As per my previous article about 3D printers coming to a home near you, there are now a number of interesting objects that can be printed on your 3D home printer. There are many concerns being expressed online regarding plans for printing your own weapons. On a much lighter note, I have been interested in seeing the different edible items that are being “printed”. Some use plant-based ingredients and are vegan friendly while others involve more sugar based items such as cookies. NASA put $125 million towards developing a 3D printer that “prints” pizza. That would be interesting! Other printable foods include pastas, chocolates, and sugar based 3D objects.

It appears that you are only limited by your imagination. Take a look at some of these links for pictures of other items being printed. They include cups, shoes, clothes, stands, holders, surfboards, drones, prosthetics, and many other surprising items.

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Shoe Burger by printing a custom bread baking mold

  1. I’m really intrigued to see what happens as these become more affordable for every household. The notion of printing something seems so futuristic and yet, it’s happening right here and now.

  2. The technology of 3D printing advancing at an incredible speed and we aren’t even aware of the changes that are coming in this direction. I don’t know if we can speak of a revolution in our daily lives, but changes will occur in the rules of capitalism.

    The customization brought to our home will change the dynamics of modern society, creating a challenge for the design industry and mass production. The horizon is vast and everything is possible. Thank you very much for sharing this note, the issue is very entertaining and interesting.

  3. The ability to print your own stuff will so change the vast landscape of trade and economics that it could potentially change the world as we know it. I would gather that data and ideas would become even more prime commodities than they are now given this kind of democratization. What I’m worried about though is that although this could also usher in a new age of monopoly, that is, the opportunity for a mega-corporation to harness this technology for their own ends. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s a possibility nonetheless.

  4. I’ve heard a lot recently about printing food. I don’t think that’s because it’s currently gaining momentum, I still think with good reason that it’s a ways away from being practical, or even flavorful. However, I do think it’s a very exciting topic, that could become the “norm” relatively soon. In the mean time, I can’t decide if it’s more terrifying to print food or print guns.

    • Yes, printing food has creative possibilities for those who have the interest and the time to spare. I could see it becoming a huge trend in the coming years. We could see these 3D printers becoming prevalent and commonplace as if they were mere kitchen gadgets alongside bread machines, food processors, etc. The pasta making possibilities sound appealing to me; I think it would be fun to make pasta in various shapes and have the chance to use high quality ingredients — whole grain, organic.

      I think overall printing food will have widespread appeal as it becomes more affordable. But on the downside, it can wind up enabling people to have instant access to junk food and other processed foods that normally they would have to rely on food companies to produce. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.

      I agree, though, that the idea of printing weapons is terrifying. There are so many implications and unforeseen circumstances. The laws will have some catching up to do, as well.

    • It’s a matter of perspective, I think. Folks from the 19th century might have perceived our spam as weird, the same as how most people would view printed food now. Both seem unnatural from each time period’s framing. What I’m trying to say is, whatever we find terrifying now might not necessarily predict what people would find terrifying in the future. This would still apply even with printed guns, I guess. We have a quite a future ahead of us if this really goes mainstream.

  5. It sounds really fascinating that we can “print” food of different cuisines all by ourselves without relying upon any renowned restaurants. But the question which pops out in my mind immediately is whether this path-breaking technology holds the potential to produce nutrient rich food in the midst of other benefits. I think this could present certain solutions to increasing global food demand and also significantly reduce food waste. There would be no wonder than a pasta maker being otherwise called a “3D food printer” because that’s precisely what it is. 3D printers are amazing things and also have enormous potential for disruption too.

  6. I’m not entirely sure whether to look forward to how advanced and publically available 3D printing becomes, or worried about it. It might seem like a somewhat trite point by now to shout about whether or not people should be able to print out dangerous weapons from home, but I think it’s a very valid concern. I think I would trust maybe 5 percent of the people I know with the ability to do so.

    That being said, the potential for revolutionising trade is undeniable. It is hard to see the printing of food being a reasonable reality for the average person anytime soon, but it’s still interesting to hear. It could possibly change the way people sell cookbooks etc, and maybe (although it’s not likely) change the way people feel about restaurants and buying food from supermarkets etc. Such retailers would of course have to find ways to keep up with the changing times.

    I can also imagine an online service where people can share their best “printed food recipes” etc.

    You know what, now that I think about it I’m quite looking forward to it.

  7. I am astonished at this technology! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first seen it done on T.V. They created a wrench that was totally usable! Now they’re making guns, food and even kidneys from what I’ve read! I’d like to see how this all progresses’. This 3D printing is definitely the way of the future! This is the first time I have ever heard about being able to print food though! Thanks for sharing this!

  8. For now, I’m not really interested in a 3D printer, but I know it will eventually become mainstream.
    It may be useful OPUR all sorts of things.

    I think the price is too high at the moment. (Especially if you want quality)

    This technology is really starting to become increasingly popular.
    I hope to try it one day … I have no doubt about it.

  9. Sounds really nice, printed cheese. It really is a nice concept but really $125 million for printing a pizza. You could use that $125 million to help people that are starving. But yes that comes back to the debating if we never researched and developed we would never improve.

    I think the question is, are the quality of the prints improving as well as how accessible is a normal 3D printer to the public. Then maybe we can print our own burgers or fish and chips.

  10. This is going to be big in futuristic times. There are so many things you can use a 3D printer for and have fun taking pictures with. I just imagine how pricey these products are as they begin to start inhabiting the retail chains. But when the cost drops you’ll begin to see more people with them including myself.

  11. I can’t wait for the day when I can eat printer pizza! That would be really awesome! It’s also scary to think that anyone could be “preparing” themselves a nasty gun with the help of a printer. I first saw this in an episode of Elementary and realized how serious things really are.

    It’s just like people to invent something that is really great and has many good uses like the 3D printer and then transform it into something bad.

  12. I am continually amazed at how far technology has come. Printing weapons? Just wow. I really look forward to seeing how where 3D printing will be 20 years from now.

  13. I do not think it is safe for people to be able to print their own weapons. That is very dangerous based on everything that is going on now days with violence. Now, being able to print food is kind of awesome. I would most definitely like to try that out. I wonder if the food will taste good or bad.

    • That’s really true. If it ever posibble to have 3D printers registered,that would be very great.

      Anyway, from what I have read about the food, the bacon was plant based, so I am assuming yhat this would be a good alternative for the people who are trying to cut down fat, but can’t especially when seeing bacon or other fat food. I also think that this would be great for pranks. 🙂

  14. Wow, didn’t know 3D printing already existed. I still don’t get how these work though, what are the things you print made out of? The idea sounds interesting, I’ll have a read around to learn more about this.

  15. Printing weapons and food? Wow, that’s futuristic right there. It may be just years before we have “ink” cartridges that are filled with the liquid form of different materials like metal, glass, plastic, or wood.

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