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Android Platform Dominating Global Marketshare Due to Lower Cost

Android is quickly jumping right toward future dominance in the smartphone operating system market above all other competitors in the way. Unless you’re using an iPhone to text your friend, then the smartphone you carry is most likely powered and run by Google’s Android system. According to public reports from research firm “IDC”, Android’s marketshare grew all the way up to 81% of all smartphone shipments in the third quarter of 2013, which is a staggering 10%+ increase from the previous year reaching a shipment volume well over 200 million units in that quarter alone.

This increase was driven by a high demand for Android models in developed and established markets, such as the US, China, Brazil and others. Android is increasing its share of the new and popular tablet market at the same time. At this rate by the end of 2014, Android will have a solid domination on over other mobile Operating Systems (OS) in its path. The main reason for has been an implosion in the average selling price of android based smartphones where the price is plunging towards $200. The majority of the new sales represent these low end phones. Apple has a much higher priced product, the iPhone, which has been slowing its sales. Android phones don’t sell more apps or generate more advertising revenue, but it is dominating the total app downloads at 75% of the marketshare mainly due to free games. Apple still brings in the most revenue with 50% higher even still during the last quarter.

11 thoughts on “Android Platform Dominating Global Marketshare Due to Lower Cost”

  1. Having a Samsung Galaxy Discover, I can attest to this article that Android contributing to affordable phones helps with dominating the global marketshare. And with the constant streaming of free Apps on the Google Play Store, people are just addicted in finding their own personal collection of apps and games in their quotidian lifestyles.

    I’m still on a scavenger hunt for useful apps for productivity and sustaining a higher sense of immediacy to get things done. I always thought I wouldn’t fall victim of relying on a smartphone, but using it as a supplementary aid towards progress and future goals is a necessity. And part of that necessity is thanks to Android being considerate of a larger audience. I’m sure in time that they may step up and dominate revenue as well. Especially considering that Audi, the German car company, has invested in an Android program specifically for in-car usage.

  2. Whoa, that’s quite outstanding. I am an addition to that statistic seeing that I moved away from Windows Phone to Android with my upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S4 last month. My experience so far has been wonderful. There are so many different free apps to download, all providing me the great convenience and entertainment I seek. I have a good feeling the numbers will only continue to soar for Google’s Android OS. More and more people, including many of my family members, are turning into Android fanatics.

  3. I feel highly delighted to say that I’m the one among those who use an android based phone. It is helping me run several applications like while using any social networking site I could also listen to the songs which I want. Android is a graph showing a significant development. It certainly cannot be separated from supports major mobile phone manufacturers who participated to bring mobile phone operating system Android.

  4. I have an android smartphone and tablet, and they are both great. I’m quite happy with them, and not likely to switch to Apple, (unless I win one in a contest etc). Android devices are well priced and work well…what’s not to attract customers? Apple fiends, of course, will vehemently stick to those, but for newcomers to the tablet/smartphone market, Android offers many benefits.

  5. Android has almost flooded the whole market because you look at the Google marketshare that grows up to 81% of smartphone shipments, that is a huge number. It even outnumber the market of IOS because there are a lot of people who don’t like other operating systems but Android OS. I have noticed the popularity of Android OS has becomes the most used operating systems comparing to other OS. Android has changed a lot and will keep growing since the first release of Droid smartphone. I personally think Android is offering what’s best for many users because people are allowed to download any third-party apps without having to be controlled by the OS.

  6. I think another huge thing that adds to the popularity of Android is the fact that it is so open. Moving from a Windows PC to an Android is a pretty easy transition because they both work very similarly, whereas the Apple phones are entirely closed.

  7. No biggie – I brought my iphone during a sale and prices are now dropping! I really would have stayed with android if it were not for the online sales that iphones sometimes are. I have always preferred android for it’s flexibility, but the iphone is much more simpler and easier to handle. I have avoided problems that I usually had with an android. The market is so much better now than when the post was published.

  8. Android is becoming very popular and out doing most of its competitors. They may have a lot of products that run of the Google Android system, but I feel like Apple is still the best system. True enough, there are a variety of phones that run off Android as their software and Apple only has iPhones but I have seen people that have had numerous problems with the phones from Android like the Samsung Galaxy 3.

  9. The only problem that i’ve found with android phones is that they relatively hang more than apple’s products. Otherwise, in terms of availability, price, coherence, and the easy user interface, i say that android soars high above the sky compared to iPhone. The way samsung has risen over in the past few years is amazing but exasperating for apple. If apple wants to dominate the market once again, i think it needs to make it’s products available everywhere, from the third world countries to emerging markets to the major markets.

  10. My Dad, Sis and Bro all use an IPhone, but I have switched to a Samsung with android in it. It is definitely getting cheaper, and there are some very cheap touch phones that you can get with an Android. But even though it is cheaper, the high end phones are really great with the latest CPU and GPU, the performance is just amazing. And now the play store has an amazing list of games and applications, that I am definitely happy with. I may switch to a Sony later, but Android is a great phone. Lets see when the Iphone 6 releases, if it can change my mind.

  11. Not only that, Android platforms offer infinitely more customizability options than their closed-source iphone counterparts. That’s part of the reason why I stick to Android and haven’t left since.

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