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First Tweet New Twitter Tool

People like me have a crazy number of tweets to track. As I write this article I am sitting over 45,000 tweets with over 200,000 followers. Sifting through all of these tweets historically becomes near impossible. A neat Twitter tool has been released allowing people to lookup the very first tweet of any Twitter account. It is called first-tweets.com

Many people may be embarrassed by their first tweet though most are simple and say “My first tweet”. Unfortunately you cannot lookup your second tweet or anything else. There are limitations to this simple tool.





34 thoughts on “First Tweet New Twitter Tool”

  1. A fun little tool.
    I’m looking forward to more like this, wher you can customize search parameters a little more. e.g “Show the first 10 tweets” or something along those lines.
    Thanks for the post 🙂

  2. It is pretty neat, but other than looking at your first tweet, there is not much to it. They should definitely add more search variables to it to make it a bigger hit.

    • Yes! That would be really helpful. The first tweet doesn’t really help that much because a lot of first tweets don’t actually say much! I think mine was something along the lines of “hope i figure this out!” That doesnt really tell you a lot about my later tweets!

  3. That’s an interesting little tidbit, but not very helpful to be honest. It’s basically just a tool used for finding the first tweets for users right? I doubt anyone has posted anything interesting their first time on twitter anyways, other than an introduction tweet or something.

  4. This is a cool tool. I do tweet a lot and sometimes I forgot what kind of things I tweeted. It would be nice to check out what my first tweet to the world was.

  5. Quite interesting, I remember scrolling through my Facebook account to read my first comment, have fun twitter users, should pass a few minutes of your day!

    Hopefully they’ll expand and add a few more perks.

  6. That is a very interesting concept. The first impression of a twitter account these days is the last tweet, not the first tweet. Having access to this buried information will prove for some interesting surfing. Who knows how some people’s twitter accounts started out.

  7. Heh, it’s a pretty cool little idea, Now that I think about it, there are lot of first tweets that I want to see. Neat!

  8. This is kind of neat. It would be awesome to see what the first tweet many of my favorite celebrities and musicians has been. Especially when it is someone I am new to. Even the first tweet of new friends would be interesting as well.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing the new tool with us.

    I would like to see Twitter offer some more tools along this line with greater functionality as I agree that trying to sort through thousands and tens of thousands of Tweets is a challenge to say the least. I’ve noticed that the Twitter search function is getting progressively better. Many times I’ll just use that to find what I’m looking for.

    But as for finding a first Tweet, that’s a really cool tool.

  10. Wow! I didn’t know about this before, thanks for sharing. Although, it will be more helpful, if they can add more features like setting parameters for the search probably to get tweets in between.

    Just checked my first tweet dated to 2010. It was a reply to another tweet, but I’m sure the present me would have given the reply more spices.

  11. Thanks for the advice and the tool. I have a lot of followers and a lot of tweets to go through as well. I don’t have the time to go through each one, and I do miss quite a bit, as I just skim over them.

  12. First tweet might not seem like much but it can tell a lot about the channel owner. Seasoned outstanding posters tend to be great from their very first post. If they were already “built” when they opened their accounts, they had it pretty clear and figured already how did they want their twitter to be from day one, and likely thought very well about what would they write in their first tweet. It can show as a direct reflect of them.

    On the other hand, some tweeter users start from total zero. They make meaningless posts in the beginning only to develop their best stuff later. Not much to do here, that’s the way it is for these accounts.

    While you can’t use this tool to get ahold of the “built-later stars”, it can still be useful. Not every Italian man is a pasta eater, but the guy with spaghetti coming out of his mouth actually eats! Same for using first tweet as indication. It may be used as an indicator of how “built” a poster is. By all means a valid way of “separating the wheat” based on first impressions, literally!

  13. This is really cool! I just laughed out loud. My first tweet back in 09 it seemed I only made a twitter account to complain to Amazon customer service about a delivery which did not arrive on time! I have also had a good idea of how to use this tool with a twist, thanks for the share!

