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An early look at the Ultimate Bike Tool

Imagine carrying all the bicycle/motorcycle tools you need everywhere you go in a compact form that fits in the palm of your hand. The Ultimate Bike Tool, designed by Croatian design firm V-Lab and currently being developed in conjunction with Local Motors, holds 2 tire irons, 4 spoke wrenches, 5 odd and 7 even wrenches, a bit adapter, 90-degree and 180-degree adapter mounts, 6 common bits, a perpendicular bit wrench, and, of course, a bottle opener.

Adhering to the design principle of eliminating the unnecessary, the product’s utilitarian design focuses on making every single edge and cutout on the tool cater to a specific function. The goal is to preserve space and minimize bulk, which is good news to cyclers everywhere.

Product Development

V-Lab’s Marko Prpic and Tomislav Veltruski, who conceptualized the design for the Ultimate Bike Tool, are now in the co-creation and co-manufacturing stage with Local Motors’ design community manager Nyko DePeyer. Prototype development has already started in Local Motors’ design factory, where steel was initially used, but which has since been replaced with a lighter aluminum body.

Just this May, Local Motors announced in a blog post that the Ultimate Bike tool is scheduled to be released sometime in the coming months. There’s no set date yet, however, since it is still being fine-tuned. Once everything has been finalized, the Ultimate Bike Tool will be available for purchase at their store.

Details about pricing is yet to be announced and in the meantime Local Motors is inviting the public to give feedback on the latest prototype. If you’re a keen cycler, you’ll want to check this out and share your thoughts. You may also view video updates on the latest prototype on Local Motors’ website.

11 thoughts on “An early look at the Ultimate Bike Tool”

  1. I love gadgets like this, space is a premium to me regardless where I am. I am sure i have seen some similar products to this on the market though, so while it is nice new take on a product. I don’t think it is breaking any new ground. Not knocking it though, I love the look of it.

  2. Wow this is really cool! A Swiss Army knife for my bike, how cool is that. I always use my bike going to work to avoid traffic and this will come in really hand for me. But I think I’ve already seen one of these before I’m just not so sure where.

  3. I already saw one of these in Amazon, it’s not the same thing but it’s basically it. It’s like literally a Swiss Army knife but instead of knives you got drivers and blots and stuff.

  4. This can be very useful for the people who travel on bikes. Especially for the ones who travel around the country. With this tool, they do not have to worry about having to be stranded and waiting for someone to fix their bike when they can do it their self.

  5. This look great. As a New Yorker who bikes in the city, I find this extremely useful. I have lost count the many times that I have gotten my hands dirty and oily or in need of a simple scredriver. It is far more practical to carry a small tool with all my needs.

  6. Tools like these are awesome. I am a Boy Scout, and whenever my friends go out to get some cool pocket knife or something of the sort, I always get a multi tool or Swiss Army Knife. These things have always intrigued me to how useful one piece of equipment can be. It is so versatile and portable, so much so that you do not have to bring the entire toolbox with you to perform a task.

  7. Great design. I would definitely buy one of these. I bike quite often and have several different tools in my bag. Would love to consolidate them and save space/weight for other daily items. I have different multitools but none of them do everything this one does.

  8. I remember there were special keys for bicycles that had all the keys that you needed made in one piece.
    I like this since space is important for most of the people and not having to carry around of tools makes it easier for people who travel a lot to just have a lighter backpack.
    Nice concept!

  9. The Ultimate Bike Tool is very versatile when it comes to utilization. It fulfills a lot of purposes and it’s always great to have an item like that at hand for when you need it. I’m now inquiring about the price it will have for such a space-saving convenience tool. Nice creation V-Lab and I’m sure Local Motors will improve upon what it already has.

  10. At first I was like, what does it actually do? But as the presentation went on I learned that it was 3D printed effortlessly, which impresses me. The details captures the essence of the tool and how it is still missing the labels.

  11. I’m a sucker for shiny, cool-looking tools even if I won’t use them very often. This one has even more potential for not being used by me, since I retired my bike a couple of years ago when we moved to a non-cycling friendly neighborhood.

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