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Personal Waterproof and Fireproof Data Vault

Backing up your data has become even more important than ever. We have irreplaceable digital memories in the form of photos and videos along with important personal data that need to be properly backed up. One option is the automatically backup your files offsite. This is not an option for some people who like to be in control of their own data. One alternative I have come across recently are data storage units by ioSafe. Units such as the 214 or the new N2 provide fire protection and water protection along with other security features. It is interesting to see that other alternatives for secure data storage are becoming available for consumers.


8 thoughts on “Personal Waterproof and Fireproof Data Vault”

  1. Amazing, now there are data vaults that can resist to water and fire. I could never imagine it would go this far , it is really impressing.

  2. Really impressive yes , but cost factor is one consideration and then for some people the theft issue is a concern . No point in storing on a physical device because if that is stolen then why bother backing it up.

    • Lol, good point! But this vault was made with other factors in mind, now if this vault was the kind that can’t be removed, let’s say the kind that can stay still and hidden behind a painting on the wall, then it’d be a great invention.

  3. I’d just like to find an external hard drive that doesn’t crash randomly. Or one that doesn’t stop working after you drop it once. These would be my top two priorities prior to water and fire proof data safes.

  4. Cool designs. They also have a USB external hard drive. The 2TB version is $350, not bad! Will consider purchasing this once my cloud storage has exceeded the limit. Hope I can find that in Asia though.

    • I’m also looking for an external USB drive, $350 for 2TB doesn’t sound bad at all. I know I’ll not be able to get that offline anywhere here tho, too bad I’m not US based, otherwise I’d be able to probably find it at some store or maybe even order it.

  5. It’s exciting to see these new products coming out and what ioSafe looks impressive. Being able to have external backups that are both waterproof and fireproof would give a sense of security. I’ve got a couple of fireproof file boxes that I use to keep backups saved on flash drives. But this is great, as it takes that concept a step further.

    They do a great job of marketing the products, too. The overall design of the site and the depth of information are impressive.

  6. Awesome! It’s so amazing to imagine that a vault that is both water and fireproof already exists! If you come to think about it, any important documents would be lost during a fire if store inside a normal vault! But at least with one of those vaults you can keep your documents safe! I wonder how much it costs?

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