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11 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Overpriced Tech! [VIDEO]”

  1. Apple Mac Pro for me is the worst. I just cannot justify spending that on a laptop when there are so many other options so much cheaper. Cell phone plans are not too bad in South Africa, just data is expensive .

    • In many parts of the world Apple Mac is still expensive. For designers though a Mac is really quite good to design games and 3D animations. I have been entering online competitions to win one.

  2. I can’t believe that there’s a HDMI cable that’s $1000. Granted, I can’t even be bothered to pay $50 or so for one. As for printer ink, I haven’t had a printer in years. I’d rather drive to a local copy place and pay 5 cents per page than have the convenience of one at home. Cell plans can be cheap, if you shop around. My own provider’s pre-pay plan ended up being cheaper than their monthly plan. Too many people just purchase their plan and never look around to see if there’s anything cheaper.

  3. Why would you ever need a $1000 cable? I’m trying to think of who would buy one. As for Beats, I can’t agree more. I owned a pair and they broke after about 6 months of light usage. It’s more of a fashion statement than an actual headphone.

  4. Printer ink is ridiculously priced to the point where it’s hard to buy it sometimes for the value that could get you something else or something more. I am admittedly tired of paying $30+ for it. If only the price could just hover around $15 and stay there. Cell phone plans are pricey as well and if you want a proper data plan to reduce overages, you better be ready to shell out money. And huh, $1000 for an HDMI Diamond Cable? Wow.

  5. I just can’t see anyone seriously buying the $1,000 HDMI cable. I mean even if the thing is marketed as having crystal clear, perfect transmission of video and sound, you’ve got to be crazy to pay the price of a TV or PC for a cable. But I guess if the product exists there are likely people around who will/have bought it.

  6. It’s funny that I have followed the person on this Youtube video, which he knows a lot about technology. I usually listen to him reviews on different kind of gadgets. I’m not sure about the first and second and even the last list, but I do know that any cell phone plan costs a lot of money, and it can be quite expensive because that’s how you are able to surf internet on-the-go by using your smartphones. The price of cell phone plans have dramatically increased over the last 3 years because almost everyone owns a cell phone, and that’s how the mobile companies have increased the price of cell phone plans because more and more data have been used, and in order to keep up the network, the plans have also increased in order to accommodated that. Second, I know how expensive is the Macbook pro, which the last time I have check it costs around $2,000, which I personally think it is just too much.

  7. Printr ink is a killer on your wallet I would definitely have to agree. I for one have a pair of beats and while they are pricey you are paying for good quality headphones so I didn’t mind the high price. And cell phone plans can really be high if you don’t talk to the company about getting a good deal.

  8. With Beats only having to take $18 to make, the $200 price tag on them is pretty steep. What’s even worse is that there are even better headphones for less price! And a $1000 HDMI cable is completely stupid! I don’t even think that people who could throw away money like that would buy it, because it is completely absurd! I could buy a Monoprice HDMI cable that works just as well, if not outperforms the $1000 HDMI cable!

  9. I completely agree with all of this! Why is printer ink and cell phone plans so damn expensive?? It honestly doesn’t make sense to me!

    I own a macbook but I got it from school really cheap. I once tried to customize a macbook on apple’s website and put a powerful computer together. I mean… they offer hardware for like 300% the price of any PC. It’s ridiculos. I even think that they charged like $200 for just putting screws in and stuff like that. It’s a complete rip-off.

  10. I must say I do agree with this list and video. I don’t see the point in buying overpriced tech if I can get similar ones for much much cheaper. I guess it has a lot to do with brands. As for the video itself, Marques’ videos are always a joy to watch. Very informative and presented in a nice ambiance and fun manner.

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