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8 thoughts on “Top 5 Coolest New Tech! [VIDEO]”

  1. With all these amazing technology that is still to come, this post-modern era we are living in will be over. When these new tools will be mass produced and be open to the public everything will change, maybe they will be a technology revolution or something similar.

  2. It is exciting technology and I am super keen to get them when they become available. For me 3D printers and there capabilities is the most exciting for me.

  3. I wouldn’t really say Google Fiber is some new technology. However, it’s probably the best internet available right now and I hope they expand it soon. I really want an oculus rift though. Being able to be fully immersed in your games seems pretty awesome.

    • Google Fiber is the first time I have heard about this technology on this blog. I am not sure whether or not it’s going to become a popular technology, but I do see people either adapt to the technology slowly or they just don’t see the reason of having one because it’s still a newer technology for most people. I guess I don’t really need a high internet speed in which a regular DSL will just do the work.

  4. There goes technology, getting bigger and better every year. All of these new techs are fascinating, most especially the 3D printer, which gives a whole new era to printing and the Oculus Rift, looking to provide extraordinary gaming experience. I am also curious about the Google Glass and how well or not so well it’s going to do, seeing that it does look very geeky to wear and more so in any public space.

  5. I have always been wondering what’s Oculus Rift because I have heard a lot from the internet. I have to look more into this technology since I really have no idea what’s it about. Another gadget is that Google Glass is one of the coolest technology, however, I think it’s way too expensive for those who can’t afford to buy one, including me, would consider it’s probably for richer people or for those who really want to use it for a lot of reasons. I don’t always buy a gadget that’s more than $400, much less spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a pair of Google Glass. 3D Printers would be another cool gadget that I’ve often heard on the internet, but I just don’t see the point of having one because I’m just a normal gadget user.

  6. With new tech I always have to figure out what the standards are. They all are new, which makes them exciting, but a lot of these things require a reason for using them. Although I can find new things to get excited about, it is kind of hard to find new reasons.

  7. Being an avid gamer myself I of course think the Oculus rift is amazing. And to tell you the truth, I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting one at some point in the future. Preferably when the price goes down and it’s fully functional and out of a “beta”-phase.

    As for the other stuff on the list… Meh. Google fiber? I’d never ever in a million years let google be my ISP. There’s no way. I’m happy with my small ISP giving me 100/100Mbit fiber.

    Also; 3D printers are cool as hell.

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