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Insane Agility on r/c Quadcopter – Can also carry GoPro video camera

I have used many remote control (r/c) vehicles, boats, planes, and helicopters over my life. The most fascinating advancements in recent years has been the stability and ease of flying quadcopters. I really like how many can now carry GoPro video cameras for some amazing aerial footage. A friend of mine recently informed me of this amazing new quadcopter, the Stingray 500. Here is a video review below. If you have limited time, jump ahead to the 4 minute mark in the video to see some incredible examples of what this is capable of.


6 thoughts on “Insane Agility on r/c Quadcopter – Can also carry GoPro video camera”

  1. Looks great, flies well as well. Just wish it was strong enough to carry a bigger camera. But a GoPro you could get some fantastic shots with as well. Do we know what price it is selling for and the distributors? I would like to ship one into South Africa sometime.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion to skip ahead to midpoint, it was a pretty indepth video, but the action at the 4 minute mark was remarkable.

    Makes me want to reconsider growing out of these types of toys!

  3. I don’t have any experience in handling this type of device, but that should be a very fun experience. Clearly, day after day small advances in these “adult toys” left with our mouths open and its handling becomes more dynamic and intuitive. If we added a GoPro camera we delete the limits of the impossible and perhaps without suspecting we manufacture a homemade ‘drone’.

    This particular model looks very aesthetic and performance in the air looks very natural. ^_^

  4. I’ve been interested in getting a r/c toy for a while and this seems to be the answer. At the 4 minute mark, it shows an excellent demonstration of what the Quadcopter is capable of. I personally thought that it was out of control for a while, but I was wrong! The controlling doesn’t look too difficult although I’m sure that the guy is well experienced with it. Looking very interesting, I’ll have to get this myself!

  5. This looks like a very capable quadcopter. There was a TED talk on quadcopters and their “athletic ability.” The quadcopters in the TED talk were using algorithms to calculate many things, like balancing a stick. The quadcopters were also able to do “blind” flips, where they’d flip around, and after landing, they’d see how they landed, and use that to improve the flip. The quadcopters could also throw balls back to a location by calculating the arch of the ball, and they could collectively throw and catch a ball in a net. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

  6. I’ve been building planes for around three years now and have been flying quads for approx. a year and a half. This one’s been my dream quad for ages now. Shame they are still too expensive for me to own and keep in good condition. I imagine flying a 3D quad is different from a normal one.

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