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Imagine reading an entire novel in 90 minutes – Spritz

Most adults read about 200 to 250 wpm (words per minute). Spritz helps you double or triple your reading speeds by displaying one word at a time. It helps keep your eyes centered so you aren’t moving, a similar principle to what they teach for speed reading (taking in large chunks of words at a time and minimizing movement).

Add-on for Google Chrome browser called Spreed

Another example of this technology is the Samsung GS5 and Gear 2 watch for reading emails or text messages.

Read more information here.


28 thoughts on “Imagine reading an entire novel in 90 minutes – Spritz”

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing. Will definetely try it out !
    It will be great if I can increase my reading speed. Also pretty neat that it’s just a chrome extention.
    Thanks for the post 🙂

  2. Now this technology is really interesting, I just barely used it to read a 40,000 word novel and I significantly read it faster. The significant improvement to my words per minute when I read. This could actually revolutionize certain reading topics in classrooms. The fact that you can actually adjust the words per minute allows you to read as fast or slow as you really need to. This could allow people actually read a lot more information and to absorb it in it better way. I believe medical sciences uses similar technique to monitor brain activity by flashing images before you they impact your brain in marvelous ways.

  3. This seems pretty awesome… I’ve never liked reading much but with this I think I could start again! I probably wouldn’t read as fast as the person in the video, because it would be just as beneficial as it were to read from a regular paragraph. But I would enjoy reading like that. It seems more like thinking a thought than reading out of a book when it moves that fast. Its almost like talking. To be able to read at the speed you talk would be incredible… I wonder how the guy feels that read the entire Obamacare document and then had everyone wanting to know what it said! News companies like Fox and stuff… Pretty neat.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I hate reading books not because I don’t like to read but because I’m really impatient. This might just help me on my reading list.

  5. It looks really awesome, but does it need time getting used to, or you can start reading really fast from the beginning, because the whole concept is new to the brain so how do you adjust? And if it’s only out for Samsung devices, does it mean all Android or?

  6. That is a very neat idea. I just installed the plugin for Chrome and tried it on a couple of articles. I had speed reading training when I was in high school, but never had much luck in it – I just couldn’t train my eyes to focus on chunks. But the spreed plugin is really neat. I like how you can adjust it while it is running to get it to your perfect speed.

  7. I find that crazy! Intriguing, but completely insane. Definitely that is something that is interesting though. When I think about myself reading a novel it takes me anywhere from a week to maybe two or three and the idea of doing that in just 90 minutes is absurd!

  8. This is very interesting. In the short time I tested this out I noticed that it began to mentally exhaust me. I generally like to think of reading as a calming act, having words fly at you that fast does not really help clam you. My other though is do you actually retain any of it, or are you simply reading what is projected and move on.

  9. Thank you very much for this post. I would love to increase my reading speed. My to be read novel list increases faster than my finished novel list.

  10. Wow, it really does make you speed up your pace, I’ll definitely be installing this in my computer, I’ll have to slow it down though or I might end up with a migraine.

    Cheers for the submission!

  11. This is a very interesting concept, and could very well be the future of reading. The ability to get through a book so significantly faster will create more time for doing other tasks. It will further encourage reading, and create time for everyone to pick up their laptops and read.

    • That’s so true I also think it is interesting and I think it would surely encourage further reading.

  12. Woah. I installed the plugin to my browser and gave it a whirl. While I definitely managed to read at a faster pace than I normally may have, I found some drawbacks with this system. If I’m reading a complex or scholarly article, I may need to slow down every once in a while and re-read the information, a luxury not easily provided by this software. For less thoughtful novels, however, this may come in handy in a variety of ways.

  13. Agree with @titanguy654.

    The whole point of reading for me is to think and digest the information – that is not easy to do when speed reading. Or, may be that is the whole point. Do not think, just read. This takes the fun out of reading – unless I am doing so for the sake of mindlessly writing about it elsewhere.

  14. This would be extremely useful for schoolwork! Now I can procrastinate even more! Thanks Spritz!

  15. As someone who loves to read, this is very interesting to me. I know I read pretty fast already, but I still think this is nifty and incredible. I would love to read even faster than I can. I hope to try this one day soon.

  16. I first heard about Spreed about a month ago and I really want to check this out in detail. It has to be applicable to what I do online, but it could also help my daughter as well. I think this is a very useful tool.

  17. Interestingly enough, who would have thought that by simply optimizing the reading movement of the eye to fixation one can achieve so many benefits in reading speed. I certainly had not heard of any implementation of this in the past.

    I also liked the name. Is is a “reading spree” is it for “reading speed” increases? (find it quite shrewd indeed). Really good for them and their product. From here I foresee many successes.

  18. This sort of technology will certainly help with studying minutes before a test! Jokes aside, I believe that technology of this sort can and will be used for great things in education. Professors could have students read paragraphs in seconds, which will allow for more time for him or her to speak one-on-one to students. Perhaps this chrome extension will become much more popular in the education system.

  19. I have tried this, but I have no use for it. It is not meant to read a novel or your favorite book. I see it as a necessity for people who require to brush up on things that may or not be forgotten. Students for example, can benefit and speed read their notes for an exam that is minutes away.

  20. I’ve been interested in speed reading since the sixth grade. I don’t know if it is because I wanted to get through with my work faster so that I could play, or if I just wanted to be able to learn more information quickly. Of course, software like this wasn’t available in 1991, and while we can’t change the past, I’m glad that I have access to it now.

  21. This is great! I’m not sure how fast I am when it comes to reading novels but I guess this will help me speed up a lot. I’ve got a long list on must read novels and I need to quicken my pace for me to start reading those. Brilliant idea!

  22. The problem with speed reading is that you don’t take in information the same way and you will tend to not internalize it very well. Sure you’ll get the novel done, but if you don’t remember anything about it you might as well have not read it in the first place.

  23. Wow, that is going to take some time to retrain my brain to read like that. I didn’t find it easy at all, and the reading felt very robotic to me. Is this actually being well received?

  24. I have never used such a service before, and lately I have spent quite some time reading online. I ‘ve been using firefox for a while, so I just tried the ‘Reasy’ extension. It is quite helpful, and you do not stray away from what you are reading, because you are focusing at a particular point.

  25. Truly amazing applet. I just tired this and it is so amazing how this works. At first, I thought that it would be way too fast for me to read and comprehend, but it was not at all. I understood all of the words even as they seemingly blazed past my eyes. This would be a great implementation into ebooks and tablets that are used for reading.

  26. I’ve tried this before, and it really does have mixed results. Sometimes, reading comprehension suffers through this technique. A potential solution would be to let you have control of the transition speed by binding the control on a scroll button. that way, if you missed something, you can scroll back.

  27. Amazing! I’ve been trying to training my eyes to read the most efficient way and can and possible reach speeds of at least 500 wpm, but I haven’t been diligent enough. This sounds like a really good way to trains one eyes very easily, I’ll definitely try it out 🙂 Been reading Tony Buzan’s books since I was 13 years old, wonder what he’d have to say about this add on?

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