  14. This is a odd tool. Seeing as I have never used Twitter, I can’t say I know what the real use of this would be. However, if someone took the time to write several thousand lines of code for an app, there must be a demand for it somewhere on the internet.

  15. As neat as this tool is, I do not remember what my first tweet was, and I’m not sure if I want to either! Seriously though, I wish that it were easy to sort though old tweets in some sort of meaningful fashion. I guess that in the meantime, we are stuck with third-party solutions!

  16. I don’t use Twitter that much, but, this made me super curious. I had to go look. Thankfully it’s not embarrassing but you can definitely tell I was using that account for my work at the time.

  17. Now this is cool. I doubt it will find my first tweet. I added the tweet eraser a couple of years ago and it erases some of my old tweets every now and then. I pretty sure most people’s first tweet is hello this is my 1st tweet. Or I don’t understand how this works. That one might have been mine thinking back.

  18. I am not sure this tools offers much use, I mean really – looking at someones first tweet. Another way to procrastinate.

  19. This seems like a very useful tool for those people with a lot of tweets. I would not use it because I barley use tweeter for anything.

  20. I use Twitter a lot and I’ve tweeted so many times I think it’s up on the thousands. Thanks for this I think I might want to go down memory lane tonight.

  21. This is very similar to looking at your very first few Facebook posts. It is almost like traveling back in time, to when you were probably a lot younger and had a different outlook on a lot of things. I like doing this from time to time. You can learn a lot from this kind of flashback and it is quite fun too.

  22. Pretty cool. Maybe they can add some new features in the future. I don’t use Twitter, but it’d be cool to see what some popular celebrities first tweet was.

  23. Oy, my first tweet was rather silly. I was trying to get ahold of things, I guess. It was 6 years ago…I’ve learned a lot since then!

  24. See I dont understand twitter. It seems to me like a really watered down facebook. I could never get interested in somthing like that. It just seems useless to me.

  25. Wow, I’m using it and looking up many people’s first tweets. It’s funny what a lot of people typed in for their first tweet. Some people are like “first tweet” or “setting up my Twitter” or they’re engaging in some kind of discussion with someone. This is such a cool tool and something I had been seeking for some time now. Thanks for sharing this, David!

  26. I think this tool is useful to check out fake accounts. My first tweet was actually a re-tweet. There are many start-up relying on our need to organize our lives around social media. We simply can’t keep up with the amount of information available to us.

  27. That is a very interesting tool! My first tweet was “About to go to work” from 2008. I was actually worried that it would be something embarrassing! It would be great if they added more options to this tool. Maybe the first tweet of a given year. It would also be interesting to find a tool like this for Facebook, although it’s a lot easier to look at your first Facebook post than it would be to search for your first Tweet. If I found my very first Facebook post, it would most likely be embarrassing. We all grow so much in a year or two, and perspectives change with that growth. Social networks help me realize how far I have come from just five years ago. Thank you for sharing this tool!

  28. I agree, my first tweet was probably pretty corny. I even had another name – I joined Twitter because someone had suggested it for my writing.

  29. An interesting tool. I can see how over time you can lose track of your tweets, especially if you are tweeting multiple times per day. I can see this being useful for a wide range of people.

  30. What a neat little tool! I’ve always wanted to see some of my friends first post’s, just to poke fun at them. Also, this could be useful when finding evidence against someone, so this can be used for more than a laugh.

  31. Gosh this is one of the gems of the current web. The current Twitter Analytics tool only measures a day-to-day statistics of the tweets of a certain account. I only get Impressions, Engagement and Engagement Rate for the last 28 days, but not the tweets from a certain milestone in the history of tweeting. This is so fun!

  32. Nice tool. Simple solution for a simple problem. I don’t personally have that many followers on my Twitter account, but it’s good to know that there are some tools out there to help me if I do become popular in the future.

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