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Facebook conquers mobile, now has 1 billion+ monthly users

It seems that social media’s seamless crossover to mobile isn’t going to be a future reality – it’s happening now. With over 1.25 billion active monthly users all over the world and over a billion active users bringing Facebook wherever they go through their mobile devices, it looks like there’s no stopping Zuckerberg‘s brainchild from further growth and expansion.

Nobody can deny Facebook’s influence in our daily lives. Having a Facebook account has turned into something of a modern necessity as we feel that we should always be able to keep up with what’s happening not just within our social circles, but also with the world. It’s all about being in the know and having information on the go that’s tailored to one’s needs and wants.

Internet users are burning off most of their time online in social media sites – and for 60% of the time, they access these sites using a tablet or a smartphone. According to the results based on BI Intelligence’s social media Engagement Index, Facebook is leading the social media game (trumping Instagram and Twitter, among others) with its ability to engage users who utilize smartphones and PCs.

With Facebook’s recent performance, revenues for the first quarter of this year have reached $2.5 billion, which is $642 million shy of Facebook’s record-high earnings achieved in the last quarter of 2013. The dip was attributed to the fact that advertisers tend to reduce spending after the holidays. Mobile ads raked in 59% of revenue in the first quarter of 2014, contributing to the company’s 72% revenue growth since the first quarter of 2013.

Over a million websites are already using the “Login with Facebook” feature and over 70% of marketers are using Facebook to tap new audiences. With over 71% of users already accessing social media with their mobile devices, more and more marketers are taking advantage of Facebook as a marketing tool.

54 thoughts on “Facebook conquers mobile, now has 1 billion+ monthly users”

  1. Facebook has definitely gained a lot of power throughout the last couple of years. It’s surprising how large it has gotten since it first began. Even thought the younger generation claims that Twitter is the new thing, I still see them updating their Facebook statuses and photos. Facebook, no matter what comes, has developed such an anchor on the internet and in our lives that it will definitely be here to stay for a couple more years.

  2. Facebook does have a mobile app, so now users do log on to Facebook, even if they are on the go. Facebook does have a lot of users, and it is a good platform to advertise any business.

  3. Facebook really know what they are doing. People say they are going to go drop a lot in the coming years but they have obtained a very wide audience with a large userbase. They got this far and I am sure they will be able to push further in the online world.

    • A lot of the facebook “users” are people who are forced into it though either by sites who use facebook comments in their articles or facebook log in integration. I know if I were given the choice I wouldn’t have a facebook account but because of certain sites that I frequent I need to.

  4. My friends have been telling me that facebook is dying out, but look a this numbers. Maybe it’s no so hot as before but it still has a crowd.

    They have been careful, though, they are buying smaller companies with ideas yet to be fully developed, maybe they’re getting ready for a plan B.

  5. Wow, Facebook is getting a lot bigger. It’s a smart move for Zuckerberg not selling the service. Almost every Android phone now is pre installed with Facebook app so I guess it contributed to the success. Too bad people in Facebook are getting too annoying now, with all the advertisements and other stuff.

  6. This is true, facebook has basically taken over the world,
    god I wish I had a website that popular

  7. Facebook is a major part of our lives and evolution in technology. I mean we use it everyday. Everywhere you go online has a “log in to facebook” button on it. It’s kind of awesome though that it is that way. It something we can tell our grandchildren about.

  8. I love Facebook. It is truly amazing how big it has grown! I can’t believe it has over 1.25 billion active monthly users. I usually use the “Login with Facebook” feature on websites. I guess it kind of has become a necessity for some people. I know it has become a necessity for my grandmother. Even though I love it I don’t think it is a necessity for me. Mark Zuckerberg sure has a lot of money. Luckily he is giving some money to charity. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Mark Zuckerberg have all agreed to donate at least half of their wealth over the course of time to charity. Anyway, I think Facebook has become a part of society and will be around for a long time.

  9. I thought Facebook was actually dying, but I guess this proves me wrong. When I first signed up for Facebook it was just this menial social network site and now it has grown into a multimillion dollar escapade. It was smart for Zuckerberg to not sell it.

  10. Well, it was only a matter of time. For the past few years now mobile devices usage have been on the increase as it’s more easier and faster to access information on the go.

    Personally, I prefer to use facebook mobile especially now that I’m no more using it heavily. I only check messages and status updates. It’s even better to use the mobile version on computer if you are trying to save data.

