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Top 10 Last Minute PC / Tech Gifts Under $100! [VIDEO]

  • Lenovo Ideatab
  • Western Digital Drive
  • Kingston 120gb SSD
  • Corsair Vengeance
  • Samsung EVO SSD
  • Logitech G700s Gaming Mouse
  • Swissgear Backpack
  • ViewSonic Photo Frame
  • iHome Boombox
  • Noria Tablet

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Last Minute PC / Tech Gifts Under $100! [VIDEO]”

  1. If someone still wants to buy me a present I would like the samsung Evo. Thanks a lot..

    Nice list, technology is often expensive as gifts . This list provides an accessible list of technology for at a reasonable price.

  2. This morning I read an article about the high cost of electronic products in my country (Argentina). Beyond the money change (peso / dollar) isn’t favorable, it is impossible to find such deals in the local market. Of course, there is the opportunity to buy these products overseas but tax refills are very high. We are facing a real dilemma.

    Anyway, all the things featured in this video are very interesting. The technology market is growing and there is a product for every need. In this case I would be inclined towards solid discs because I have a fetish with “security in data storage.” Beyond that, at this time I can’t purchase any of these products, it is good to know of its existence and availability in the market at a reasonable price.

  3. Hey. Thank you for your ideas and the best part is the price. It is all good. And nowadays all kinds of people would appreciate a tech gift right?

  4. I don’t really think that the Logitech G700s is that great of a mouse. My friend has one and when I used it, it had crazy mouse acceleration even though it was disabled in Windows. I would recommend the cheaper Logitech G400 if your looking for a good mouse instead. Also, maybe a mechanical keyboard should be on that list. They are an absolute joy to type on!

  5. I am thinking about getting a tablet that’s probably under $150. The Noria tablet does look quite nice considering it’s not as expensive as other tablets out there. Plus, I wonder if the Noria tablet has a fast processor and a big RAM, but then again, I am thinking what I will get for the price I pay. The Lenovo Ideatab does look nice as well, which isn’t quite expensive because it’s the last thing I would spend on something like this unless it’s going to break in the future. It’s not always easy to buy tech gadgets that are under $100, especially when comes to tablets.

  6. This list is an eye-opener because of two things. I rarely read tech magazines for gift ideas so I rarely such list. Second, the price is incredible for a tech gift. I’m pretty sure people regardless of hobbies and interest would appreciate tech gifts because of it’s general nature.

  7. These are some quality products. Some of the prices are quite attractive deals too. I wonder how much tech products are going to have great bargains on them as we move closer to the big holidays. I’m interested in picking up a digital photo frame and have to say the ViewSonic Photo Frame looks great!

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