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New DP Blog App

I just published a new personal app which basically accesses my latest blog articles on this site along with quick links to my social media accounts. In my opinion, the best part of the app is if you allow it to send you push notifications, it will notify you as new articles are posted. At the moment this free app is only available for iOS. If you are browsing this website using an iOS device, it should prompt you at the top if you want to download the app.

8 thoughts on “New DP Blog App”

  1. Sweet! I was hoping the other day that there was an app for this site. I’m definitely going to have to check it out.

  2. That awesome. It’s too bad I only have an Android. Hopefully it will be released on both markets soon. There have been a few apps that I love which are only available on iPhone. Maybe I need to save up for one.

  3. What a nice app! But just like you I only have Android device as of this moment.Hopefully, the app will be made available on Android as well ’cause it will be handy to keep tabs of what’s happening here in real-time.

  4. This is an awesome app. I just am most likely going to download it so that I will not have to go to my browser every time I want to read your blogs. I enjoy being on this site because there is so much information that you share and that is very interesting.

  5. Thanks for this David, I much prefer apps as a way of finding my information, and you are right about the push notifications. This is the best way to find out about new posts etc without having to drop in and be disappointed! Thanks.

  6. Thanks for this! Did not know about the app until I read this article. Although the mobile site is very nice, I have always preferred apps over mobile site . I wonder though, why did you not make it simultaneously for iOS and android? Is it hard to port over?

  7. Nice app, perfect for when I’m on my phone and not on my laptop. I used to subscribe to your RSS from my personal reader. I think I’ll switch to this one, it looks better.

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