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iPhone 5C and 5S unveiled, or do you not care?


Sure enough Apple has decided to unleash an interim model of their latest iPhone. In this case, two models: the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S.

There are suggestions that the 5S will have faster processing. And they are implementing a biometric fingerprint scanner. This new feature will be used to confirm the identity of the owner.

The 5C will be an entry-level iPhone, jokingly the C stands for Cheaper. It will have a plastic shell and the same processing power of an iPhone 5. As they are using plastic, the 5C will sport a variety of neon colors (such as yellow, red, green, blue, and white). There 5S will have new colors as well (grey, silver, and gold).


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92 thoughts on “iPhone 5C and 5S unveiled, or do you not care?”

  1. To be honest I couldn’t care less. I do like Iphone because I think it’s awesome but I really don’t think I’ve a lot to spare on the latest ones. So, why should I care?

    I also think companies making technological devices should slow down a little bit and let’s enjoy the ones we have already and be able to use them to their full capability before introducing new ones. But, then again if I were them I would do the same.

    • This is kind of why I like iPhones over other phones. I can expect at least a year’s worth of usage and expect some kind of new iteration with better specs than my current model. When I was using Android, I hated how I thought I had a great deal on a device with a ton of great specifications, only to find out the next week another company released another Android phone with other specs I would have wanted. There’s consistency in the Apple brand. Despite Android having a larger marketshare, I just can’t rely on consistency from any one company. Unless of course, you’re buying into the most popularly endorsed models (like the Galaxy phones or the Note).

    • Your last paragraph will never ever come true. Atleast not in the near future. The speed at which technological improvements are happening is phenomenal and there is no way the companies won’t sell the latest technology.

      Even if one company stops doing it, does it guarantee the others will as well? Of course not, in which case it will be a death sentence for it. So even the competition will not allow any company to slow down as more and more companies are joining this arena.

    • You are so right, CyberGenius! I totally agree with you! They are just creating too many new things and not improving the existing ones enough! Just create a model and let us see it’s full potential for 1-2 years and improve upon it with feedback from buyers. Stop creating model after model just so that you can say you’ve created 10 models this year while your competitor only 9!

      • It is a waste of time isn’t it. Why fritter away resources developing new products when the most important R&D data comes from the end users.

  2. I’m looking forward to getting the iPhone 5s, partially because my 4 is on its last legs after 3.5 years. The reason I’m going to go with the 5s and not the 5 is mostly for the upgraded camera as that’s something I do use very often and is worth waiting a bit longer for to me.

    Just one thing I’ve noticed with any Apple Keynote since Steve Jobs passed away is a lot of the changes to the products are more menial. There’s no huge product or life changing announcements, it’s all just smaller upgrades. I’d really like to see Apple really shake things up again.

    • Yes, it just goes to show what a visionary Steve Jobs was. He has left an incredible legacy and an indelible mark on our culture and society with the iconic Apple products. In the aftermath of his death, the company and the innovations have not been the same.

      Meanwhile, other companies are outpacing Apple and the Android — my smartphone of choice — continues to dominate the market. Who knows what the future may hold. Look at how the Blackberry was outpaced so dramatically in the marketplace.

      • Not even close, I’m really hoping the company can bring in some young big thinkers and actually listen to them.

        You make a good point with Blackberry, I don’t see Apple falling as far as Blackberry mostly because Apple isn’t just based on mobile devices. At the same time though if they can’t step it up in terms of mobile devices I can’t see things being great.

        • Yes, I agree Apple is going to have to really step it up to stay competitive in all of their markets. With Steve Jobs at the helm they were synonymous with innovation.

          But they are now in the unfortunate situation of playing catchup instead of blazing trails with previously unseen products and product categories. It makes a huge difference.

        • I doubt it will fall as hard as Blackberry had, but most news involving Apple doesn’t really sound very interesting compared when Steve Jobs was around. I cannot say if it’s because Android’s developing quite nicely in comparison or because Steve Jobs really was such a great visionary, however it does make one wonder if Apple can still stomp Android (I don’t think so, given the news).

