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The much-anticipated Apple iWatch

With the production of Apple’s so-called iWatch rumoured to be in the works, it seems that the prediction that wearable tech is indeed the future is coming true. The release of the iWatch – which is what the tech world has taken to calling the smartwatch whose existence Apple has yet to acknowledge – is believed to be towards the end of this year.

In fact, according to the Taiwan-based newspaper China Times, production has already begun with 3 million units thought to be in the works and set to be released in the 2nd quarter.

While Apple has continued to remain silent regarding this new product, CEO Tim Cook has been creating a great deal of buzz lately, what with dropping hints about a “new category” of products to be revealed later this year. Leaked information about an app called “Watch Utility” (rumoured to be part of iOS8) also gives consumers and tech enthusiasts hints as to what’s in store with this anticipated Apple wearable.

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, Sony’s Smartwatch and the crowdfunded, open source smartwatch Pebble are already out on the market (Pebble was a home run Kickstarter campaign raising over $10 Million USD), giving consumers an idea of how wearable tech can function and what it will look like so far. The above-mentioned devices haven’t been as popular with consumers as their makers undoubtedly wanted them to be, however which is probably why the folks at Apple have been taking their time with releasing their own version of the smartwatch.

Much of the speculation that has been going on regarding the iWatch hasn’t been about apps and functionality, but about its look. Will it have a circular screen mimicking standard watches or will it have a rectangular face reminiscent of the 6th generation iPod Nano? With all the hype and varied theories regarding its form and Apple being as mysterious as ever, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. Sounds interesting. Have been looking for a perfect watch for a long time, and as a long time Apple fanboy, i wouldn’t mind buying a watch from Apple. I just really hope that the product will be worth the money, both in functionality and design. If not, then i guess i would rather have a traditional watch.

  2. I hope it looks like a normal watch, kinda like the new android wear powered motorola smart watch. I don’t wanna be seen walking around a street wearing something straight out of Star Trek universe. An I also hope the price is gonna be less than $300.

  3. I used to work for apple and we would actually find out information from our customers. This does sound interesting and I think it could become very handy. With how most apple products work, they could even do a line to market the athlete, stay at home mom, employee and just about anything else you can think of. This would be such a neat product to see out on the market.

  4. Great. Whenever Apple makes a new product it means superpriced products and overrated reviews. If Steve Jobs were alive, he would have definitely beat Samsung in making a watch. Of course, the prices would still be high, but Jobs had the power to bring quality to products. This might just be another hyped up product with low reviews, much like iOS7.

  5. All of the secrecy behind this means just one thing: A marketing strategy that builds anticipation which in turn drives sales through the roof. The man in charge of Apple should know as well as anyone that you don’t keep secrets in this world. Excuse the pun, but it’s “virtually” impossible.

    Yes, the smart watch is coming out ladies and gentlemen. I for one am going to wait for the second or third generation when the price is lower.

  6. I don’t have an iPhone but I’m sure people with them will enjoy pairing an iWatch with their iPhone. There has been a lot of news about different tech companies working on smart watches and I cannot wait to see how they perform. I am hoping competition between the companies keeps pushing things further for us consumers!

  7. Well that’s kind of a cool news. But I really hope this turns out to be a real stand alone watch-phone, if this would be one of those things that you hook up to your phone just to notify you then I would be disappointed. Also, if this thing costs like $500 then I’d probably stick to my regular watch.

  8. These kinds of Smartwatches are all over the place now, it’s just too obvious for Apple to get into the bandwagon. I hope this rumoured watch brings a whole new entry when it comes to the category of these devices because I don’t want to see another Smartwatch with an Apple logo and a higher price.

  9. I was expecting the launch of iWatch in the WWDC which happened a day ago. It is unusual for Apple to not launch a product during WWDC and hence the stage is set for the next keynote during September this year. Also there are reports of a major product release during later this year. I think it will be a big leap in the world of accessories this year.

