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Fascinating Social Media at the Super Bowl

There were over 24.9 Million tweets sent about the Super Bowl 2014 as compared to 24.1 Million in 2013. Even more fascinating is the peak rate of tweets per minute (TPM) was 381,605 in the third quarter.

The former US secretary of state and first lady (Hillary Clinton) had some fun in a humorous tweet that was re-tweeted over 50,000 times.


The average asking price for a Super Bowl ticket this year was $2,645.12 with the cheapest ticket at $1,600. And sitting in your prime multi thousand dollar seat you end up staring at your smartphone. Lol.


You definitely need to be careful what photos you post online for the world to see. In this example CBS accidentally provided access to its WiFi network.


Radio Shack’s back-to-the-’80s commercial spot was very popular with viewers.

Guess what a 30 second commercial cost this year… $4 million.


11 thoughts on “Fascinating Social Media at the Super Bowl”

  1. Fun commercial, here is Canada we don’t always see Superbowl commercial because Canadian content is substituted in its place. Not that I watch SB, but I still enjoy some of the commercials. CBS showing its login information is funny, in a ‘fail’ kind of way. Be careful what you post is great advise no matter the occasion. Nothing is really private on the ‘net.

  2. I personally like Super Bowl commercials not only most of them are funny but you just don’t get to see them on a regular basis. This year’s Super Bowl is different in which a lot of people were rather disappointed in the team in which they chose. I didn’t even see it coming when I have found out that Seahawks didn’t even make it to the Super Bowl a few years back and they have made a real comeback to this year’s Super Bowl and they did so well this year. Social media had kept track of every single detail about this year’s Super Bowl, especially it was a slightly different this year.

  3. Wow, that was some serious tweeting. Amazing.
    I especially liked Anna Kendrick’s commercial for Newcastle Brown Ale. I love her! She was so hilarious.

  4. It’s amazing to see the internet coming together to watch an event like this. It’s mainly possible because of the advent of live streaming. Now, people from outside of the USA (me included) are able to watch the Superbowl, the ads, the halftime show at the same time and talk about it on our social medias.

  5. The Super Bowl commercials is what really gets people ready for the game. Not only are they funny but they are very entertaining to me. I have seen almost every Super Bowl commercial since I started watching the game. My favorite one was when the Saints went to the Super Bowl and Drew Bree was in the commercial.

  6. These numbers do not surprise me. The Superbowl is a huge event and captures both fans of football and fans of ads/the halftime show and many times people in-between. Lots of people want to talk about it! Even if you don’t watch, people discuss the games and ads for weeks after. Twitter is a great way to have discussions on the whole event.

  7. Whoa, that is very expensive for one ticket. The NFL must make a ton of money off of people who are willing to pay that much. The growth in social media is just amazing, and it will just continue to grow from here. Also very ironic how CBS is reporting on the NFL’s great security, yet their WiFi password is shown.

  8. Editors usually like advertisements that have a back story to them. You can’t know these things on your own, but when you see them you’re supposed to know what it is that just happened. Unlike writers and editors, advertisers usually don’t lay their jobs on the line for something that they think should be published.

  9. The Cellphone Bowl is… amazingly absurd. Like the picture where the new Pope came out and was welcomed by a sea of smartphones! Only difference is, I don’t think that the believers crowding the Vatican paid a few thousands to be there. It is nice to see how creative people get in small spaces (advertisement length and twitter character count!)

  10. Woah, it’s cool to see how much social media has really brought our world together. They keep track of everything, and you can get all the details just by scrolling down your tweet list. Also cool to see how popular the Super Bowl is, tickets are expensive and the spots for commercials are even more expensive.

  11. Yes, if you’re American, even if you’re not a sports fan, you are encouraged to care about the Superbowl. It’s a very fascinating concept. Most people who tweet or post about the Superbowl aren’t even football fans. It’s more of a social thing than a sports thing.

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