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$299 for 3D Printer, a Blockbuster Kickstarter Campaign

Within 11 minutes of M3D launching their Kickstarter campaign for The Micro, they hit their $50k goal. I found out about it later that evening (same day it launched) and it was already at $650k. The next day it is at $1.3 million already and still 28 days to go as I write this article. This is going to be one of those blockbuster campaigns…

I ended up ordering one of the very first batches, mine is scheduled for November. You can’t really go wrong for that price and it will be fun to play with.

22 thoughts on “$299 for 3D Printer, a Blockbuster Kickstarter Campaign”

  1. It’s already over 3 million! But I didn’t find it on the site, did they already build a prototype or they plan to build it?

  2. A $300 3D printer? Now that can be a great investment. I work as a 3D modeler and I woud love to have my works printer in the comfort of my own home. If this flies off the shelf I would sure to get one.

  3. I have seen videos of 3d printers, but never actually seen one work. So what will be the first thing you make with it? Also, what applications do they work with? I do hope you make a video as I would love to see one from an actual user, rather than a company.

  4. I have always thought that the 3d printer concept was great. Most are large and hard to use. A consumer friendly 3d printer would really take off. This steams like a great idea. The possibilities are endless in what you can “print” but I don’t really know what I would actually use it to do.

  5. Wow.. a 3d printer this cheap. Definitely looking forward for buying. I always had a question in my mind can i print a 3D printer with the 3D printer?

  6. As of now it’s at $3,401,361, I can’t believe it’s risen so high, I think they hit the nail on the head with their offers for backers, but can’t see the $10,000 to visit the team being snapped up!

    Quite interesting price for what it can do, the biodegradable spools are cleverly made, using corn-starch which is renewable, that’s where the future will be.

    Hopefully these will be the main brand soon, at a great price, lets hope they don’t take the interest to their heads.

  7. I remember the days when 3D printers were cunning edge technology, that could only be afforded by the rich and research labs. Now, it seems as though they might become common household items. “Can you pass me a mug?” “Sure, it will be done printing in a minute.”

  8. It is amazing that they can reach the goal in such a small amount of time. 3.4 Million dollars for a kickstarter that only wanted $50k. I don’t have any personal use for a 3D printer and I’m sure a lot of people who donated don’t at the moment, but one day it will be a common thing to use.

    It’s crazy to think, “We’re living in the future”. 5 years ago we would’ve never even thought of being able to print a 3D object, now its a reality.

  9. 3D printers kind of popped up out of nowhere, but yet they seem to truly be the future. $299 is definitely a bargain for a machine that could go on to produce thousands of useful things…like more 3D printers!

  10. That’s so amazing to think that for only $299 a person can actually own a 3D printer. It’s only been such a short while that we’ve come to know about this technology and it’s gone so quickly from being a cool tech story to read about or see on TV to now actually being able to have one on your desk. The low price in and of itself is remarkable as this is such an incredibly fast drop in price.

    The Kickstarter campaign for The Micro and its success is a story unto itself. I can see why they were so successful. While they have the “wow” factor of 3D printing they also did an excellent job of communicating what people can expect while also dispelling any possible concerns and uncertainty about being able to really do 3D printing at home. Really impressive.

  11. Can’t wait until 3d printers are just as widespread as normal printers. Certainly, the feature lays in 3d printers, and with every year they become more and more widespread. I hope this Kickstares succeds and the product will be high quality enough to kickstart some competition.

  12. A $299 price tag is quite amazing. It looks like just a while ago when I was wondering when would this new 3D technology reach consumer prices. First it was the under $1000 mark, then under $500, now we can finally see under $300. Most-excellent news indeed.

    Chances are price is the determining factor to “make or break” adoption of 3D printing. The more people who can put their hands in the tech, the more chances it will perpetuate and -yes- drop prices. Demand creates offer, offer decreases prices.

    The consumer market is huge. Companies are good to target it. If you ask me, it is just a matter of time for us to see the multifunctional 3D printer, featuring scanner, ink printing and 3D printing as being common in our houses.

  13. This is fantastic news! At $300 it is quite affordable, definitely a good investment for someone like me. I can only imagine the emotional roller-coaster these designers went through on this successful kick starter campaign. I am pre-ordering my printer as soon as this sentence ends.

  14. I don’t know if it is true, but I have heard that someone made a working gun using a 3D printer.

    I do not understand why we need 3D printers except for playing around. To create custom projects? To create a creative township plan at your home itself? Maybe yes, but I am not sure. I believe this will use some software like Google SketchUp for printing stuff out. Looks like it will help more in the architecture, design and real estate industry for printing out 3D models of a real estate or commercial building project. Anyways, help in any field is appreciated. Let us see what the creative community comes out with to make these more useful and fun.

  15. I remember when the first stories of 3D printing came out several years ago and involved a guy that was printing gun components with his printer! Of course, that wasn’t the only application for it. Now we are making prosthetic limbs, pieces of costumes for cosplay, and even artificial organs!

  16. It’s amazing all the things that can be 3D printed. I’ve seen guns, medical supplies and even a bust of the President.

  17. I think the 3D printers are going to be awesome. Not as useful as most people think however, I mean, I can;t even think of too many things I would make. Certainly not enough to warrant the price. But we shall see…

  18. This is a great investment. I am sure that all of the big companies already have theirs pre ordered also. A 3D printer is great for people who build houses, condos, apartments, etc. They will be able to bring their blueprints to life and instead of building a model they can just print it out. This was such a great invention that everybody can benefit from.

  19. Wow, this is pretty cool. $300 seems like a steal to have your own 3d printer at home! Maybe I could get one and rent it out to my friends by the hour to pay for it 🙂 There are tons of different projects I could think of to use this for.

  20. This is extremely cheap? I wonder how they do it and how much profit they make per item sold. Nonetheless, this is a great example of how cheap and practical 3D printers are becoming to the consumer. Soon, 3D printers will become a thing that can commonly found in the hands of the average consumer.

  21. I can definitely see myself buying this for $300. I just need to be assured of its 3d printing quality first. I’m glad some enterprising people have made 3d printing possible to the masses by making it affordable for them. The kickstarter campaign really helped.

  22. That 3D printer does sound cheap enough, but I’m not sure I’d be ready to ever spend that much on one, not as long as the economy is like this. But I can imagine this must be great news for all those who actually have a profession that might benefit from such a thing. Not that useful for the average Jane or Joe though 😉

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