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Top 10 Facebook Fan Pages (as of October 16, 2013)

I updated the stats in my social media presentations and the top 10 Facebook Fan Pages as of October 16, 2013 were:

1. Facebook for Every Phone
319.0 Million

2. Facebook
95.9 Million

3. Rihanna
79.1 Million

4. Eminem
76.8 Million

5. YouTube
76.6 Million

6. Coca-Cola
74.1 Million

7. Shakira
72.6 Million

8. Texas HoldEm Poker
69.9 Million

9. The Simpsons
68.3 Million

10. Harry Potter
66.2 Million



12 thoughts on “Top 10 Facebook Fan Pages (as of October 16, 2013)”

  1. How did “Facebook for Every Phone” become the #1 fan page? That just seems mind-bogglingly pointless. I can only imagine how many phone users liked this page from the Facebook app ON their phone. Same goes for the Youtube page. How did that get anywhere? Facebook has truly created an interesting social dynamic that is visible through their system of fan pages…

    I love how Coca-cola is so high up there, especially considering how global of a product it is! I suppose the majority of these rankings being music artists are to be expected, however. Fanhood has a long standing root in that industry, after all.

  2. Is it just me, or is it a little bit fishy that Facebook has the top two fan pages on Facebook? It must be blatant self promotion, and I’d certainly like to take a book from that page. Why not? If you’re using their site and apps, why not be a fan? They’ve probably been asking me to like them for sometime now, embedding a little: “If you’re here, why don’t you just click like me” button somewhere in the feed, but I was too busy using them for what they do best (e.g., connect me to my virtual friends) to click the button.

    As for Texas HoldEm Poker, I did not know how popular it was. I’ve never played outside of rare family gatherings (that often involved either my total humiliation or idiot luck and nothing in between). It’s exhilarating yet dangerous, especially when money is involved.

    Musicians, Soda Pop, The Simpsons and Harry Potter just makes sense. Everyone loves a good dynamic icon.

  3. Facebook is usually a self-referential social network . The online experience within their platform is closely linked to our personal tastes, and in some ways, is a gateway to some aspects of our life. Even so, these results (unlike what I could see with Twitter or You Tube) are more heterogeneous and provide a broader view on popular culture and capitalism, not necessarily tied to the world of music.

    • That’s a good observation. Given that the top 10 revolve more around brands and other media, it shows a great diversity of interests around the site. I do recall however that Fan Pages were first conceived for brands at first, so I guess this is something to be expected.

      I do wonder why games are not more prominent, with only Texas Hold ‘Em taking a top spot. Maybe Facebook games really have gone past the point of no return.

  4. Interesting assortment of pages. I still find it amusing that Facebook has a Facebook fan page…which I have never joined! I hadn’t visited the Coca-Cola page before and I took a look at it and I see they are going for the nostalgia approach. But still, I’m surprised that so many have “liked” the page.

    The music artists don’t surprise me; they are always popular on Facebook. Likewise Harry Potter. I see The Simpsons are also still holding almost at the bottom of the top 10; the show has been around for a long, long time.

    Yes, always fascinating to see what emerges as extremely popular.

  5. I would have to agree that facebook has themselves in the number 1 and 2 slots. I don’t think that facebook for mobile phones is a as big as the fan and group pages are. Then they have competiton amongst the business who score high with them. Youtube, for instance, is very high in the global market. Hundreds and thousands are like me, who use facebook and youtube, a lot.

    I can totally understand that all our entertainers that we like, having fan pages there. Everyone has an interest and someone that they want to escape and listen to.

    Another popular thing that I do like on facebook, is the groups that we all formed.

  6. Haha, the first two are incredibly narcissistic for Facebook to even allow to exist. Really, the top fan pages show an interesting result. You don’t see viral results up there, no matter how you “Gangnam Style” it, despite “what the fox says”. They seem to hold true with at least one major demographics’ true, long-lasting interests, which is more than can be said for almost any other survey of what people like.

  7. It is less exciting to see this because I’m personally a fan of Harry Potter and I feel so sorry to see him in the tenth place. I don’t think Facebook certainly deserves the first two positions because I don’t find people much interested in ‘Facebook for every phone’ page these days because they actually had it all the way in their mobile and got used to it long back. Then how come this page still take the first place till date? May the original fans of this page rejoice seeing this.

  8. Of course Facebook would be at or near the top. I had a feeling about that before I even looked. Really happy to see Rihanna and Eminem up high again as well. It’s cool to see poker up on the list too, I love poker and I know a ton of people who play as well. Coca-Cola was a given too. Great info! Thanks!

  9. Wow! Here, I am amazed! I there would be that singers and humorous pages like …
    But this time, official Facebook pages are in the first position.

    Then there are some business. I think the popularity is due to the large amount of advertising on Facebook.

    Harry Potter is also entitled to a place on the podium. This series was really a chicken egg golds.

  10. Shakira is still in the top? Wouldn’t have seen that one coming? Also, how is it that Harry Potter is still here after all this time? Not to mention number 1 which doesn’t seem to deserve a place in here.

    I would have expected that newer movies/actors/music stars would be up there but it does take some fans to move Rihanna or Eminem from their spot.

    I see Coca-Cola doing very well here and I’m wondering how far down is Pepsi? Does anyone know this?

  11. The two Facebook ones are probably just on top because of the app, or because Facebook for every phone encourages users to like it …for whatever reason that may bye. Either way, the amount of pop culture idols up there certainly says something about how we see these people.

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