  10. I cannot believe that the Pebble Smart watch raised $10 million. What in the world?! I have to admit that I love Apple. I am excited about this watch. My husband is an android guy. He thinks that Apple over charges for their products! I am a loyal fan…

  11. This sounds so silly. I was talking about this with a group of friends pretty recently, and everyone agreed it is too silly to actually wear. Of course, once it hits the markets we’ll see…but I think it might be like google glasses where it sounds cool in theory but the phone is still just more convenient. I dont want to look like inspector gadget!

  12. I love the iPhone so I think I will like this watch. I think the price will be what would stop me from buying it. I would rather get a new iPhone than a iWatch. There’s so many different gadgets coming out nowadays I think if I could have any of them it would be the Google glass. Would love to see more posts on this topic and a roundup of all devices in time for the fall.

  13. Apple’s products have always been the best. I’m happy that Apple finally got into the game. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is really a great competition for iWatch. So, they’ll have to bring something better than this. And talking about design, Apple has always been producing devices that stand out. So, iWatch is going to be really cool. Really excited for it.

  14. The key point that Apple’s products convey is its beautiful and simple design. The watches that companies like Samsung have made aren’t as attractive as they could be if some company like Apple were to design it.

    They manage to get the feel of the product right, and since this is a device that consumers will actually be wearing, it’ll be an extremely important factor. I can’t wait until they release it! I’m sure it will beat all other competitors by a long shot.

  15. I am probably more excited to see the reveal than anyone else, so the wait is currently unbearable for me. Having purchased an iphone a few months ago, I began to look into accessories for my phone. Unfortunately, the smart watch market has not yet proven itself – at least not enough to convince me. I am certain that the iwatch will not disappoint.

  16. If Apple released a smart watch I’d definitely look forward to buying it. Apple’s watch should have at least one capability that would make it stand out from the crowd like the Iphone did when it came out. This release is going to be one of the biggest events of the year.

  17. Interesting. Apple is really taking their time on building a buzz in the market unlike its other competitors. The iWatch will surely take over the smart watch market once it gets released.

  18. Hmm can’t wait to see it, sounds very interesting. I do expect it to be extremely expensive, like most of Apple’s other products. Pairing it with phones and what not will be real neat and handy for many people, like myself. I will probably end up buying it whether expensive or not, I bet it will sell real nicely just because it’s an Apple product.

  19. Seems pretty cool. I wonder if Samsung will try to sue Apple for copying their Galaxy watch, just like how Apple sued them for copying their phones. I’ll be paying attention to see how this works out.

  20. I’m not really interested in Apple, so I have been following other brands for a smart-watch. The Sony smart-watch isn’t that great and has many issues. The Pebble smart-watch is only mono-colour and looks a lot dull to me. I do not like the Galaxy Gear either. But, the LG G Watch has been released and it looks interesting. However, the watch is currently not compatible with my phone and isn’t so cheap as well. I’ll be looking for one later. Hopefully, these will get popular and cheaper in a year or so.

  21. It looks hi tech and everything but I doubt it would sell much. With the iphone, ipad, ipods, etc. there isnt any real purpose to this device. Maybe its more for exercise enthusiasts perhaps for running.

  22. I’m not a huge Apple user, as in I don’t have all the latest gadgets. The only Apple I’ve owned was my last cell phone, and it was a 3G. The one thing I do know about Apple, is they really strive to create a fantastic user experience. From look, design, functionality, the whole process. So it really isn’t surprising that they are taking their time. I’m sure they are looking at all of the other products on the marketing and asking, “How can we do it better?”.

  23. This is just amazing! I really wanted the iWatch to be released soon, and here are promising signs that it will! I really hope that it can overtake the Moto 360 when it s released. I’m starting to think that the Moto 360 is too good to be true in its design and UI. I just hope Apple lives up to its name.

