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6 Million Space Bars Pressed Every Second Around the Globe

One of my favorite YouTube channels that I watch is Michael with Vsauce. I love the amount of research he puts into his topics and his presentation style. His videos are usually around 5-12 minutes in length and quite thought provoking. He says “Our World is Amazing” and I couldn’t agree more!

One of his videos (see below) is regarding the how often people type on computers or send text messages around the world. The letter “e” is the most common representing 9% of all letters typed and the space bar represents twice that amount. His conclusion, the space bar is being pressed 6 million times per second around the world. If you ever feel alone, just press the space bar and know you aren’t typing alone. Lol.

24 thoughts on “6 Million Space Bars Pressed Every Second Around the Globe”

  1. It’s been ages since I’ve watched a VSauce video. Thanks for the reminder. I can’t wait to use this video in my next workshop, it’ll be a great way of finding a commonality between participants. What’s something they all have in common? They’ve all used a space bar in the last 24 hours – or maybe even last few minutes.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this video. I didn’t know about Michael of Vsauce. I’m now a fan! I found this video absolutely fascinating. It’s a remarkable compilation of facts.

    Texting, for instance. He says we collectively send 6 billion text messages a day and that’s the equivalent of the complete works of Shakespeare 18,000 times! Just amazing. Of course as I sit here, I am tapping the space bar and I am joining the collective and adding to the statistics!

  3. This is really interesting, but I must say I expected a little.
    Internet is used all over the world. The space bar is of great importance in all the keyboards in the world.

    Can one not just talking about the internet, but the use of the computer in general.
    It is a very interesting number.

  4. Woah! 6 Million times a SECOND. That’s just amazing. I love watching VSauce too because he answers almost every question I have. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. Wow, VSauce sounds interesting. He has the info I usually learn but it’s not too useful, just interesting, haha.

    No surprise about the spacebar. It’s usually the first key that gets broken on my keyboard. As for the more used letters, I can guess what they are in mine, just because my keyboard is cheap so the most used keys tend to have their printing fade faster.

  6. This is a great statistic and now I wonder how touch screen interactions would fare. Just think about it: how many swipes, taps, double-taps, and pinches do we all do in a single second? Which screen interaction do we do the most, and which would be the least action used? I would gather that these values would be significantly bigger than the keyboard statistics but we never know for sure. It would certainly be a blast to find out.

  7. Wow! That’s an incredible number … We are not aware of the true extent of the interconnectedness of all people living on this planet. Sure, this is only anecdotal data and there are thousands of examples of similar characteristics, but in a society that day after day becomes more individualistic is interesting to realize that “silent company.”

    Does anyone thought how much energy is generated with this volume of “typing”? I think that is enough energy to do great things. I know, it’s early and I’m ranting, but I like to believe that we can change the world even with small gestures.

    Thanks for sharing this YouTube channel, it is the first time that I see it.

  8. Listening to him talk about how often users would click and/or type… I honestly feel rather pathetic now, I probably click at least 2 or 3 times as much as most of these people :(. His attempt to correlate exercise with computer usage was fairly interesting though, a bit basic for actual science, but great for the context of this video! Thanks for the new video feed, he actually has a great flow/enunciation to his videos.

  9. Thanks for introducing me to his channel. He’s quite entertaining in presenting his data. I especially liked the image created from recording his mouse tracking.

    You’re right; now I don’t feel so alone. If anything it makes me want to type more to add to all the keystrokes going on in the world.

  10. Vsauce really is a great channel. I remember watching this video when it first popped up. It’s definitely one of the more fitting episodes for the subject of technology, but all of his videos are intriguing and just plain entertaining. Sure, all of his facts may not be useful, but most of the videos we watch today aren’t educational, and we can easily agree that his are.

  11. LOL! This was an astounding research I’d ever heard. I’m sure that I come under the category of space bar pressing every second as I play with it most often. Whenever I’d nothing to do in front of my computer I keep tapping the space bar which also produces a good sound to hear. From now I should start feeling very happy that I have 6 million friends each second and kudos to all of them. Lol!

  12. I love VSauce! This is great! I really love learning little facts like this. Wow! 6 million times a second! That’s quite a lot! I would also be interested to know if they calculate touch-screen presses and such as well.

  13. That’s really mind boggling for an estimation of 6 million space bar presses per second. I’ve watched videos on VSauce in relation to things like what would be the greatest honor and solipsism. The latter was definitely thought-provoking even though I had some philosophical knowledge behind the concept beforehand.

    The guy pretty much has it made as long as he consistently commits to providing quality content on YouTube. I haven’t been disappointed at any of the videos he’s made so far, thanks for the update!

  14. How do people even manage to gather this statistic? Haha, nerd science. Anyway, maybe it’s going to be less now that hashtags have come about.

  15. Well there it is, I just learned a new fact today about the space bar getting 6 million hits per second globally. I am here just reflecting on it as I hit the space bar for every other word that I am typing. Everyday that I am in front of the computer, I am adding to the number? Wow. Another stunning number I saw after watching the video is that 6 billion text messages are sent daily. Good heavens do people love texting.

  16. Thanks for introducing us all to this wonderful guy! I didn’t know about him so I’m very pleased by this discovery! I’ve bookmarked his channel and put him into my Youtube channels excel where I store all the interesting channels I find.

    Who knew so many space bard where being pressed at one time? It’s just mind blowing to think about this…

  17. It’s amazing when something this simple is put in a way that actually astounds you. It’s not something I’d have ever considered myself but it makes sense when you think about it. Just in this short post I’ve probably hit the spacebar around 30 or 40 times, so about 30 or 40 clicks in a minute.

  18. These stats are very interesting. It’s very hard to get a grasp on how many people are online at once. I think this might give people more of a perspective on potential audiences and even potential threat levels for dangers of who could be online trying to hack into your personal information. When you’re on the internet you’re talking with the globe. Adjust your privacy settings accordingly!

    • It really is! It’s very fascinating if we really come to think about it… so many people online right now and pressing the space bar, maybe at the same time! It’s amazing to see how far we have gotten, back in the 80’s being online was more like a dream, now it’s an everyday thing almost everyone can achieve! I bet a new record is broken daily when it comes to users using their keyboard daily!

  19. Haha thanks for the reminder about VSause. His videos are quite thought provoking and I love watching them. This one I find a bit creepy, it’s so weird to think how many people there are out there doing pretty much the same thing as you.

  20. I think that it is more than 6 million. People are using their phones and computers more these days for online jobs that require then to type.

    • I agree with you. Lots of typing involved not only at work, but at home and on the way. There could be more than 6 million people pressing the space bar at the same time.

  21. Why, that guy looks familiar. First time I learned of the popularity of the space bar. I went back to the sections where he discussed calories burnt per minute doing nothing. Advice well taken.

  22. Amazing! This is the first time I hear about this guy, so far so good 🙂 I’d definitely subscribe to his channel, he really knows how to present his topics and seems to be so well informed. I’ll definitely follow him, from here it looks all his topics are very interesting. Kudos to him!

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