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Control Many PCs Using One Keyboard and Mouse

Imagine controlling up to 9 PCs and displays with a single keyboard and mouse! I have come across software like this in the past but experienced limitations. Recently a colleague of mine highly recommended Multiplicity by EdgeRunner which has been working great for him. It allows you to cut and paste between all the PCS as well as drag and drop files. Even the sound works and it can communicate over WiFi. This can be handy if you have a separate system for your work and use other systems for email, surfing, and social networking. My colleague uses this to easily and quickly ensure his laptop is always current when going on trips or meetings. They offer a 30-day trial and it is only $20-$40 to purchase. Definitely an amazing piece of software to consider using.

14 thoughts on “Control Many PCs Using One Keyboard and Mouse”

  1. David, you’re the best! I was just googling this earlier this afternoon and was bombarded by way too many options. Based on your recommendation, I’m going to try out the 30 day free trial and see if it fulfills my needs.

  2. I think I’m not coordinated enough to handle multiplyPC with a single device, but this is an interesting option for those who work multitasking. We talked many times about technological developments and as every day expand the limits of the utilities, and this is another example of this phenomenon.

    However, on second thought, I might find a use for this software, because in my work I use a notebook and a desktop PC and sometimes I write on the keyboard of the PC that I want to write on the laptop. Sure, I’m a little silly.

  3. This is amazing software, and a great find. Thank you! I can see this would save a huge amount of time, especially as moving files from one computer to another can be cumbersome in and of itself.

    For a while I worked with two laptops side by side, and I found that sometimes I would just email a file to myself to get it to the other computer quickly. Multiplicity would have been so much better. I’ll keep this in mind when I next have a two-laptop setup, which will probably be in the fairly near future.

  4. This is a great find! This is also quite useful for those who deal with dozens of data streams everyday, especially when there are lots of analyses running. Obviously, mobile stock traders would love this app, but I believe freelance data analysts would also find a great use for this. Edgerunner really did a great job of translating the single-PC usage experience into an easily adaptable multiple-PC workstation.

  5. I do not think the kind of person to use or cherhcer this kind of functionality. It can be useful sometimes, but it’s not worth the peinde investing time and money in something as gadget.

    It must surely be useful for those who often use the multi-task. It is convenient and simple.

    I must admit that it contributed big advantages on PC. Then it would be a little too geeky to have it at home.

  6. I think this is a really great invention. It makes it more convenient to do many task at once. I do agree that you would have to be able to multi-task. I believe this would help a lot of people and for only $20 to $40 is a really good deal.

  7. This sounds truly amazing and hats-off to you for all such useful info that you share. Your info is astonishingly useful for many and also reduces our search work. It is helpful for the ones who deal with various data streams and I thank you on behalf of them.

    Currently I didn’t come across such use but I’m sure I’ll get to use it in a short period as my work load is increasing these days.

  8. hi..

    wow its wonderful to control 9 systems soo coool…. i would like to try the free 30day trial… n happy to share with my friends tooo…

  9. This sounds like a potentially great software! I can’t truly comprehend how you could control so many PC’s all at once by using the same keyboard and mouse, but I am intrigued. It’s great that they have the 30 days option and who knows, I might give it a go.

    I’m really hoping I can control that many things at once, but we’ll see. I guess this software is going to be useful especially for bigger companies where employees need to be working on several computers at once.

  10. Do people really think of this as an ideal way of living? 9 computers… That’s 8 too many in my opinion. How can you even tell what’s going on on all of them? it just sounds way too confusing.

  11. Oh wow, that is incredibly useful. I might have to look into something like this for my workflow.

  12. That is pretty amazing. I’ve been trying to set up a multi-monitor setup for my gaming computer, but monitors are pretty expensive and I’d like to not put any extra load on my graphics card so that I can get the best performance possible. I looked at the demos and this would seem like a pretty reliable solution, the only question I have is the latency of the software when controlling a different PC.

  13. Wow, really impressive. These kinds of inventions get people stay on the edge of their seats about information technology. I think this should be the new “reality” that is so very famous among users of technology products. It’s so cool that it comes with working sounds. Users get to continue where they left off in their work and spend less time “calibrating” their work space.

  14. This seems really cool David! Multiple computers? Makes it so much easier to multi-task as well as transition easier. Also, it shows that technology just keeps growing and progressing in our society. Just think of it, just a few years, rarely anyone had 1 computer – now multiple people can afford to use 9 with one single device.

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