  24. When wrist watches started to disappear with the rise of the cell phone, I was pretty disappointed. I think that my biggest complaint is that it takes a little bit longer to ask someone for the time – they have to pull out the phone, click the power button and unlock – whereas before they just had to glance at their arm. Heck, a lot of the time you didn’t even have to ask, as YOU could just glance at their wrist if you needed to. Having a device attached to your wrist is just convenient, and when you add a telephone and video conferencing abilities, you really are living the D. Tracy fantasy!

  25. Okay, here’s what I don’t get: what is a smart watch doing for me that my cellphone is not already?

    I stopped wearing a watch because my phone can tell the time. Why would I bother recharging and continually buying new versions that are BOUND to come out year after year? I just don’t get the reasoning or need for it.

    Smartphones made sense, they gave us capability we didn’t have previously. But a smart watch? It’s just relaying information that I could easily use my phone for.

  26. I’m pretty excited with this new addition to the Apple products. Who would have thought that someone can turn a simple watch into a multifunction accessory that can even replace other individual electronics we already have.

  27. I find this prospect very interesting, is’s a no-brainer than Apple need to follow suit and bring out a smart watch. I just hope it lives up to the hype and does not cost a bomb.

  28. This sounds like a very useful device. The only thing that bothers me is how Apple and Samsung are stealing each other’s products. They are such competing companies now.

  29. So I just read rumors that this device might cost at least $300. Now for a watch that is really pushing it to the walls, I know they’re rumors but I won’t pay $300 for a watch. But if this device would deem to be very useful and not just a gimmick then the price tag would not be an issue.

  30. It will be difficult to persuade people to give up their phones for a watch, especially due to the screen sizes, gaming and video advantages. Every time I thought about the watch, I thought it necessary to still have a larger than 3 inch device in my pocket. So I believe it would have to a combination of the two for the common user. And with an app like Watch utility, and a couple of great watch straps to choose, the watch smartphone revolution may gain some more momentum, as Apple has entered the market.

  31. These look very cool but I can’t imagine myself wearing one. Perhaps I’ll get used to the idea. I can think of some cool location based apps it could have. It would also come in handy to track health related stats. The watch images have been released from Apple and the size seems manageable. I can’t wait to see one for myself.

  32. The only thing that I am worried about with an Apple wearable is the price. Alongside everything else that Apple has released, I believe that the iWatch will be no different: outrageously expensive. For those who have the money, I believe that this product will be great in quality, but will it be the best value? Moto and Samsung watches have the same potential for a much lower price; I just cannot find myself buying into another piece of white collar technology.

  33. I have mixed feelings about the Apple iWatch. One, I am not a watch person. It’s just much more convenient to glance at a smart phone. Second, a wearable watch that is a watch makes less sense than a wearable tech gadget that monitors your health and is connected via Bluetooth to your PC, which will then send the crucial information it gathered to your health account. That tech gadget must be able to tell the time and date. Third, the reason I didn’t get a watch is because the iPhone already displays that information.

    • The thing about glancing at smartphones is the social stigma that comes with it. You can’t view anything on your smartphone while at dinner or in a conversation without being rude. Any crucial info can be seen at a glance. Also, especially for people who store their devices in bags, a watch is a lot easier than taking a phone out of a bag. People with bigger smartphones also benefit, where taking a big phablet out of a pocket can be a bit cumbersome.

  34. I have an iPhone. I also have issues with apple. They completely broke app store for example…

    Now this iWatch thing, it looks cool and whatever but… really? It’s not THAT useful now, is it? It’s a watch. You’re still gonna have your phone with you. Why would you need the watch to be a PC as well?

    Meh, I don’t think I’ll ever get one.

  35. This concept of a smart watch sounds and looks interesting, but I cannot pinpoint the usefulness of it. Maybe to some wealthy consumer, this might be a luxury. For the average phone user however, I do not see where I could implement this into my lifestyle.

  36. Turns out, the iWatch isn’t as bad as it was rumored to be. Sleek design and a modern feel make it a very viable product for the millions of early adopters out there.

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