expected to find tricks to hack a watermelon on a tech blog! But I love it. It looks so thick and tasty! The eyes drawn make it an especially fun party thing. Wonder how many servings that makes.

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