  11. Am I the only one scared about this? It is scary enough just the fact alone that we need facebook as part of our daily lives, but it conquering the mobile aspect of it is a whole different breed. I’m all for making money, making sure that everybody stays connected, but the reality of it is that we are taking away human interaction. Answer me this, when was the last time you had a full blown conversation over the phone? It is hard to remember, because even for me, who prefers to talk over the phone, find it much easier just to send a simple text. I love technology and what it has accomplished over the yrs in record time, but sometimes it is scary.

  12. The main point to note is the number of active users. 1.25 billion is a huge figure considering the number of active users they have. This has the potential to turn Facebook into an advertising hub and the number of companies that have tied up with Facebook is quite huge.

    This also impacts the turnover of the organisation is a really big way.

  13. Wow! I use the FB advertising platform and this is great news. I mean think about it every is always on their phones taking pictures and uploading them on FB. People should see this as an opportunity to make money! 1.25 Billion that is EPIC!

  14. I’m completely surprised that Facebook is actually thriving! I know a lot of people who have become tired of Facebook, one of which is myself, and have/are planning to delete our accounts because it’s the same thing over and over again just new formats every now and then. I view Facebook as the renovated MySpace; MySpace was big, but, it had fallen, and I thought the same would happen to Facebook, but, apparently not. The reason as to why Facebook continues to be attractive to users around the world eludes me.

  15. Given the world-wide trend towards mobile computing, it was inevitable to see the mobile wave hitting social networks. Facebook can only benefit from being available to users right away. If you look at it from the average user’s point of view, it is much more convenient to check out their social networking from everywhere they might be by merely picking up their mobile device from their pocket/purse, as opposed to having to move themselves to wherever there is a desktop PC just to see if there’s a new photo or meme in someone’s wall.

    We certainly live in the “PC-plus era”; besides the cloud, a large part of the “plus” being mobile tech.

    We can only foresee growth in this field.

  16. Would be interesting to hear from you on how you use Facebook to promote your business. It’s the one area I’ve not managed to really gain authority in. I get a lot of traffic from Twitter and LinkedIn but my Facebook posts do not get great reach.

  17. I’ve been on facebook since 2004! In those days it was only for college students. I kind of miss those days because everyone had a more intimate connection in real life. Now, I think the “sign in with facebook” buttons are kind of scary! You never know what info will be shared.

  18. Whatsapp was a good acquisition and plays into Facebook strategy, but seems too expensive for what it does. Probably FB paid up for the millions of subscribers, especially in the developing world.

    Facebook now wants to listen in to your mic, on what you are speaking. They are fast getting into newer fields that matter, time will tell whether the innovation they are into will pay off.

  19. I know there are blogs and websites that pertain only to professional writers that will not permit you to join unless you have a Google Adsense and Facebook account. I can hardly believe it. I thought all I need was a Twitter account, and Adsense.
    It doesn’t seem fair that Facebook out paces Twitter. There you have it. That is the proof I’ve used to demonstrate how powerful it is. To effectively compete in business I guess you need Facebook.

  20. Eh, it’s really hard to say how I feel about this. Personally, I’m starting to be concerned with how much information both Google and Facebook seem to extract from us. The scary part is that when you try to switch platforms they often end up buying that company.

    As for my own use of Facebook, it’s there, but mostly for extended family that I rarely talk to or it’s just an online pseudo-resume of sorts.

  21. You know, I recently just did some research on this as well! I found it crazy that this many people use Facebook on a daily basis. It’s a huge chunk of earths population. It is good to see, though, that everybody is able to be connected through Facebook around the world, and that it’s available on the go to most people as well. I can’t believe they make that much money from ads lol I know there’s stuff like adsense which doesn’t mean they have to click the ad, but does anybody actually click ads on Facebook??

  22. Facebook has really grown in a gigantic rate in the last couple of years. 1.25 billion is certainly a really great number. Facebook has been a part of everyone’s lives. The communicating and socializing have just been easier with Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has really grown Facebook into a real big and powerful business empire with this huge number of active users who are addicted to it. It’s like a goldmine for advertisers who are really getting a highly targeted exposure through it. Facebook’s getting really bigger and more powerful with time.

  23. I remember when Facebook first came out and everyone wanted to get one so that they could connect. I never thought that Facebook would grow as popular as this article says. 1.25 billion active users is just ridiculous for an app. I also didn’t think that people accessed social media through mobile means more than 50% of the time. This makes me want to make a social network.

  24. I do not use Facebook, so I have no idea how much it has changed. Curiosity has tried to drag me back in, but I am strong and I swim against the current. Facebook is a distraction for me and I choose not to be a part of it. Hearing news like this sparks my interest and nothing more.

