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A Cube that can Jump, Balance, and Move

The Cubli is a fascinating project created in Switzerland and very strange to watch in action (see the video below). It is a 15 x 15 x 15 cm cube that has the ability to jump up, balance on a corner, and fall thereby allowing it to “walk”. It does this by controlling 3 momentum wheels that are rotating at high angular velocities. You need to see this yourself.

9 thoughts on “A Cube that can Jump, Balance, and Move”

  1. Wow, I am really amazed by this invention. To think where technology is going and just that there are no limits to it. Technology is impossible to stop with it’s speed in evolving going further and further. I like this cube and would really like to have one and try all of it’s functions.

  2. Posting this right after Christmas is pretty cruel, David. 😉 Now I want one or at least try to build one for myself. Looks like the video was posted in October of 2012. I wonder if they’ve taken it to the next level in the last year.

  3. That’s absolutely incredible! The physics behind it is pretty impressive. I’m really curious as to what else this technology could be used for.

  4. If this ever gets mass-produced and monetized at an affordable price range, there’s all sorts of things you could do with something like this! I can already imagine videos on YouTube in the future being created that may try to emulate a Portal 2 video game based on the main characters.

    Seeing how this may be used in space exploration and other technical details, it can definitely set foundations for all sorts of things like sensors and smaller vehicles incorporating the same concepts! Seeing all of these innovations and how developers can make use of them for being household products is something to be inspired by.

  5. I must admit that is pretty cool, but I’m not sure of the benefits of it. I’m not engineering expert though, so perhaps this is more like a stepping stone or building block towards something more useful? It would be interesting to see how far this has come seeing as the video is from 2012.

    • My reaction was the same. High on “cool points”…but practical uses? Not much comes to mind. As you say this could be a step towards something bigger and more important. You never know where things lead.

      And maybe we’re missing the point: maybe not everything needs to have practical value; maybe sometimes should just be “cool”

  6. This looks like an awesome invention. Not only can it do different things but the design is sweat. Would make a great toy.

  7. I noticed how clean the cube is. I would argue that Cubli is more than just a cube, based on that trait alone. But I would prefer my cubes static and less jumpy.

  8. This is AWESOME. I love really advanced science and inventions like this. I’d imagine it’s expensive as all heck but I want one!

    If this ever drops in price enough, I’ll definately look in to buying one of these. I’ll keep it on a shelf or table somewhere and impress visitors. “Yes… Yes, I am indeed from space. This is my alien friend Cubli”

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