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iPhone 6 to launch on September 9

The release of the much-anticipated version of the smartphone from Apple is finally official. Mark your calendars, the September 9 launch date has been confirmed.

Consumers always expect a lot from Apple so all eyes are definitely going to be on the iPhone 6. There’s already been leaked information about the new smartphone, so everyone’s in suspense to get all the details on the new innovations applied to the iPhone 6, which will be coming in two versions: 5.5 inches and 4.7 inches. (FYI: iPhone 4 is 3.5″ and iPhone5 is 4″)

The difference between the two versions is more than just the screen size. Rumors have been circulating that only the 5.5 inch version will come with a Sapphire screen display. Apparently, not all of the 4.7 inch versions will have a Sapphire screen as some will still be utilizing the Gorilla Glass display, similar to that of the iPhone 5s.

There are also rumors that the iWatch will be unveiled during the launch, which is very exciting news for all wearable tech fans out there.

Rumor recap: What’s new with the iPhone 6?

  1. Larger screen sizes
    4.7″ and 5.5″
  2. Crack Proof Sapphire display
    Extremely durable and quite indestructible, the newest iPhone now features a Sapphire display. This screen technology is said to be scratch-proof and strong enough to withstand knife stabs as shown in many demonstrations online. (If getting knifed is in your future then you have bigger problems to worry about.)
  3. The new iOS 8
    The new operating system that comes with the iPhone 6 is rumored to have a bunch of cool features, one of which is geared towards monitoring health and environmental stats.
  4. Slimmer, sleeker frame
    Thickness reduced due to improvements in LED backlighting.
  5. Improved camera features
    Rumored to get a boost in more megapixels, an f2/0 aperture and a bunch of fancy new photo editing options.
  6. More horsepower
    New A8 processor, better battery life efficiency, and even more powerful for rendering beautiful game graphics.

These are just the rumors that I think are likely to be true – there’s quite a bit more out there if you’re interested. At the end of the day, however, we’re just going to have to wait until it actually launches on September 9.

48 thoughts on “iPhone 6 to launch on September 9”

  1. So it seems that they’re really aiming for the screen real estate here again. I’m kind of disappointed that they didn’t include some really unique new feature but I guess well have to wait until next for that. I also heard about the iWatch apparently being $300, I wonder how much the iPhone 6 will set us back.

    • $300 for the iWatch? Are you sure? That’s really expensive! But knowing Apple it’s not far from impossible.

      • Well of course that’s not official. But if it’s true then I guess it is pretty over priced but well just have to see what Apple will have to say about it when September 9 hits.

        • Actually, I don’t believe that Apple, with the massive competition from the likes of Samsung, HTC and Motorola, will raise the new iPhone’s price significantly. However, the $300 price point for the iWatch feels about right. The Motorola Moto 360, which as set the bar for smartwatches, costs $250. Add the Apple tax to that, and you get $300 ;).

          • Yeah you’re right with that. I think the iWatch would play around $200 – $300 or maybe more. But I think they can make it that high with no problems since most people will still support it.

          • We’re all wrong, the iWatch or the Apple Watch costs $350. It’s really expensive.

          • That $349 price would be acceptable if the Apple Watch was able offer good battery life, like 2 days on a full charge. One of the biggest criticisms to the Moto 360 was with regards to the battery life, which in some cases didn’t even lasted a full day. So, battery life could be a strong selling point for the Apple Watch but, curiously, it wasn’t mentioned during the keynote.

          • I don’t think a $349 price tag for the Apple Watch is justifiable, I mean sure if it can last 2 days of battery maybe but I think for a sort of add on device it’s pretty high. I think Apple is still not sure about the watch because they never mentioned battery life yet and to be honest I think the battery life is not going to fair better.

          • Regarding the battery life, it seems that for now the official word is that the Apple Watch will have to be charged every night. However, I read that Apple sources indicated that they will be busy trying to get more juice from the battery before the launch, so the two days might be a possibility.

            One positive thing is that Apple’s entry on the wearables market will keep everyone on their toes to out-innovate the competition, which will benefit us all.

          • I’m still not sure I see the value of any company’s watch at that value, though. While I can imagine that some of it’s features are useful (although they’re all available on your phone anyway, which you generally have with you), I don’t think they’re worth the large price tag.

            I’d be surprised if Apple didn’t add an Apple tax of around $100 to the existing prices – that seems to be their average, as far as I can tell.

          • You never know, Apple has always been a white collar company. This is the main reason why I never buy from them; I simply do not have the money. Apple has always used the marketing perspective of appealing to the upper class of society, using their brand name as a part to justify the price. And if you have the money, there’s no reason to complain. Apple offers a nice closed ecosystem which is very simple for many to use.

  2. I am excited for the new release. I do not plan on purchasing it right away because I know that there will be some flaws with ios8. I have seen some of the concepts of the phone and they look cool. I honestly think that the iPhone 6 will be made like the iPhone 5S just thinner with a bigger screen. I like that they are going to have a crack proof screen. This will be very useful for everybody.