          • It’s possible that we’re seeing cell phone technology reaching their apex in terms of revolutionary experience. This can be attributed to the growing interest in other wearable technologies that have more or less functionality compared to our current devices. Imagine what Apple could do better in terms of an iWatch compared to what Sony, Samsung, and the Pebble currently have to offer. This doesn’t guarantee anything spectacular, but having an Apple branded iWatch might be enough for loyal fans to make wearable technology the the focus for the next couple of years.

          • Yes, I have a feeling this may be the case. There is growing buzz and excitement over wearable electronics, especially those with smartphone capabilities.

            Aside from the “cool” factor, from a pragmatic standpoint I think this makes sense. It can still be cumbersome to use your smartphone in public places, especially in areas where there is typically a high rate of theft. It’s not to say a smartwatch could not be stolen, but using it publicly would be less obvious.

            So yes, I think this is the future direction. I suppose the next logical step would be implanted devices!

  3. So Apple have decided to create a cheap version 5C, if it looks cheap and tacky l won’t consider it but if it still looks as good as there current iphones then it’s worth a look. Did l miss a price in the article because l didn’t see one, if it’s cheaper l hope it would be no more than £150.

    • From what I’ve seen it’s $99 USD or $120 CAD on a 2 year contract. Seems like instead of leaving last years model in the lineup at a lower price point the 5C will be taking it’s place.

  4. I have a tendency not to care too much about each individual iPhone iteration outside of the work that I do as a freelance writer. Every three or four years I will update my phone to the most advanced piece of hardware that I can find at the time. Once it becomes outdated to the extent that I can see it as a comparison between a 2013 laptop and a 1999 desktop PC I tend to be ready to update. This happens much more quickly each year as technology advances at warp speed. Still, I see no reason to update more than once every 3-4 years.

    • I guess freelance writer minds think alike, because this is the same camp I’m in. The last time I upgraded my phone was about two years ago, but it definitely feels like it’s time to make that move.

      In regards to the unveiling of the new iPhone’s, the main thing I like is the biometric fingerprint scanner. I live in New York City and I’m always a wee bit leery about pulling out my phone on the subway platform, or walking down the street with the phone plastered to my ear. Now I think I would find it amusing if someone stole my phone and didn’t have the magic touch to use it.

      For that reason alone, I would buy it. (By the way, I’ve lived all around NYC on and off for 20-something years, and I’ve never had anything stolen. I’m just naturally paranoid.)

      • I agree, the biometric fingerprint scanner is a compelling feature. It would allay my fears. But I would not be surprised if other companies come up with an equivalent.

        I can relate to your concern about using your phone on the streets. I feel the same way. I’m also hesitant. If it’s just a phone call I need to make, it almost makes me nostalgic for the payphones on the street. At least when we made calls we didn’t have to fear theft!

        But the sad fact is that Smartphone theft is on the rise and I believe we all have reason to be cautious and concerned. Those surveillance videos of people getting their phones snatched so quickly by the pros are disturbing, too. So we do have to face that possible reality and take precautions.

    • Yay practicality! My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2 and it’s been around for a long time. It’s still working well and I’ve updated it to 4.2.2 on a custom rom. What I like about it is that you can customise it to do a lot of things probably in an easier capacity than you’d do with an iPhone and that really prolongs its lifespan.

  5. I for one really like the new iPhone 5S. It actually seems like a better improvement to 5 than 4S was to 4.

    The fingerprint scanner, if it works as intended, and with 100% accuracy could really be a game changer.

    And most importantly the design they used to incorporate the finger print scanner is pretty clever as well.

    I’ll most definitely be buying the 5S.

    • I don’t necessarily agree with the idea that the fingerprint scanner being a game changer for cell phones, but it definitely offers a convenience for the users who wish to secure their phones but find it a hassle to use the current passcode system. I’m in that camp myself, I hate typing in a passcode every time I unlock my phone. But I do dread the day someone steals my phone and is able to access my e-mails and personal information.

      So for me it’s not enough to warrant an immediate purchase. I think I can even wait for the iPhone 6, even though I’ll be envious of everyone using the new 64-bit processor and camera.

