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Artwork Creations Made With Paintball Guns

Waterloo Labs has recently come out with the Paintball Picasso. As they sum it up… Paintball Markers + Servos + Webcam + 3D Printing + Laser Cutting + NI myRIO + LabVIEW = AWESOME. The system consists of three robotic paintball guns controlled by servos. They fire more than 10 paintballs a second and can be controlled in a variety of ways to create art. Check out the video.

17 thoughts on “Artwork Creations Made With Paintball Guns”

  1. Pointless and fun…whats not to love about this? Well maybe getting hit by a paintball if the machine isn’t calibrated properly….

    I wonder where they are planning to take this tech? Art school? Museum displays? Game rooms…who knows, it may end up being very pertinent to a new development.

    Thanks for finding another cool bit of tech to share!

  2. It funny how you can make art with sofware like this. It reminds me a bit like those who make music with old harddrives and so on.
    Pretty neat though. They have some other cool videos in my opinion 😀

  3. It really looks like inertia seems to be a huge factor they have to work out. I really wonder how they actually compensate for it, because they really don’t really say that much about it. In fact it actually looks like that was the reason for the misfire on his shoulder in the video. However it looks really cool that they can find an outline by just using the WebCam alone without too much user intervention. I wonder if they can just automatically calibrate if they made marks on the background. That would be really neat and might speed up the painting of the paintballs!

  4. The concept behind is quite cool but pointless really, who would want to go into all the trouble of setting up and calibrating those things, I would rather print my art on a huge tarp.

  5. A really interesting application of the knowledge. It can be improved if to mechanical connections are not sloppy as i can see in this video. Very nice idea though.

  6. They should make a YouTube series off of this. In it, they could have this machine replicate classic works like the Mona Lisa. Or I guess they could just set it up infront of doors and shoot people…actually that would probably be more popular unfortunately. The internet is twisted.

  7. This is amazing. I love how artistic and creative people are becoming now a day. It seems so futuristic that these people are finding a new use for every day items, or even recreational items. I would love to see where this goes in the future.

  8. That’s awfully fun. But I don’t think it’s that practical, I mean you set up all those stuff just to make a art with paintball with no precise trajectory? Seems kind of like a waste of time. I think if you set up all those things, that time it would’ve taken would account to one painting being done by hand.

  9. Well, so then do not complain when they say that today art is made with almost anything! Haha, imagine paintball war with an army of these things. They put them on a mobile chasis and have endless fun!

  10. I think this is so creative; it’s a great use of technology. Someone had to think of it and be able to implement it and kudos for that; it’s quite innovative. If the technology were to become widely available I could see this becoming quite popular, with people become passionate about it and building up communities around sharing ideas and designs.

  11. Oh how cool. I would have a lot of fun doing this. Who said adults can’t make a mess and have fun like a kid would?

  12. This is truly amazing. I have seen other videos where people do paintball art without any type of machine, which I feel would be more fun doing it the to do this the old fashion way. By that I mean shooting the paintball gun yourself. This machine practically takes all the fun and creativity out of it.

  13. Some really interesting work gone into making this actually work, and though it is fun, I am not sure how this may be put to greater use. Maybe it could be used to create a very very large painting, after of course it is calibrated to perfect.

  14. This just shows that art can be created with truly anything that you can think of. That is what is so amazing about art, it has endless possibilities. Art is a thing of mind and, like music, can become anything that we can imagine. I think it is a very innovative idea to take something as simple and normal as paintball guns and use them to create something beautiful.

  15. Robotics is pretty amazing, and people, when working together, can make amazing creations like this. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) has an annual robotics competition called FRC, and it’s for high schoolers. Each team has to complete the challenge for that year, and past years have included shooting basketballs, throwing frisbees, and also launching exercise balls. All of these robots use a NI cRIO, which is a bit less powerful than the myRIO. The designs choices are amazing, and the tasks each robot can accomplish is also pretty cool.

  16. At least it’s an interesting gimmick. I think mostly it’s just done by the artist for fun, but I’m glad they were able to turn a few heads in the art scene.

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