  3. I’m always interested to see how they can tweak the iPhone to be just right. I like Apple for that reason, compared to Android phones. They focus on one main hardware while only changing to improve, whereas Android phones are flooded in the market and they all have different software.

    • It seems like Apple tweaks the iPhone to be “just right” every year, is it not? They rarely introduce new features, and when they do, they’re never innovations. Almost nothing in Apple’s history in terms of hardware.was original ever since Wozniak left the company. They’re never the ones to push advancement further by introducing new features, they just capitalize on it once it has become mainstream, and pass it off as “innovation.” Next year, I bet they’ll just put in a new piece of half-baked software like Siri or Apple Maps and call it “innovative.”

  4. The best part about this is that I have no money for an upgrade. I’ll wait until I see how indestructible it is. I will really enjoy people with their disposable income trash their new phone on YouTube. It’s not so great being poor, haha.

  5. Although I use Android, I’m always interested in what Apple has in store. The iWatch may drum up quite a bit of interest as well and hopefully that’s coming to the table as most other competitive offerings seem lukewarm at best. Apple is great at creating a market or influencing other manufacturers to really step up their game (or vice versa).

  6. I don’t really like large screen phones. I think that 4″ is just enough for a smartphone. Anything above 4.5″ seems a lot bulky at least to me. Except the stronger screen, I don’t find anything interesting in the new iPhone. I’m the Android guy, so maybe. And, rumours shouldn’t be taken too seriously, most of them turn out to be false.

  7. I hope Apple updates their iPod line. I know music players seem to be vanishing now but I really don’t want them to drop it altogether. As for the iPhone 6 well I’m not particularly excited about it and I’m in no rush to get it but I would love to see what Apple has done now.

  8. Let’s see how this product turns out. I might have to wait for reviews of the phone before deciding if i will get it or not. I currently have iphone 5 which still works great for me but the new features of the iphone 6 is amazing.

  9. That’s quite a scoop you have on the launch date. Personally I cannot wait, mainly because my current 4S is all but dead. I am rally hoping the are offering a much better battery life on the 6, with a larger screen I can imagine it only lasting a few hours.

  10. I personally know people who will love the new phone. It is great for people with really big hands. Currently, the galaxy series offers the most ergonomic design for giants. Poor guys, I bet they will be incredibly pleased with this release. I will skip this one… my 5s is good enough.

  11. I have had an iPhone for many years. I’ve done upgrade after upgrade. I was thinking about switching to a galaxy because of the larger screens. I’m delighted to hear about the new iPhone 6 and I will definitely check it out.

  12. That’s a good recap of all the major rumors about the iPhone 6. But I would like to add one more: According to some sites, the 5.5-inch version will be able to run apps using the iPad interface (dual pane) in landscape mode. This, in my opinion, might represent a big boost in mobile productivity.

  13. As most other people are, I am pretty excited to see the new iPhone! I think the sapphire display is going to be great (I drop my phone often….). I am also looking forward to an improved camera because I mainly use my phone for pictures. How exciting! Can’t wait to see the final product.

  14. Looks like many of your predictions were correct. I’m so relieved to see the crack resistant screen. I’ve broken too many iphone screens to count. I can’t wait to upgrade; it has been a long time since I’ve gotten a new phone. I am pretty certain I’ll be buying the smaller screen of the two. The larger one looks like it will be too big for my hands and I don’t really use my phone for watching videos or playing games.

  15. Still no exact release date for the UK. I am definitely going to buy one, I thought offering no 32 Gig option was a low blow, they know the 16 Gig is too small, and 64 Gig is more than most people need.

    Looking at the bigger size I think it is a great option, but too big for everyday carry phone use. I will get the regular size.

  16. Seems like Iphone 6 will be released on 19th september, and there will be 2 versions, the Iphone 6 4.7 inch and Iphone 6 plus 5.5 inch. The new display is called Retina HD, and the display glass used is ion strengthened, and not sapphire. The new A8 processor besides being faster will be more efficient, so we get a better battery life. When its released we can look forward to the new IOS 8 operating system and 60 fps video recording.

  17. I have been thinking about switching back to Apple from my Android, only thing that bothers me is that iPhones seem overpriced compared to some Android phones. My last iPhone was a 4s and im currently using a HTC One X and it works great.

  18. Regarding point 4: Slimmer, slicker frame – I found it funny and interesting that Apple had a showcase event displaying an experiment to confirm that iPhone 6 is actually slimmer than the previous version. So, apparently the difference in thickness is not all that much compared to iPhone 5. As long as it doesn’t get chunkier, I’m fine with it.