    • Yeah, not really a game changer. Fingerprint scanner isn’t even new, it’s just new to phones. It’s an alternative way of securing your phone but I don’t think it’s a huge step above the common security measures available for phones these days. It also opens more questions about ways of how fingerprint scanning can be exploited.

  6. To be honest, the iPhone 5C is only $100 cheaper than the iPhone 5. It’s still like $550 unlocked. The iPhone 5C just replaced the iPhone 5, and that’s it. I hate when people say “the iPhone 5Cheap!”

    The new gold choice for the iPhone 5S is an interesting choice. It really shows Apple wants to get market share in China, since gold phones are “hot” there now. It will be interesting to see how well it sells here in the US.

  7. Honestly, I’m not too thrilled about the iPhone 5S. I think it’s amazing that the processor is 64-bit, and think the M7 chip will do really neat things in terms of activity tracking, but I personally feel the graphical capabilities are now in excess.

    During the keynotes when Infinity Blade was being demoed on the 5S, I just didn’t care. None of my friends play games like that and out in public you tend to see people playing Candy Crush or other games similar in terms of design. I’d rather have more battery life than advanced features in graphics from this point on. Or if the telecom companies would stop throttling and provide faster speeds on data or wifi, I’d welcome those graphical increases for HD streaming.

    The only thing that really piqued my interest was the new camera’s capabilities. However those improvements don’t necessarily warrant a new buy for me. I think I can hold out for a year longer on my contract before I purchase the 5S.

    Overall, I don’t see anything really revolutionary or groundbreaking. The apps that would make good use of the new processor and graphics upgrades tend to be battery intensive and are usually apps I avoid during my daily activities. But bravo to Apple for another nice gadget.

  8. To be honest, the iPhone 5C is only $100 cheaper than the iPhone 5. It’s still like $550 unlocked. The iPhone 5C just replaced the iPhone 5, and that’s it. I hate when people say “the iPhone 5Cheap!”

    • That’s so true. Even though it’s half the price for people in US with their contracts.

      For many other parts of the country where we buy our phones unlocked, there is barely any difference in the price.

      If you’re rich enough to buy a iPhone 5C, you’re rich enough to buy the 5S. It’s just a matter of choice then.

    • I agree. When I went to the store, the customer representative said the Iphone 5C was about $100 cheaper than the Iphone 5S, and Iphone 5 was about the same price as the Iphone 5. I purchased the Iphone 5S for $99. How could the Iphone 5C cheaper than the Iphone 5S when I only purchased the Iphone 5S for $99. I would have to spend $100 for the Iphone 5C.

      • I’m going to guess that $99 would be some sort of the first fee, without counting the subscription fee? Prepaid and unlocked I think is more popular in my country so I’m curious how this works. It might be cheaper after other fees, or something.

  9. Honestly, I’m not too thrilled about the iPhone 5S. I think it’s amazing that the processor is 64-bit, and think the M7 chip will do really neat things in terms of activity tracking, but I personally feel the graphical capabilities are now in excess.

    During the keynotes when Infinity Blade was being demoed on the 5S, I just didn’t care. None of my friends play games like that and out in public you tend to see people playing Candy Crush or other games similar in terms of design. I’d rather have more battery life than advanced features in graphics from this point on. Or if the telecom companies would stop throttling and provide faster speeds on data or wifi, I’d welcome those graphical increases for HD streaming.

    The only thing that really piqued my interest was the new camera’s capabilities. However those improvements don’t necessarily warrant a new buy for me. I think I can hold out for a year longer on my contract before I purchase the 5S.

    Overall, I don’t see anything really revolutionary or groundbreaking. The apps that would make good use of the new processor and graphics upgrades tend to be battery intensive and are usually apps I avoid during my daily activities. But bravo to Apple for another nice gadget.

  10. I don’t think it is that big of a deal. How often do you people upgrade your phones or even downgrade them? I usually stick with mine for years at a time. I don’t pay attention to all the new models being offered because I’m not in the market for a phone each month.

    • Same here. I am an Android user who finds a phone that meets my needs and I feel quite satisfied with it for a long, long time.

