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GoPro Hero3 Video Camera, a must for all adventure sports!

I bought the original version of the GoPro Hero camera many years ago and it has seen some great use. They recently released their latest version, the Hero3, which is even more amazing! The “first person” wide angle video produces excellent recordings especially for action and adventure. I have used it snorkeling, tubing, water skiing, downhill skiing, quadding, bicycling along with various mounts (helmet, chest, vehicle). There are remote control cars and helicopters equipped to carry it. You can now control it using a Wifi-based remote and watch it live using your smartphone.

Ever wonder how they catch some of that video footage on shows such as The Amazing Race, Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch, etc – they are using a GoPro camera. You will recognize it now that you know what to look for.

There are a number of accessories available especially when it comes to different ways to mount the video camera.

I would encourage you to view this video they made which I find quite inspirational.


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  1. This GoPro camera seem to be very popular when it comes to first person recording. I never knew this is what they used for these kinds of scenes. I wonder if it has better quality than the Google Glasses when taking photos and video recording.

    • I don’t know about the quality, but GoPro is definitely a fraction of the price of Google Glass!

      • Well at least it operates under water. Google glass won’t do that. And it’s not exactly a “fraction” of the price as you wrote. Someone below stated that it retails at $400. That’s quite a chunk of change. I would definitely buy this camera before buying google glass. I can say that much..

        • I think Google Glass, the consumer version, might be more than $250 from what I’ve last read somewhere. That said, GoPro Hero 3 would be more suited to capture adventurous footages for those people who are more interested in that.

      • And it does seem better quality than Google Glass in my opinion! From what I can see in this video the GoPro camera is really awesome! The footage looks very professional, sharp and clear. I’m not a fan of Google Glass and this video proves that there are better ways to spend your money.

    • I think that the quality on the Glass will fall short of what GoPros will be capable of. Look at it this way, GoPros are specialized equipment used specifically for filming, meanwhile the Glass is a device that has the ability to record… as an additional feature.

  2. Wow, it’s pretty epic. I’ve always wondered about the cameras those shows use. I hope people from my country can take notes from those shows because the usual adventure videos shown in my country are way lower than that in quality.

  3. The new features of this camera allows push the limits of our imagination to an unexpected reality. Years ago it was impossible to capture with such clarity and quality this kind of images, and now we can do it easily with a camera that is available to everyone and not just the professional cameramen.

    Just the other day I was watching an experiment with this camera. A group of scientists placed a GoPro in the body of a fish and so they were able to capture images truly amazing about the natural life in the seabed.

    The images that appear in the video of this note are great. The video highlights the capacity and ductility of this new camera. I don’t know if it’s available in my country, but surely the cost in local stores is a bit high. Despite that, the fact of recording our own adventures is priceless.

    • Yeah, usually, only people who work in TVs would be able to have access to this kind of gadget. I’m sure you can also order this online. I’m thinking this would be a nice gadget to use while wakeboarding, much more convenient than the old camera that they’re using near our place.

      • What do you think is a fair price for this piece of technology? And do you think it is durable enough to last for a long time if used a lot under water? Those are my concerns. I also wakeboard and I’d love to take this camera out onto the water with me.

        • I don’t know how long it would last exactly, but the price for the waterproofed version sounds decent ($400 US) especially since it’s small and has good specs. It’s waterproofed to 40m, if you wanted to know.

          • Ouch. I’m not sure if I could pay that much for a camera. I do go scuba diving to about 80 feet below the surface of the water. I also snorkel. So, it would have a nice added benefit for an outdoorsman who enjoys water sports like myself. Maybe I’ll ask wifey to buy it for me for Christmas. I just fear that I would drop it and break it!

    • Do you have a link to that footage? I’d like to watch it. I think you meant to say that they connected the go pro camera to the bottom or top of the fish, not “in” the body as you typed. That is such a cool idea. I’m sure the footage is worth viewing. Let us know if you can link us to it.

      • I wasn’t able to see a video where they connected the camera to the fish, but this one is where they used a fishing rod to drop it underwater and in a low light condition. It looks pretty cool.


        • Wow, based on yours and David’s video, this technology looks phenomenal. I’ve been using the old flip camera (with waterproof) case to capture some my diving expeditions, but it’s now a number of years old. I’d love to see what this one would capture and compare the two.

  4. I’ve been on the fence about buying a waterproof camera for a while. I’ve looked at the typical point and shoot models, but realize that will probably sit back at the hotel whenever I’m in the water. I was shocked – SHOCKED! – to learn how inexpensive the GoPro Hero3 is, especially given the quality of the underwater footage it puts out. I think it’s time to make the leap for my next vacation!

  5. So that’s how all those television shows got all of that content. I do a lot of snorkeling and scuba diving so I am going to consider purchasing this camera or one of a similar mold. The fact that you can control the camera with a remote and watch the live footage on your smart phone is absolutely mind blowing. Unbelievable!

  6. I make YouTube videos, and GoPro is really a lifesaver. You want to make a video in the pool? No need to worry about buying another waterproof camera… and then realising the quality is horrible: GoPro has got your back.

    I did a skydiving video and didn’t hesitate to take it with me, I knew how sturdy it was – it turned out great!