  25. I am an active Facebook user, both on mobile and desktop. However, I really have many issues with the site. Firstly, the Facebook Android app is pathetic and unoptimized. It takes up 70-120MB of internal storage often to store posts and pictures which I will probably never view again. Secondly, Facebook itself has many bugs; sometimes, I can’t send chat messages properly, sometimes it just won’t load, the ‘Report to admin’ feature in Facebook groups won’t work and as a group admin, I can see no reports, etc. However, most of my friends, clients, etc. are on Facebook, but I have no choice other than to use it. Still, Facebook is a good site to communicate and share ideas and is an easy platform to post stuff and stuff like your holiday photos to share with people. It has become a widespread social medium.

  26. Facebook has really played a part in shaping American culture and the obsession with the internet today. Although some of the changes made was not so appealing to old users like me, it still continues to attract hundred more of members each year. Social media is a powerful part of our evryday lives no matter where we are in the world.

  27. The biggest complaint is the “monetization” of Facebook when it went public. It changed how people use it and so many complain about this or that change along the way. I’ve seen multiple people threaten to quit using Facebook, but haven’t actually seen any real quitters as of yet. As for the marketing side, the algorithms are getting more and more complex and detailed and it is swiftly becoming a marketers dreamland, with the ability to target such specific audiences. Their advertising dollars are more effective when they are able to reach the best markets.

  28. Wow. It actually did cross the billion mark that soon? I remember when facebook itself had only half a billion! I can’t believe that it grew so fast! It was only a couple of years ago!

  29. It is amazing that Facebook continues to grow. The numbers certainly tell the story. We hear grumbling about Facebook but it’s become so endemic to daily life that the complaints and concerns have become somewhat like those of the weather. Sure we may not like the weather but we have to endure it. So it is with Facebook.

    We may have Instagram and Google+ and Twitter and Pinterest so on, but none of these other social networks can really replace the scope and capability of Facebook. So for that reason I’m not surprised that user numbers keep growing. Being without a Facebook account is almost like being without a cell phone.

  30. It is crazy how many people have facebook. But more people rely on twitter. I am rarely on facebook but all of my family and friends are on that social site. I use twitter, everyday from CNN to TMZ. With facebook I will post when its someones birthday.

  31. Facebook has grown fast since it first launched. I mainly use it for business purposes. It’s great for advertising and staying connected with family and friends.

  32. I must say I am pretty surprised that Facebook still seems to be growing. I actually thought that Facebook usage seemed to be declining. It appeared many were disappointed by the appearance changes they made to the site. I thought for sure that would start swaying people to search out other social media sites.

  33. It won;t be surprising if the whole world one day has a Facebook account. A few years back I could have never imagined my Dad and Mom being part of the same social social site I am in. But its 2014 and every relative I have, cousins, uncles, 10 year old nephews and even babies have their very own facebook account. It has become everyone’s pastime to update their facebook page and add pics, and that just keeps continuing and never gets boring. I imagine their user base will just keep growing and growing, until one day we are all in it.

  34. The fact that many different sites are attempting to tap into mobile network streams of information can be a little bit scary. All of these different places are trying to get our information so they can discover what kind of person we are and how we act. This is then used to track us where ever we go, which can then be sold to those who use the information well, namely advertisers. I find myself hesitant to welcome this phase of social networking, which is why I have slowly shied away from the scene.

  35. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that facebook indeed is insanely popular all over the world. Having 1/7th of the total population as users is certainly an amazing accomplishment, which I doubt anyone else can achieve nowadays. Facebook’s user base is the largest in any social media. But many people spend a lot of time on websites like facebook, and people sometimes try to showcase themselves as someone else completely, and tend to have completely different personalities online, which can be a problem.

  36. Well its not supprising to me. They do have a really good app and that is one thing that contributes to it. I mean they updated it all the time and they basically can do anything on that app instantly. Its really hard to compete with somthing like that.

  37. I think facebook is the major platform for just about anything. I see it everywhere. They have advertisement through everything. Everywhere you go, you see the “like us on facebook” quote.

  38. What a leviathan of a social media platform Mark Zuckerberg created out of Facebook. It is completely unstoppable and the crossover success on mobile is undeniable evidence. Sometimes it’s so hard to believe that a site that was originally a school network branched out and became a global phenomenon that everyone and the world knows and uses for their personal and professional lives. What an accomplishment!

  39. I think the biggest contributing factor to Facebook’s huge success is the way it lets you connect with your family and friends who live in a different area than you. That’s really the only reason my family uses it. We’re spread out throughout 5 states right now so to be able to see pictures of all of the babies in my family as they grow instead of missing it all due to being away from them is really priceless. Older people are using it to catch up with classmates and friends who they have lost touch with. It’s really changing the way that people keep in touch…Also, it’s great for gossiping!

