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360° HD 4K Video Camera – Centr

Don’t miss anything! This new camera records 360° video footage and is being created by former Apple engineers already being used by the military. Centr has a kickstarter campaign to raise crowd funding for their initial runs. Footage can be viewed on your tablet, smartphone, desktop, and also in real-time through their interactive player. It even supports panoramic timelapses. In 1080p it has a resolution of 6900×1080 or in 720p 4600×720. It achieves this by stitching together on the fly footage from 4 HD cameras with overlapping 120° views and f/2.0 lenses. Centr also has built-in WiFi (802.11b/g/n) support, MicroSD card slot, and has a 2hr removable battery. It captures audio as well using 3 microphones.


20 thoughts on “360° HD 4K Video Camera – Centr”

  1. I think this technology would be really awesome is even Google implemented that for Google maps and cities in which their maps aren’t fully complete. Also it be really interesting to see it happen for more drone usage as well as you will have complete 360 panorama view of your surroundings as well as a 3-D camera that you can maneuver if needed. The salsa looks pretty cool if you actually think of the possibilities you can use it for when you’re exploring caverns or anything else, you can possibly use it as a great way to share your experiences with your friends without them having to actually be there. Also insurance companies can use this to possibly lower deductibles and other things as well. The possibilities are endless, I can’t wait to see the final product.

  2. That camera is awesome! I was just posting a comment about that the other day, when I said I wish I had a super rugged 3D camera I could throw down the side of a mountain. (A bit unrealistic I know). But still, this is sweet. They could very easily implement this on to the tops of the Google vehicles and probably save money. This thing is probably a lot cheaper than all the equipment they use! But at the same time the equipment they already have is probably better and would last longer. Still, this would be a great way to make claims against someone in an auto accident. Just think about it, you just captured a 360 degree view of everything that happened, acting as your own witness, no mistake unseen! This is perfect, I hope to see more technology like this in the future.

  3. This looks awesome. I professionaly do film and this would save me a lot of headaches. Being able to rotate and pan after you created the video is incredible. One thought that came through my mind while watching the video is how awesome it would be if they could make it small enough and shock proof enough to serve simmilar like GoPro cameras!

  4. Cool! As an aspiring film maker this would make some great cinematic shots and since it’s in 4K, quality will not be so much of an issue.

  5. This is actually a fascinating piece of technology. This would definitely be a huge upgrade if Google maps started using this and they would probably even bring in more users. What I would be most ecstatic about is if they started using this for sports. The different angles and positions you could get with this kind of camera would be unreal. Definitely looking forward to seeing this more in the future.

  6. This is incredible tech. I think that this is the type of technology that shows how far we have come. I mean it seems like just yesterday that camcorders were as big as shoe boxes, and not they can be as small as a button. This 360° camera is surely the next level of camera technology.

  7. This is what I want for Christmas. Seriously, I MUST have that camera. That would do so much to enhance my credibility for future clients in my delivery business because, for an extra fee, I could give them the option of watching their delivery go where it’s supposed to and when it’s supposed to.

    There are so many money making and saving opportunities with this in the transportation field.

  8. Much like everyone else, I quickly thought of Google maps. I am more inclined that it will be implemented on the military. Maybe I am reaching too far out, but it will still be awesome because of the support it is getting. Having this available can make things much more interesting.

  9. I think this camera will be more convenient for taking 360 degree views of locations, like business can show a better view of their restaurant, institution, hotel, theatre, etc. on their website by taking photos from this camera. Also, this would be a helpful addition to the Google Street View cars and would ease their work a lot. Good to see this already being used by the military.

  10. I’m truly impressed by how far cameras have come in the last five or so years. The quality has increased substantially and they are becoming more and more common. It’s hard to wrap my head around how a camera can record in three hundred sixty degrees all at the same time but this is definitely impressive with many potential applications.

  11. Wow. That is like the coolest camera ever. Whenever I see revolutionary devices like this, I am always amazed at how fast the world is changing and advancing. It’s almost scary.

  12. The use of cameras are getting better and better as technology continues to grow. This looks like an awesome camera to use on daily bases. Being able to record a 360 degrees video would be amazing.

  13. This is very cool indeed. This would go nicely for those who are into capturing sunsets and picturesque landscapes so they would be able to capture the 360 degree image.

    I also remembered one cool invention before that also allows “taking the big picture”, what it was capturing a while lot more than 360. The Camera was th shape of a ball and have 25 cameras simulatneously taking shots. I would hopes camera like this one and the ball shape one would really be available in the market soon and in an affordable price.

  14. This is pretty cool! I would love to try it out. I still remember the old manual film cameras on wind up springs that would take wide shots using multiple film frames. Panorama type photography is always really fun to experiment with.

  15. Dang, this is really cool. I have always loved 360 degree cameras. We get, at most, a 180 degree view, so that means that we’re always missing what is behind us. With a 360 degree view of the world, you can catch things that you would not have been able to with a lesser view. You can rewatch the world in a different perspective every time.

  16. This is actually a really good tool for both robotics and tactical. If you could have two cameras on each side, for a total of 8 cameras, you could do 360 degree depth sensing, and that’d be amazing in the field of robotics. This’d also be amazing for teleoperated robots, because if you can immerse a person within a robot’s perspective, the person could get the whole view possible and look around without having to wait for a camera to turn.

  17. Here is a camera that I could use. A pretty impressive tool for story telling. It has got that 360 degree video footage feature and an effective audio capturing ability. From the way it works it doesn’t seem too complicated either.

  18. Pretty great camera if you’re into filming in 4k. Personally, I don’t think it’s really necessary yet as most viewing devices like TVs, tablets, phones don’t support 4k yet. When the time comes though, I’ll definitely look into buying one (or at least renting one).

  19. Wow, I’m very interested in that. Seeing the video makes me want to test it out and I know they can probably better the algorithms on it to look even better, but that’s just the future of robotic detection in the world around with all the degrees that’s available.

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