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A New Twist on 3D Modeling

Even though 3-D printers are becoming more and more affordable, the much needed 3D modeling software is still proving to be extremely complex for the average consumer to manipulate. Sixense is a virtual reality software firm that is trying to make the user’s experience more intuitive and engaging by introducing the new MakeVR technology.

Their hope is to provide a wider range of easier modeling techniques than the traditional catalogues filled with numerous, already-designed, printable 3D objects, many of which are completely useless to the average consumer.

There are two main components to the new 3D modeling package. The first is a professional level CAD system, or Computer-Aided Design software, that is similar to what engineers and architects use to create their massive buildings, bridges, and roadways. The second is a three dimensional, multi-touch, interfacing system that utilizes highly customized STEM wireless controllers redesigned by Sixense. The MakeVR handheld controllers work with the same advanced technology that is used in the Razer Hydra
electromagnetic motion tracking systems, a popular Sixense PC Game released in 2011.

Two hands means two individual controllers that each work independently from one another, allowing the users to perfect their 3D modeling through the use of two related, yet individual, screen cursors. Users no longer are required to manipulate the controls by keyboard or mouse because the two handheld controllers manipulate the CAD technology modeling process through hand movements instead. Think of this new process as “sculpting” a statue out of modeling clay the way that you would normally model an object in real life.

Users can quickly grab any model in any location, and spin it around or rotate the model to the preferred viewpoint, much like the Google Earth. Models can be scaled up or down, and dragged all around, simply my manipulating the individual hand movements closer together or further apart.

Collaborations in a shared 3D modeling environment are also possible because MakeVR allows for up to five modelers at a time to work on the same project. This requires an extra add-on feature which Sixense is calling “Collaborate3D”. Saving and printing is easy, too, allowing the users to connect to any type of 3D printer or to the Shapeways options with whom Sixense has recently partnered. Expect the starting average price of the basic software and two controllers to run around $399 USD with an additional $100 for the Colloborate3D Upgrade.


13 thoughts on “A New Twist on 3D Modeling”

  1. Technology sure is being developed at such a fast rate nowadays. Reading how you can control things with your hands makes me think of futuristic sci-fi movies. It’s kind of freaky but exciting how we’re getting closer and closer to that technology! The fact that 3D printing is becoming easily available is an achievement of its own!

    • I always dream of becoming like iron man. how he controls JARVIS by his hands looks so cool!. VR technology might enable us to do this.

  2. I have been interested in 3D printing for the past year, which is when I first heard of it. The printers were pricey and pretty much unavailable to the average income earner. Now you can purchase some mini’s for less than one thousand dollars. With this new software it will be much more user and budget friendly. I will definitely purchase one in the near future; I must do my due diligence of course and find the right one for my needs and budget. Does anyone know if the printers can use other mediums such as leather? I have been looking at the Makerbot Replicator as a possible first purchase.

    • Hm, do you mean synthetic leather? I think that would be cool! I can only imagine letter shoes with great designs would come out of the printer. In any case if you found out one, please share that with us here. It would be very interesting. 🙂

  3. This is amazing.
    “The future is now” actually is fits when describing technology these days. 3D printing is without a doubt one of the more impactful advances in technology. And the fact that this technology becomes more and more accessible(price and availability) will propel this much further.
    And adding in VR to the mix, just makes it much more appealing !

  4. Cool! I’m a 3D modeler and I have to say learning a 3D modeling software isn’t as easy as it sounds but MakeVR makes it look very easy. Now that 3D printers are getting really affordable I can see a lot of potential in this new technology.

  5. The VR and 3D gaming world is going to interest me. I have completely gone off games and no longer own a console. They are all too dated and ‘flat’. Give me some VR gaming anyday, I hope this technology comes out in an affordable fashion.

  6. This is very cool! Aside form the fact that one does’nt need to know how to use CAD to make 3D Models is already very impressive, much more that this also allows collaboration between other people. Really, technology today never ceases to amaze me. 🙂

    I think it would also be great if the makers of MakeVR would do workshops for their consumers since not all of us get a hang of this things easily. And also, does the software render with precise measurements while doing the design with two hands? It would be cool that way, especially for engineers that appreciate both versatility and accuracy.

  7. I used to do a bit of 3D modelling and AutoCAD as well, and besides being difficult, it is a boring process. I can’t tell the difference without actually using MakeVR, but judging from the video, it seems to be really easy and could make the process of creation more fun for me.

  8. A very interesting way of creating 3D modeling. I like the comparison between this new technology and the sculpting of clay, which is something that most people can do. Making technology simpler by adding in these new methods of input allows it to reach a lot more people and help everyone learn with a greater potential.

  9. This is really awesome. It can open up 3d modeling to a much wider audience. I’d love to give it a try! I know my friends would too.

  10. 3D printing is important, I find, because it gives various industries to make a bold move to solve urgent problems. Here the technology is building excitement. It’s a believable plan I think to have 3D printers in each home some time soon.

  11. Nice idea. If you’re a professional, then any form of CAD or auto CAD will work for you. If you are just an amateur designer or a casual hobbyist, this new 3d modelling technology could really work well for you and give you somewhat of a leg up to where you can compete with CAD designs.

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