  40. It was only inevitable that Facebook would take over the mobile world. Whatever Mark Zuckerberg is doing he’s doing it right. Everyone has a smartphone these days and everyone has a Facebook account as well, so the two just go hand in hand. I know people who don’t even text each other anymore because it’s much more fun to be able to just share everything instantly through Facebook.

  41. I am so not surprised to see this. Facebook has completely taken over everyone and everything. I think these numbers are going to just keep continuing to rise, as that’s all it has done in the last couple of years. The younger generations have had face book for many years now and I know many teen mothers on my Facebook who have made a profile for their kid. I think it is a bit out of hand.

  42. 1.25 billion active monthly users! What an amazing potential audience. It shows that using Facebook for marketing purposes really is worth it. Where else can you reach out to so many potential customers for free?

    It is interesting to note that over half of these users are mobile. I think this statistic can only increase.

  43. This just shows 1) How much grip Facebook has on the world. and 2) How everyone has got in on this smartphone trend. I think the future for Facebook will be very interesting, particularly how businesses look to further take advantage of social media. I think smartphones are here to stay for a while, It is amazing how much you can do on the latest phone now that you couldn’t do 3-5 years ago.

  44. I believe this has much to do with the relatively new messenger app as I personally find it much easier to access Facebook now that it is so readily available through an app. Before I found myself going to check Facebook once in the morning and maybe a few times at night, but now that I have the app, I find myself checking it many times in a day. Another factor is that many smart phones have much better internet access and with mobile phone usage spreading widely in not only the developed but the developing world as well, the free networking capabilities that come with Facebook are obtaining greater usage than ever before.

  45. Meh, I think Facebook, just like MySpace and all the other old social media sites will reach its peak then quickly decline. I know younger people these days are switching to Instagram, snapchat, tindr, etc. Instagram I think is owned by Facebook right now, but still. I think FB needs to start buying more sites if it wants to have sustained growth a few decades down the line

  46. Growing up, I used Facebook to keep in touch with families and friends. Some may think that this social media site brain washes users to staying on for long periods of times. Although this may be true for some users, it proved to be a helpful tool for when I was in school. I could communicate with my family, and also other students on Facebook. I don’t know why some people give it such a bad reputation.

  47. I wonder when FaceBook will be taken over. At this point, I wouldn’t even it expect it happening in the next 10 years. Not only are they extremely creative, the amount of users are at way too high of a level to be pushed off their top 1 spot of social media. A lot of different social media has come out, but FaceBook really takes all of those and combines it to one accessible and easy to use website. It can be a gift and a curse, but really helpful website overall.

    • Facebook might be one of the best inventions of all time as you can connect with long loss relatives and friends. One Billion users, wow! There is no other social site on that level but there are other good ones. I just don’t like all of the advertising on fb, kind of cheapens the experience, but I guess you got to make money some kind of way.

  48. I use Facebook a lot for publicity and usually from a Smartphone. However, I worry about all sorts of issues. We have seen Facebook used for organised crime and it is responsible for some divorces. I have stopped saying anything too personal as invariably a family member rings up and thinks I shold not have done and I really object to the way Facebook earns without sharing any of that revenue with the earner. Other, newer sites have tried to do that. I suppose that the up-side is that it is useful, as is twitter, for free publicity. My children both use Facebook rarely and tell me it is my generation that are the ones who are truly addicted. They seem more worried about the sinister implications of one organisation having a monopoly on a particular type of communication than I am. It is useful, but not all good.

  49. This one doesn’t really surprise me that much. From years before, when it just started to become more popular I started using it and already saw that it will be something that we have never seen before. As pointed out in the article, it really is a part of our lifes nowadays, but what matters if it brings more positive or negative effects..

  50. Not only that, Facebook has become so ubiquitous that you can’t even run a successful business or advertise your career properly without joining and creating an account. If you’re still not into social media by now, you better start learning.

  51. Wow. One billion users, I’ve never even thought that many people use the internet monthly. I personally don’t have Facebook because I think it’s better without it, but the fact that the numbers are that high, it shows that there is something in Facebook which attracts users, and when it becomes that, that means we have to be careful what we see and engage in on such websites.

  52. I only recently noticed on my blog that most of the people who visit my blog when they see one of my links on Facebook use mobile devices. 99% of them. It appears that many people now favor mobile browsing or the convenience of the phones is what they seek when they want to do some social networking.

    Could be Facebook has reached it’s ceiling and we’ll be seeing more people using other apps and social networks to stay connected with their loved ones, friends and the rest of the world.

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