      Not everyone is an early adopter. Apple has done an outstanding job over the years of catering to those early adopters. The whole manner of presentation fosters a heightened anticipation with those news conferences that are never televised or streamed online that left people eager to get a glimpse of the new products in real time in the live blogs, Webcasts and Twitter. I must admit, I enjoy the unveiling of the new products even though I am an Android user. And for those who are eager to upgrade, they do so almost by rote. So I definitely see it as a particular mindset that not everyone relates to.

    • I think it’s more of people just wanting to get the newest gadgets, instead of being practical. As for me, my Android phone’s been up for maybe 3 years and I do get the urge to buy something new although a change of rom and UI makes it new enough for me to stick with for as long as it works.

  11. Personally, I love android. It’s simple, clean, and efficient. Sure, it may not have all the bits-and-bobs of an iPhone, and it certainly doesn’t excel in connecting you to others like a windows phone would, but I’m not concerned with those features. I want a phone that can execute the apps I want, and still make calls and take pictures. I’ve found that Android fits me well.

    I will say that I have a great amount of respect for iPhones, as they still seem to have a majority of the population, but despite being a Windows desktop kind of guy, Windows phones (and Windows 8, which looks a lot like a Windows phone) scare me. Too many “flashy” bits and social integrations.

    • Yes, good point about Windows 8. I can see the appeal for people who are very active on social media; the integration makes it more time effective to stay connected on the various sites — Facebook, Twitter, etc. And I can see how Microsoft is trying to carve out new territory in this regard. But it could also be an unnecessary annoyance otherwise. There may be potential privacy issues as well.

      Windows 8 phones have never appealed to me, in part because I am more focused on the useful apps that Android has, as well as just the simplicity of being able to Web surf and make phone calls, take a few pictures and video. That’s really all I need.

  12. I have a iPhone4. I see no compelling reason to go to a 5. I do not find Siri compelling. If I want voice search, I have the Google app. Speed bump, not a game changer.

    • I think the people who are continually upgrading their phone to the most recent version are doing so for the status symbol rather than the device specifications anyway. The fact that you do the same stuff on your new phone that you did on the old phone is ludicrous, especially when the difference is several hundred dollars.

      • That’s my problem with most people. When the iPhone 4S came out, my mother bought one on a plan because everyone had it. She didn’t really use it well and just sold it after the plan ended and then bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It’s also the reason why I’m not too excited with new phone releases, whether it’s from Apple or from Samsung.

      • As is typical, lots of people camped out in front of many of the stores to get the new iPhone 5C and the media has had lots of reports. It makes for great television to see the lines of people.

        It will be interesting to see the first weekend sales totals. The analysts estimate sales of 5 to 7.75 million. It will be interesting, also to see how Wall Street reacts. The story is still unfolding!

        • I thought the lines were more for the iPhone 5S? I’ve read an article in Forbes though that most who are upgrading to 5S are people who already have older iPhones. It would be interesting to know how many people who uses other phones buy the new iPhones.

          • Those sales estimates are for iPhone 5S and 5C combined. I got those figures from an article in USA Today. It will be interesting to see what the actual sales numbers will be. They also made note of the fact that Apple didn’t make the 5C available for pre-order, which is a departure from their usual policy.
            Here it is: http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2013/09/19/iphone-weekend-sales/2839853/

            It’s also got a photo gallery — several pics of people standing in lines, in the stores, getting their phones, etc.

  13. I find it very difficult for me to care about the slew of Apple offerings. Every few months they’re releasing their newest revision of the same thing. I mean, the specs get a little better, the screen gets a little larger, but ultimately it’s just a treadmill that their customers are more than happy to stick to.

    The hardware isn’t awful, I admit, but at the end of the day, Apple has stagnated far too much to keep my interest.

  14. I think the Iphone 5C is a step in the wrong direction. Apple products are status symbols, and offering a cheap version might net some more buyers but will hurt the brand in the long run. As for the 5S, I want to see something more interesting than a fingerprint scanner before I’d commit to buying one.