    • Oh, is the waterproof version also as so sturdy you can use it for other recording other activities without the fear of breaking it? I understand this can still be considered expensive (looks like it’s worth it though), but yeah, I guess most people would be worried about breaking such an expensive and valuable equipment.

  7. Wow! The colours are beautiful! Everything is clear and its quality is like that of a movie. I think I should consider this the next time I am buying a camera. I do videos for a living and this will definitely make my AVPs look better. It is indeed very impressive.

    • Thanks for the link. I also signed up.

      I’m so impressed with the GoPro Hero 3. I appreciate this article as it’s a great overview. I was not aware of this camera and its many capabilities. It lends itself to so many creative possibilities.

      When I look back at the many times I’ve gone walking out in nature and witnessed scenic views that I had only a still camera to capture, I think that having had this camera with me would have been just wonderful. I’m really excited to see these kinds of cameras that make capturing unique and special moments so achievable for the nonprofessional photographer and videographer.

  8. It’s amazing how far the GoPros have come. I recall seeing the first videos uploaded from them on youtube a few years ago and wondering how they were able to get the type of footage they were getting.

    I’m sure it was part of an advertising blitz, but I’m glad that the product is really coming in to its niche now.

  9. I have seen this camera being used by YouTubers a lot of times. The quality of the video is pretty great in my opinion.

    The YouTubers who have used this have spoken highly of it too, so I’m pretty sure it’s worth the money.

  10. Video is so crisp. Filmming is smooth. Creative. Plus I love the outdoors. This no doubt the top camera! Now if the smart phone can play this video made from the camera, could google glasses do the samething? What about Galaxy watch and iWatch?

  11. This has been at the top of my husband’s wishlist for awhile. He wants to film some surf and mountain bike adventures with our kids. After watching the video, I think we’ll need to add kayak and snowboard adventures to that list. Thanks for including that!

    In addition to the shows you mentioned, GoPro filming was used in the documentaries Long Way Round and Long Way Down. Those films left me with a strong desire to get a motorcycle someday, most likely inspired by the amazing ride along scenes shot with a GoPro.

  12. I came across the GoPro camera recently after watching Bob Burnquist’s “Dreamland” video. How can I have been so ignorant of this amazing technology for so long? I suppose it must also be a GoPro camera that is used for any extreme sports that I watch on tv when they go to first person shots? I always wondered what was attached to their helmets.

    I’m really impresed with the picture quality in that video you linked to, although I can’t help but feel motion sick when I watch some of the videos recorded with camera.

    It will be interesting to see how affordable these will become in the near future.

  13. I always hear about this stuff! The picture quality is really beautiful!
    This really is ideal to film sports activities!

    I would like to have one, but it is extremely expensive! It’s not easy to find.
    Anyway, I’m not too much sports, so I could do without.

    The video section was really beautiful. It inspires me and it reminds me that I am not able to do.

  14. The GoPro is especially good on motorbikes. Seriously want to get myself one, they come with lots of adapters that can be attached to the bike in various places. Gives really good picture with minimal vibration. I have only seen older GoPro’s so I would be very keen to see how the Hero3 works.

  15. So this is what they use to capture those kind of stunning moments. This is one incredible camera, displaying crisp and quality imagery, plus its even waterproof! What is the real retail price for it, though? Is it really $400? I’d consider that bargain price to be honest. But truly, this looks like a great camera.

  16. We have a GoPro here at the agency I work at, but I never knew it could make images like this. My mind is blown, honestly. This video is one of the most amazing things I’ve seen this year. I’m going to ask permission right now to take the camera out for a little bit!

  17. This camera is sometimes even used in high end productions. And a lot of people use it on the Phantom for aerial photography and videography. The black edition is really great.

  18. Oh my gosh! That is one awesome piece of equipment. My husband is a videographer and he would love getting his hands on this one!

  19. Holy shit, that was amazing! Wow, it totally makes me want to do all those things. Brilliant camera, it works everywhere and what a clear display! Brilliant invention, hats off to the person who designed this and thought of the idea, it’s a great way to inspire people to indulge in events like this and invokes enthusiasm. Excuse me while I go and watch more videos like this.

  20. The GoPro Camera seems to be a very useful camera for people who love the outdoors. I am sure that by now the new version is very popular because I know that there are some new features added to the camera. I personally do not find it useful for me because I barely record anything.

  21. I honestly think GoPro nailed it when it comes to action cameras. They’re pretty cheap for it’s class, and the amount of possibilities you have with it is basically endless. You can even shoot slo-mo video on it, and it’s at pretty high quality too, 720p for 120fps and WVGA for 240 fps.

  22. Thank you for the post! The video is impressive. The image is clean and the sound clear. And not only that, the GoPro is also giving away their innovations daily. With one of those, I would produce a teaching video or a stop motion animation project to share as perk for my next crowd-funded novel. Unable to compare it with the Google Glass, because I have not tried them yet.

  23. I purchased the GoPro Hero 3 to record my soccer freestyle skills from my point of view. I ended up using the camera for way more than that. Whenever I go biking, running, or hiking, you will always catch me with a GoPro on my head.

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