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Uber Healthy Kale Chips Recipe For More Brain Power

What is this doing in a technology blog? We try to eat healthier. But healthy things don’t always taste good. We need to keep up our health if we are going to have more time to enjoy technology. Sounds like a good enough reason to me. Lol.

Enter Kale, often proclaimed to be the “queen of greens”. It is one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet. It is an unbelievable source of many minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin K.

Since recently coming across this wonder vegetable that even kids devour and want more, I have personally experimented with tweaking it to a very quick recipe. In today’s busy world, it needs to be quick otherwise it doesn’t happen often enough (or at all).

This is my own version based on recipes I have seen. I have tweaked it so it is quick, easy, and tasty. I don’t even clean the kale before as it is getting baked and I am good with that. Gasp! If this shocks you, you can modify the recipe to suit your own needs. If you were to clean it, it adds a lot more time and hassle, and you would need to really dry off the leaves because the whole idea is you are dehydrating them to get them crispy. I’ve done this about a dozen times now and the steps below would be my quick and dirty recipe. Takes about 20-25 minutes beginning to end.



– Set your oven to 350 F (180 C).

– Take a baking sheet. Cover it in foil.

– Get a large mixing bowl. Add roughly 1 tbsp of oil into the bottom. I just guess. This thing is an art. Lol.

– Take a full head of kale. Rip off large portions of the leaves throwing out the hard inner root/vein (i.e. the midrib). We have found we like the larger pieces of kale and it cooks better.

– Toss all of these leaf portions into a big mixing bowl. Using your hands (hopefully clean), turn the leaves around so they all get coated with some oil. You can tell as they all get a shine to them.

– Dump all of these leaves onto the baking sheet. Spread them out so it is even. It is okay if they end up layered. (They will shrink a lot as they bake)

– Wash your oily hands.

– Take a salt shaker and sprinkle a light amount over everything. There is no exact amount, depends on what you like and what you deem to not cause issues to your health.

– Place it in the oven now. Set timer for 12 minutes.

– Depending on the amount of kale, how damp it was, and how crispy you like it will affect the actual baking time. It can go up to 15 minutes. If you open the oven during cooking, a bunch of steam comes out (which is probably good as you are trying to dehydrate them). Also you can look at the edges of the leaves to see if they are burning. You can tell as they change in color and become brown.

– Take it out, and enjoy.

– Oh ya, turn off your oven when done.


– Notes: One head of Kale always disappears fast, we sometimes do 2 batches. I have tried a couple times the little baby kale leaves and they never really work out. They remain more soggy, burn faster, and aren’t as tasty. We like the really big kale heads/bunches.


12 thoughts on “Uber Healthy Kale Chips Recipe For More Brain Power”

  1. Greens are so important when it comes to the health and nutrition of our bodies regardless of it’s taste and it’s nice to see the importance emphasized and even promoted. I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything like this before, but in the name of eating healthier, I will certainly note down this Kale chips recipe and give it a shot. I’m hoping I like it so I can make it a weekly regular part of my meals.

  2. This may not be a logical article fora tech. blog, but a twist or change now and again is always welcome. I love finding great new recopies anywhere, and look forward to trying this one. Thanks for breaking the mold with this healthy and tasty recipe.

  3. I’ve always hated eating greens when I was little and even know I still do. But recently, I wanted to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle and I wish I had listened to my parents earlier. You don’t feel bloated all the time and you feel a lot ‘lighter’. Thanks for the recipe, it looks easy enough and I hope I won’t screw it up. 😛

  4. These chips look like they might taste okay. I am not a big fan of greens though. I am surprised to see food in a Tech blog.

    • Same here, but I actually wish David would come up with more articles like this! To me they are some sort of life hack (because his way is very fast!), so they definitely don’t look so out of place here 😀 I have actually tried banana chips before, but never Kale chips, I’ll definitely give this recipe a try! It sounds like the healthiest snack ever!

  5. Kale is truly a wonder vegetable. I eat kale very often in a salad with other things mixed in. It tastes good and adds a different touch than just regular lettuce, and is full of great things for your body. I will definitely try this recipe out sometime.

  6. I have heard Kale is actually a very good and healthy vegetable,e but I had no idea how to add it to our diet! Now I think I know how to do it! I’ll definitely add this to my diet 🙂 This sounds like such an easy and fast way to get a very healthy version of the chips we are usually enjoying at home. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. I think I might try this recipe for Kale chips. I haven’t really experimented with Kale chips or really any kind of other types of chips other than potato, and this sounds pretty interesting. I don’t think that cleaning the kale is a problem though, because the heat will most likely kill off bacteria, however, if dirt got on them, then it’d probably be a good idea to clean the kale off first.

  8. I love Kale Chips too! I discovered them when I was going through a vegetarian stage. So, I’ve tried different recipes too. One interesting thing is if you fry them long enough they get crispy, unlike other leaves like spinach.

    Anyway, they are indeed really yummy and healthy. But what I didn’t know is that they are good for brain power.

  9. I haven’t tried Kale. Although like many other greens I know they are full of micronutrients, particularly vitamins. These could be a nice low calorie treat though. I will definitely need to try sometime.

  10. Are there any alternatives to using aluminum foil wraps? I can’t remember where I’ve heard this information that aluminum foil can sip and be absorbed into the food when cooked in high temperatures… I mostly consume kales and other greens by juicing them and mixing them with some fruits.

  11. I don’t mind this being on your website; I’m actually a fan of Kale. Been eating it boiled, fried, baked, etc. since I started my diet. It’s surprisingly really good. I’m going to try out this recipe and see how it goes.

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