    • That’s a good point. Apple has had a longtime following and core market, some of whom are willing to camp out for days in line at the stores waiting for the new release, even before they know what the new release will be. That was part of the mystique, after all. Mass media and social media alike are always awash with stories of the anticipation of customers for the new products.

      I think a wiser strategy would have been to continue in that direction. But as I see it, a good part of the problem is that Apple has not been the innovator it once was when Steve Jobs was CEO. It was those visionary, game-changing new products — expensive as they were — that drove the enthusiasm and passion of its customers and made the company such a market leader.

    • I agree with you, I feel like the 5C is going to kill Apple’s value to the market. They are more or less wasting money creating a line of devices that I personally believe won’t have the same demand compared to the demand for their 5S. They’ve effectively created competition with their staple device. They should have maintained their usual price drop of their previous iteration in order to deplete their supply–again they’re wasting money.

      Moreover, unless they start pushing for pico projectors, augmented reality, or other novelty gimmicks with functional potential, these future phones are doomed for boredom. Hell, if they focus on battery technology, that would sell me.

      • That’s true, I never thought about it like that. They are creating competition for themselves! Maybe they should have focused more on their technology projects and less on the new Jobs movie. Just kidding

        On a serious note, what is a pico projector?

        • A pico projector is a handheld image projector that you would use to do presentations that are projected onto a large screen. I agree with Solfire, it would be a really useful addition.

          Likewise, working on battery technology. A longer battery life — I mean significantly longer — would have a lot of potential. In general I would like to see a longer battery life in all mobile devices. This has always been the stumbling block, trying to recharge the battery when traveling and/or finding an outlet so you don’t have to run the battery down to begin with.

          A new iPhone really would need some kind of dazzling, yet pragmatic innovation to make it worth taking note of again.

          • Honestly, I wouldn’t mind the next gen iPhone gaining a millimeter or two in thickness to accommodate a battery with substantially more life to it. mean, with how think the current phones are, they can afford to have even the tiniest bit of heft added back onto it for better usage longevity.

            Or if they started fusing the iPhone with the Qi charging technology. That way I don’t have to plug the sucker in all the time and can just have it rest on a platform for induction charging.

  15. i don’t care about them. And I don’t understand why all the people have to run around with them and make such a big deal of them. But maybe I’m just different, I was never that much into mobiles etc.

  16. The biometric fingerprint scanner sounds very useful although I have a feeling that if it’s really in demand, it will also appear on other smartphones. Even if I weren’t into Android, I still find it hard to justify purchasing an iPhone with the price. Not that it matters much because I’m not that concerned about branding as much as others can be.

    • I don’t see how useful this fingerprint scanner can really be… If someone is getting into your phone despite having a password then I think its time to take better care of your phone. Not to mention how frustrating it can be if you are trying to use a friends phone or borrow it for a while. Maybe I am thinking too simple-minded.

      • It still adds value to the product, specifically an addition to the security of the phone. I’m not going to assume that people are only setting this specific feature on without complementing other security measures, software or manual. I’m sure Apple has thought about people borrowing phones from other people and factored that into the design of the fingerprint scanner.

  17. As with every new iPhone release, this is big news. I personally never used and iPhone, I’m not a fan, but I am up to date with the Apple products. Ever heard of the term “planned obsolescence?”, well this is one of Apple’s core business principles and is the reason why I refuse to use the iPhone. It mean’s a company creates products that only last for limited periods of time before it is either deemed obsolete or ceases to function. What if I told you Apple has the technology to create a phone that could have all the features you could imagine for the next 10 years with hardware that would easily last 8 – 10 years? Well they could, but they won’t make such a phone because its not as profitable compared to an army of consumers that wouldn’t not think twice about camping outside the nearest Apple store each year when the new iPhone comes out.

    • Alfonso makes a good point! But we can’t do anything about that… Ah, the joys of consumerism. On the other hand, maybe that gives them incentive to keep researching new ways to make better phones for ever further in the future. One can always hope…

    • I don’t use an iPhone for other reasons but planned obsolescence is something that’s common with most products, especially technological ones. I can’t even think of a current product off hand that can last for 8-10 years, Apple or not.

