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A Homemade Arduino Project to Sort Skittles and M&M’s by Color!

What can you do with an Arduino Uno microcontroller, an RGB color sensor, an IR distance sensor, some servos, and a few 3D printed parts? A homemade machine to sort Skittles or M&M’s into separate containers… by color! This is a fantastic project with a list of all parts used and source code available online. Check out the video to see this in action.

5 thoughts on “A Homemade Arduino Project to Sort Skittles and M&M’s by Color!”

  1. LOL – I never knew that this was such an issue for people. I guess the saying, “There’s an app for that,” can now be extended to, “There’s a 3-d printer for that.”

  2. Okay this definitely looks like it could be something you would see someone wake up in the morning while they prepare their breakfast. Such a cool innovation, and it can definitely satisfy any Skittles and M&M color elitists in picking out their favorite flavor!

    But I guess one has to be a hardcore Skittles or M&M’s fan to shell out over $127 US dollars to make the machine themselves along with the source code! It would be nice to see things like this in sampling areas of any candy story or even larger retail areas.

  3. This is a cool device and bit of technology that seems pointless at first. However, when you take into consideration how this could be used in industry, medicine and other places, it’s really impressive. If it could be expanded to sort products by type Skittles vs M&Ms vs Smarties, for example, that would be even more impressive. I don’t have the tech savvy to know how this could be done but I’m sure some ingenius engineer out there could do it.

  4. This looks like it would be awesome, especially for the people who like a certain color. It also looks like it would be fun for children.

  5. It’s really possible to do that with an Arduino! Awesome project to automate the tedious task and assigning an RGB sensor to do the screening. I don’t know why I find this machine really serious.

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