    • Actually, Apple used a photography trick during the keynote to make the new models look thinner.
      Compared to the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 6 is 9.2% thinner (7.6mm vs. 6.9mm), but the pictures displayed by Apple made it look 30% (!) thinner.
      To achieve this effect, they used different lighting: the iPhone 5s was lit from the sides, while the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were lit from the font, making them blend with the dark background of the screen.
      Oh, and they didn’t include the width of the new protruding camera lens in their measurements 🙂

  19. I will never get an Iphone again! Once again they made no significant improvements just a bigger screen and maybe a little faster processor. They are still stuck on 1 gb of ram and still on a dual core processor. Mean while the androids are on quads and atleast… ATLEAST 2gb of ram.

    • According to GSMArena and some other sites, the iPhone 6 Plus will have 2GB of RAM.

      It should be noted, however, that Apple hasn’t made any official annoucement regarding the RAM capacity of the new models, so, at this point, we can only speculate.

  20. Can’t say I’m not excited about this. Many people are quick to jump on the Android bandwagon and dislike Apple products but they’ve always served my needs.

    Considering I’m currently rocking a 4s with a VERY cracked screen, I believe the new release of the 6 is a perfect time to upgrade, if you have the 5s/5c, I don’t know if it’d be worth it right a way, but for someone in my position I think it’s definitely worth it.

    • I am in a similar position. I have a 4S, its kinda slow now and I struggle with only 16GB space. I have ordered a new iPhone 6 and cannot wait, the jump in quality between the 4 – 6 is massive.

  21. I’ve been seeing many memes on facebook lately about the latest iPhone’s that are being launched, and I can’t help but laugh at the accuracy of what these meme’s claim. Every year, all that it seems that apple is doing is making phones that are longer and slimmer than the previous one and charging like 100-200$ (These are tentative figures, i’m not sure about the real change in price but i won’t be surprised if these are in fact the case) extra. I don’t see the point, why doesn’t apple do stuff that’s more important, like trying to make a more secure iCloud database for the users, especially after the Jennifer Lawrence and the many other celebrities picture fiasco, I, for one, wouldn’t trust apple so readily, especially with these fancy, useless new features of their phones, which are not much different from the previous versions. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t have a grudge with apple, it’s just that tim cook needs to make some serious ramifications, if I am liberty to say so. Otherwise, i like the iOS as much as many people do, but charging so much for a few, unnecessary changes baffles me, especially when greater need are at hand.

    • Parassd, while what you say is true, I think it applies to every premium smartphone manufacturer, not only Apple.

      If you look at the top Android phones, the upgrades launched every year aren’t much different from the previous models. In my opinion, this happens because mobile devices are being constrained by a serious bottleneck: battery life.

      The lack of major advancements in this area is impairing the evolution of mobile devices, resulting in incremental upgrades every year.

  22. I am really disappointed in apple. They have literally just made the screen bigger and nothing else, the new iOS doesn’t not bring along a whole new scope of features. The processor is old and belongs within the 2012 releases of phones as a dual-core 1.4 Ghz is pathetic! They really need to stop recycling their products and selling them at these grossly high prices, which aren’t anywhere near the manufacturing price!

  23. I heard the larger screen thing is going to hit big with consumers, since they’ve been egging on Apple to make bigger screens for a while. The only problem with this is that it’ll be harder to fit in your hand, but it looks like they’ve found a way around that too. The A8 sounds pretty good too, if you can add the extra horsepower, why not?

  24. They really care about screen sizes for once. I hope this means the battery life will be better, but I have to actually own one to judge. Let’s hope so.

  25. I was just getting ready to buy the 5S and now the 6 launches. Typical. I don’t like the size of it, so now it is time to wait for the 6S or 7!

    I’ll keep an eye out for the iWatch in 2015, bigger is not always better Apple!

  26. Now that the iPhone 6 and 6+ is out, there has been a lot of complaining about the iPhone 6+ bending. I like the phones but I do not think that I am going to purchase one right now, especially not the iPhone 6+.

  27. As much as I am in love with Apple, their new phones and innovative technology, I will refrain from purchasing an iPhone 6 because of the rumors going around about them bending. It’s too much money for such a high risk that I feel Apple should officially address.

  28. I miss the old iPhones that were smaller. I have a galaxy note 2. Although I love the size, it wasn’t worth it. It is so much easier to drop. The bigger phones aren’t as easy to grasp.

  29. So you got an iPhone that is bigger and slimmer and I think that sums up the new iPhones right there. I don’t see anything else considerably new added to the phones when I also factor in what Android phones have as a whole. The rest are just small touch ups and improvements. I think Apple should do more with their products to dazzle smartphone customers and definitely not by making them capable of bending and ruining.

  30. One of my main problems with the Iphone is that it couldn’t compete with powerful phones like the Galaxy devices. The increase in phone size is nothing special to me as I’m used to big screen phones already. The hardware specs did amaze me at first but then I realized again that there is nnothing really special going on under the hood. I’m sticking with Android.

  31. I’m excited and happy about iPhone 6 launching this year. I have been excited about iPhone since its first arrival partly because other than being very useful and automated, it encourages developers to be creative with apps. I could never have imagined being able to use Skype on my old iPhone.

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