    • I have to agree with you, they are incredibly popular and expensive for just a cell phone , I have three years with my iPod 5 and it still works, but yes, it’s already slow and I’m actually amazed that it has lasted me this long, and actually Apple products are not the only one who don’t really last all of those years.

  18. although apple does make a good phone, and ive owned iphone 3g,3gs,4 and 4s, this one dosnt seem to be that interesting for me, seems it the same phone, with a couple new fewatures they could just put into an ios upgrade, and charge $500+

  19. Apple products are often very expensive in my country and that is why I don’t have a vast experience as a user of that company devices. However, little by little, the I-Phone (in its various versions) is becoming popular among a group of users between 25 and 35 years. The new release generated a slight impact, but I think we should wait a few weeks to analyze the true extent of this technological premiere.

    On the other hand, Blackberry and Android are the dominant platforms between argentines users , although there are still many new features to discover.

  20. I’m an Androi user myself, but some of the new iPhone features really appeal to me, such as the fingerprint scanner. That seems like a much more secure way of unlocking your phone than a passcode or swipe pattern.

    It does seem, however, like Apple are borrowing certain features from Android – the new iOS7 interface is very similar and even features things like a swipe-down menu which Android introduced first.

    I think I’ll be sticking with Android, no matter what new gimicks and colours Apple decide to add to the new iPhones!

  21. As a happy Android user, I’m pretty much indifferent…
    What does surprise me though, is the fact that the 5C is not all that much cheaper, you save only 100$ (which is a relatively low amount, taking the price of the iPhone 5S in consideration).

    The new UI looks better though, in my opinion. They made it flatter, which suits current design trends (personally, I like the flat designs, so you won’t hear me complaining about that).

  22. I guess the price is still higher than what I would shell out for a new phone. Might as well buy an Android but if I have to buy an iPhone with my limited budget, I might pick an older model and update it to iOS 7. Fingerprint scanning seems to be more gimmicky even with that new tech smell.

  23. Well, I didn’t get to follow up the news and release of Iphone 5S and 5c like s3, s4, iphone 5. When s4 was released after s3 with all high end processors, and lots of features, I was sure the iPhone has nothing to jump above the s4 with all processors made by samsung. So, apple creates 5s and 5c instead of 6 because they have nothing high end specification to give, better then s4. But still they work on different stuffs, finger prints. And now here we are with 9milling sales in the first weekend.
    Always a fan of innovation and open source, voted for android.

  24. I’m still quite on the fence over the whole affair. I own an iPhone 5 now and previously had an iPhone 3GS. Although they have both served me well (and still do), I think I will be moving on when my upgrade comes around.

    I have been playing with my friends Samsung quite a lot since he got it and I really do prefer it. There is much more you can do in terms of customisation and it just felt quicker and much more reactive. I have always liked the block layout of the iPhone, but I really like the customisable screens of the Samsung with live blocks and whatnot.

    I won’t make any rash decisions when it comes to upgrading, after all, I haven’t even touched a new iPhone yet. But these are my first thoughts and it’s likely I will be leaving Apple this time round.

    • That’s quite refreshing to hear. I have brand-conscious relatives who kept on bashing on my Android saying how slow it is and how much brighter their iPhone are compared to my screen, all without evidence, aside from them trying out my phone for a bit. It’s been almost 3 years now and my phone’s still looking as good as ever with the new launcher I have and the apps I have and their iPhone’s sort of gone weird having been jailbroken.

      Not that I’m bashing on iPhone users. But my relatives are really superficial. >.<

  25. I simply don’t understand Apple’s marketing philosophy with the 5C. Why would they just release a plastic version of the iPhone 5 with little to no difference spec wise. They would have done just as well to lower the price of iPhone 5 and roll out the iPhone 5S without this colorful distraction.

    One of the major reasons iPhone users stick by there phone is because they are sturdy and well made according to some iPhone fans I talked too. They also spoke of how they despised plastic cased phones because they feel flimsy. So overall I feel the 5C is some sort of weird sideshow regardless of if it produces sales or not.

