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Smartphone and Tablet Stats by Market Share (OS and Vendor)

It is always interesting to compare stats over the years. You can see who the initial pioneers were and where the trends guide the overall global demand. Pricing and availability play a big factor as can be seen by Androids rise. Apple targets the more affluent audiences.

Smartphone Market Share by OS


  • 4% Android
  • 9% Windows
  • 14% iOS
  • 20% Blackberry
  • 53% Other


  • 3% Windows
  • 5% Blackberry
  • 7% Other
  • 19% iOS
  • 66% Android


Smartphone Market Share by Vendor


  • 4% Samsung
  • 9% Apple
  • 87% Other


  • 4% ZTE
  • 4% Huawei
  • 5% LG
  • 17% Apple
  • 32% Samsumg
  • 38% Other


Tablet Market Share by OS


  • 1% Windows
  • 22% Android
  • 77% iOS


  • 1% Windows
  • 3% Other
  • 43% Android
  • 53% iOS


  • 1% Windows
  • 1% Other
  • 46% iOS
  • 52% Android


  • 1% Other
  • 3% Windows
  • 37% iOS
  • 59% Android


Tablet Market Share by Vendor


  • 6% Samsung
  • 17% Other
  • 77% Apple


  • 2% Asus
  • 3% Acer
  • 6% Amazon
  • 8% Samsung
  • 28% Other
  • 53% Apple


  • 1% Acer
  • 5% Asus
  • 7% Amazon
  • 11% Samsung
  • 30% Other
  • 46% Apple


  • 3% Acer
  • 3% Amazon
  • 5% Asus
  • 18% Samsung
  • 34% Other
  • 37% Apple


Source IDC

11 thoughts on “Smartphone and Tablet Stats by Market Share (OS and Vendor)”

  1. It’s hard to believe Apple’s still so successful, when you see their declining market share in every product category throughout the years. I didn’t realize that their tablet market share had fallen so drastically.

  2. It was amazing to see that android users are predominantly on hike day by day, as I am one of them. The benefits with android are really worth it. It is also remarkable to see that the percentage of apple tablet’s market share is declining yearly. I guess this is only do to high cost and a great deal of competition from other vendors with equal benefits at a comparatively lower cost.

  3. Those are amazing statistics. Very revealing. Apple is in a rapid decline in all categories while Android, in contrast is ascending rapidly.

    Smartphone market share by OS is particularly interesting. Android going from 4 percent market share to 66 percent is just 5 years is remarkable. Even in their respective heydays Blackberry and Apple never had that kind of market share that Android now has. Yet I can see why. Android is comparatively inexpensive and still you get almost all of the same functions that you would get with iPhone.

    Blackberry, of course, has not kept up at all. It was a leader in the early 2000s, but those days are long over.

  4. As a big fan of Samsung tablets and phones and Google Android OS, it feels satisfying to see such a growth on their percentage of the market. I think it is very well deserved, as both of those companies are at the top of technology development, of course with others from this list (Apple, Sony, etc.). I am excited to see how newer versions of operative systems (Android, iOS…) and new smartphones and tablets will influence this list by next year.

  5. All I see is that Samsung and Android is just creeping up in the market share. It’s really scary how IOS is still in the game where there are so much vendors for Android. Also I find that the Tablet market share had a large drop of market share for apple because not a lot of companies were into that market before and Apple just had a monopoly.

  6. I am surprised by apple. It is good that they still maintain a solid portion of the market even though there target market is the more affluent individuals.

    I am also very impressed by the smartphone comparison by OS, android really has become the dominant OS. I think this is really good to see there growth it shows there commitment to the customer and there needs versus the OS growth.

  7. Wow, I didn’t realise how much more widespread Android was than iOS. It would be interesting to see which companies/OS’s are within the “Other” categories because especially in 2008 and 2009 they really are quite large. For me it’s going to be a battle between iOS and Android for a long time to come. I can’t see Windows Phone gaining too much more traction than it has already.

  8. I personally like Blackberry because I’m a loyal fan who have used Blackberry throughout my whole life. I’m surprised to see Blackberry has declined over the last 3 years due to IOS and Android OS. Android OS has dramatically increased over the last 3 years because it sure is the kind of operating system that allows third-party downloads and best for customization. I am not much of a big Android fan because it’s not as stable as IOS or Blackberry OS, plus Android OS still has reached the fact that it is fluid like IOS. It’s good to see all these percentages of different operating systems.

  9. Apple is the most popular company around. They will always be more successful than the others. Team Apple!

    • I’d have to disagree with that. In international markets, Apple is suffering because they’re placing a premium price on a smartphone that is outperformed by smartphones with greater specs, and at a lower price. Apple is starting to get into Asian markets like India, where cheap smartphones are huge, but they’re giving out older models that suffer from lag, like the 4S. And considering that now Apple holds about 11.3% market share currently, it’s pretty obvious that Apple isn’t the popular company anymore.

  10. Apple will still be the dominating company in the next few years, however, it’s steadily losing market share to android devices. People are getting tired of apple products. Alot of friends and coworkers of mine are still using iphone 4. They feel no need to change since there hasn’t really been any revolutionary changes to the phone.

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