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Xbox One vs Sony PS4 – Kinect 2 Accuracy Very Impressive

People have been going crazy trying to get a hold of the latest Sony PS4 and the Microsoft Xbox One in time for the holidays. The PS4 launched a week earlier than the Xbox One and both companies have already announced sales over 2 million units each shortly after their launches. I am sure it will continue to be a crazed race between both of these.

What has always fascinated me is the Kinect sensor. It beats the PS camera in my opinion. Both can listen for voice commands. The Kinect uses facial recognition to sign users in, offers wider control of the system and is more accurate. The PS4 camera allows users to stream games live on Twitch and will zoom in on your face to show your reactions during gameplay. Neither of them is perfect but they have both come a long way.

The new Kinect 2 sensor for the Xbox One is even more accurate than the original, in fact 10 times more accurate. It sports a high definition camera and infrared sensor which can now capture even the smallest of body movements in any light condition right down to your fingertips. They have implemented algorithms to interpret all of the data the Kinect 2 acquires to map your muscular and skeletal movements, it estimates your heart rate, and attempts to track your emotions!

The Kinect 2 comes with the Xbox One which accounts for the higher price while the PS4 Camera is a $60 add-on that must be purchased.

It is super interesting to see all of the Kinect hacks that people have done with the sensors.

5 thoughts on “Xbox One vs Sony PS4 – Kinect 2 Accuracy Very Impressive”

  1. Wow this sounds amazing. I have tried the Kinect for the Xbox and it wasn’t too impressive but I have to try the latest one. It would be extremely interesting to see what hacks people come up with indeed. I would love to mess around with one of these really soon!

  2. You can’t deny that Kinect is an ace in the sleeve for Microsoft Xbox One and certainly one of the most interesting accesories for a future that is already. Some of the best attributes of Kinect 2 is its ability to see with great clarity even in complete darkness. The improvement over the previous version is the most detail and depth detection. According to experts the key is in the new system of Active IR. I want to try this new gaming experience.

  3. That Kinect 2 sounds incredible with even more capabilities, such as heightened detection and accuracy added to it as the Kinect 1 super successor. Microsoft must be very proud. And with some creative people out there, I would also be intrigued to see what comes out of their Kinect hacks. When I buy the Xbox One which will be inevitable some time this year, I’ll be sure to pick up a Kinect 2 with it.

  4. I cannot wait for the Kinect for Windows version to be updated. The development possibilities are incredible with these new detection abilities, so this will be a nice thing to see. Heart rate tracking could be used for training athletes. You could use this to create movement for skeletons in animations, and even use this to create virtual models of whole rooms! Honestly, I wish the first Kinect was this good, but with these upgraded features, I’m glad to see Microsoft improve from the first version.

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