  26. Apparently, America cares enough that the sales of iPhone 5C and 5S has rocketed Apple back as the top selling smartphone maker. http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/10/04/apples-iphone-5s-tops-sales-charts-at-big-4-us-carriers-iphone-5c-close-behind

    For me, price and customisation of iPhone’s a dealbreaker, so I’m surprised about this. The article also mentioned that people were put off by benchmark cheating and region locking for Samsung’s upcoming Note 3.

    As much as I like Android, I’m still excited that this happened just because I believe competition gets companies to work harder to provide better products.

  27. I’m not afraid to admit, even as a total Android fanboy, that iOS 7 has piqued my interest. The animations, the colourful design, the Gaussian blurs and overall sleek design of Apple’s new OS all look incredible. If the iPhone were cheaper (as if!), I would buy it without a doubt. However, the steep price tag is simply way out of my budget. I could go to Paris for a week with that kind of money!

    • Yeah, the price is the biggest thing that prevents me from getting in iOS device. I’m wondering though if they can go cheaper than the 5C because Apple’s interested in selling in China where Android is king and where the choices, cost-wise provides lots of variety.

  28. I have been an Apple fan for as long as I can remember. I like the Iphone 4S, and it is probably the best smartphone I’ve ever had. The Iphone 5S and 5C are sure eye-catching. The only thing I’m not sure is the IOS 7. I have heard the batter life drains faster than the previous Iphones. The icons of the IOS 7 cause some users dizziness and vertigo, which what draws me offf from buying either the Iphone 5S and Iphone 5C. People tend to go for the quality build of the Iphone 5S. Iphone 5C, on the other hand, is cheaper in terms of pricing.

    • Heh, that sounds weird. I do think that the icons of iOS 7 are very bright and it’s really not my style but I’m not sure it will make me dizzy.

  29. I really don’t care about the new Iphone S upgrades because there isn’t really much to see except the CPU upgrade and some new contraption like the finger scanner thing. Now a days, there isn’t much to see in the phone market because it’s always the bigger screens and faster processors. Also the Iphone 5c isn’t really much cheaper and I find it like an excuse for making the Iphone series so expensive. It’s like, “Hey the Iphone 5s is only $50s more expensive than the Iphone 5c. It must be a great deal” which it isn’t really.

  30. Personally, I’m really not interested in this new iphone. I think Apple inove a little less than before.
    Samsung is better that apple on its side. He must have evolution.
    5c Iphone looks a bit like something from cheap. At this pric, he better take a Iphone 5s.

    The fingerprint recognition is not very interesting to me.
    I love the old “slide to unlock”.

    I hope that Apple will go up in my estimation. Android is better than iOS for now.

  31. I honestly don’t care. I mean they only added a finger-print scanner. I think they got alot of sales because adding iOS 7 to the device really helped it. I mean I don’t just want 2 features added, with iOS 7 , Siri, and the new layout made it pop! But i’m still good over here with my iPod Touch 4th generation.

  32. People always forget the fact that Apple using plastic cases isn’t really new. The iPhone 3GS was a premium device when it launched and it was made of plastic. We can’t blame people from thinking the iPhone 5c stands for ‘cheap’ though because it somehow fits when the two models are compared. Of course, it’s not necessarily that cheap compared to other Android phones, but if you’re looking for your first iPhone then the 5c might be a good choice.

  33. Actually I had a passion for iPhone and it has been my dream to buy a latest iPhone some day and I wish it could be fulfilled. But at present I’m not in a position to afford an iPhone by myself and that is why put least focus on it. So I’m in a dilemma now not knowing which answer should I give to this question. Am I interested in it? Or that I don’t care about it? Whatever it is iPhone is surely a passion to many and I’m pretty sure that I’ll get my dream fulfilled one fine day.

  34. Don’t care. I have an iPhone 5, that’s why. But before I shifted I had an iPhone 3G. I don’t patronize the S iPhone versions, being that they’re normally models whose features are only improvements from the first release.

  35. I look at the poll and I see Android, iOS and Blackberry up for selection, yet I feel so sad for Windows Phone. Are they non-existent or something? I like Windows Phone, but I’m glad I moved over to Android now since Android is the real deal. It has the best apps, speed and performance in my opinion. I’m not really into Apple and I’ve never really been. I’ve never owned anything from Apple ever. I do respect Steve Jobs heavily for his contributions; however, I’ve always been more in favor of products by Microsoft, Samsung and now Google (Android).

  36. Thanks Apple for your even further “innovation” of smart phone technology. Now where can I buy my IPhone 6 with 10% larger screen and much higher break-ability than the previous models?

  37. Yeah, I couldn’t care less about it either. I think Apple is actually really annoying with these releases of devices that are basically exactly the same. I think the “consistancy” with the brand really just means you’re stuck with what you have until the next option. At least there are lots of options with android!

  38. They should have better created one single best product that would beat the competitors than creating two of them. Personally, i like iPhone 5S and the colors used on iPhone 5C looks lot like rip-off from Nokia’s Lumia Series.

  39. Honestly I don’t care about these two new when they had been released. I’m using an iPhone5 and I’m satisfied with it. I don’t think it’s necessary to upgrade my phone as there’s only few changes and improvements done with the new iPhone. As of this writing an iPhone 6 will be released soon but I still won’t upgrade. I don’t think I won’t be behind the technology whether I upgrade or not. It’s enough for now to upgrade the software instead.

  40. I like both, the iPhone 5S and 5C. I like the 5S because of the fingerprint security and I like the 5C because it comes in different colors. Both phones are just like the iPhone 5 so mainly the features are the same.

  41. Now with the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus I think Apple is really trying to catch up when it comes to the screen size. I think they have a commercial wherein they’re hitting on the screen size that it’s better to have a small screen.

  42. I was initially very interested when they announced it but I wasn’t due for an upgrade on my contract yet. I think the finger print scanner is a great idea and I can’t wait to try it out for myself. Now that the 6 is coming out I’m going to save up and get it. I haven’t had a new phone in quite a while so I’m excited.

  43. I have to say that I don’t really care. Not because I don’t like iPhones, but because they are always so expensive, even on a contract. That is the main reason why I switched to Android, but also because Android is so customizable.

    If I had the money, I would most likely switch back to iPhones. 😛

    • I know right? It kind of sucks, but I’m also a fan of iPhones that I cannot afford, lol. When it comes to me, they are aesthetically more pleasant than Android phones and the quality of them just feels better… I guess that at the end of the day, that’s the price that we need to pay in order to get the quality that it comes with that price.

  44. Apple does tend to put some really hilarious prices on its products. But, they introduce the refurbished products to their customers and created a platform for their users to swiftly transition into programmer. The concept of training and certification is made separate. And they do have some offers for scholarships through private communities.

  45. I honestly don’t care too. Don’t get me wrong, I, like many others, love upgrades. The more features, the better. But sometimes, it gets overwhelming. So many companies pushing 1 or 3 new models a year. I just want to enjoy what I have a bit longer before being strategically pushed to another model.

  46. I would never have enough money to keep up with all the updates. I have actually no problem letting go of the idea of buying a slightly better product and keeping my old stuff; for the small improvement it would bring to my quality of life, it is not worth the price and I’d rather get this as a buying habit (letting go of superficial qualities) than become a person who always buy the new gadgets.

    Though it is good that they keep improving; when I finally read some stats which I consider might make a significant difference in my life, I’ll consider it and be happy it is up this far.

  47. Look, it’s only been a little over a year and they’ve already released a new iPhone. Why should I bother with *new* tech if it’s just gonna be obsolete in a year’s time??

  48. I’m not really an Apple fan to begin with. These smart phones keep coming out with new models before the old ones get outdated. They’re all gimmicks to get you to buy the product. How much better can the new iPhone be, than the old one it replaces.

  49. I personally do care about this news. Although it’s old, I still use an iPhone 5C, and that’s what this news is about. It’s interesting to think back and realize that the 5S and 5C were released 2.5 years ago. It definitely doesn’t feel like it was that long ago. I remember how cool I thought it was that there was a fingerprint scanner on the 5S. I still think it’s cool, but it is old technology now.

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