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LG reveals ultra-wide curved display monitor for PCs

The folks at LG recently unveiled the 34-inch 34UC97 – the world’s first curved widescreen monitor. Equipped with a 3440 x 1440 pixel resolution, it gives you Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) images. Its high pixel density delivers hyper-realistic images that are sharp and vivid for that ultimate viewing experience.

First of its kind

Unveiled during the IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany, this innovative new monitor showcases many firsts in PC monitor display technology. For one thing, it’s the first one ever to combine IPS technology with the curved 21:9 aspect ratio.

Entertainment & productivity, enhanced

The LG 34UC97’s 21:9 screen aspect ratio provides a wider field of view, making it ideal for professionals and entertainment connoisseurs.

The horizontal space is also helpful for productivity, as it allows you to multitask and look at up to three windows at the same time. This saves you more time down the road since it eliminates the need to switch between windows.

You can watch high-resolution movies without the black bars or play video games that have an enhanced gameplay experience. The high performance display also allows for minimal lag time, which lets you enjoy consistently vibrant and sharp images every time.


LG made it a point to reduce the bezels of this screen, making it less pronounced to enhance viewer experience. The monitor is also equipped with two Thunderbolt 2 ports, which allows you to daisy-chain monitors and to easily connect your Macintosh computers as well as to conduct data transfers that are four times faster than USB 3.0, even across multiple devices. As for audio, it comes with MAXXAUDIO® and an impressive 7W stereo speaker system that matches the high-quality graphics, giving you the ultimate visual and audio experience right from your desktop.

42 thoughts on “LG reveals ultra-wide curved display monitor for PCs”

  1. There seems to be a trend towards curved screens. It seems to me that curved TVs are nothing more than a gimmick – the curved surface adds nothing to picture quality and can even introduce some distortion.

    However, when taking into account that users sit a lot closer to PC desktop monitors than they do to TVs, curved monitors such as this one appear to offer real benefits: better viewing angles and higher immersiveness.

    • Yes, I agree with you. The curved feature is no more than a mere selling point for LG. maybe if the screen was curved to much more extent to give a better view, then it would no longer be a gimmick.
      I also thought that wouldn’t it be much easier to break also wouldn’t packaging have to be more bulky? This curved screen is a good concept for PC users who could use it towards their advantage in some way.

      • Hi hamz10. If you read my comment closely, you’ll notice that I wasn’t criticizing curved PC monitors, but rather curved TVs. I think that there’s a place for desktop monitors such as this one, because they provide better viewing angles and immersion. On curved TV sets, on the other hand, such benefits do not exist due to the viewing distance.
        Thanks for replying.

    • I also do not understand paying a premium for the curved aspect of a screen. A lot of people say that it improves immersion; however, the actual screen does not look curved enough to drastically change the immersion factor. Though on the flip side, curved screens would probably appeal more to those who watch a lot of TV shows and movies, especially those of the action genre. Because you are not interacting in the movie, the curved aspect would give it a little extra something.

      • It takes a lot of engineering to make a curved screen so that is why it costs a premium price. Not to mention that it is ultra HD with usb 3.0 ports and Maxxaudio. I think it is worth it.

    • Agree 100% on the TV point. I was in PC Richardson recently and checked out one of the newer curved TV’s, the only thing I can muster was, “What’s the point?”

      However, PC monitors are different, you’re MUCH closer and thus when you’re working with a multiple-monitor setup, it’s not common to kind of “Curve” the monitors yourself by angling them accordingly. I look forward for Curved Monitors to drop in price, seem’s like a great idea.

      • My roommate works at a Best Buy and recently introduced me to the curved TV’s and explained them to me like this:

        “The curve on the TV is really great if you’re like 15 feet away and directly in the center. The second you move towards the edge of the TV the image distorts itself slightly, and I often find myself confused when I walk by this section during my shifts. I’d never buy one, but that’s not why they hired me.”

        I’ve played around with the LG Flex, and the curved screen in this case was wonderful. For the small display of a phone adding the curve to the screen actually seemed to increase the viewing angle and make the picture larger than it actually was. So I could see the merit in a curved screen for a computer monitor or a laptop screen if they could somehow incorporate the technology in that manner.

  2. This is really good for movies and games. Although, I don’t know if it’s really worth for the price I’m guessing it would cost. If it really promises a new experience in High Definition and amazing audio, than I guess it makes sense. But if it’s all baloney, than there’s no point in buying this kind of monitor.

  3. Now THIS is what we needed. Considering that more than 50 million people work daily on computers at their desk jobs, this new display is nothing less than a new innovation. This can increase the efficiency and the performance of the users, making them sit for longer hours, which could be productive as well as less harmful. Especially the visuals for gaming are gonna be one of a kind, gamers are gonna love this more than anyone else

  4. That is one beautiful monitor, and something that a gamer like myself love. I like curved displays, the more curved, the better, as it gives a very immersive experience while playing a game. And if you are watching a movie, you feel a little more involved in all the action. I think for the moment curved screens are much better than any 3D TV options out there in giving a realistic feel, at least until they improve on that technology.

  5. Wow that’s really wide! Imagine the good this will bring for graphic designers and video editors. I would love to play video games and watch movies on this bad boy.

  6. That looks really cool. More room to be productive. But I guess the price tag on this thing would be a real doozy. I can only see this moving on to large businesses and not for home consumption, well not unless you really need to.

  7. This screen looks awesome. I would definitely give up my laptop if I got one of these. It has a better display screen and great features. I am not a fan of a desktop but with this screen I will use one.

  8. LG has been rather impressive as of late, particularly on the smartphone department. That said, they seem to be investing a lot in R&D and always coming up with something new. There seems to be quite the battle between LG and a few other competitors in the TV / monitor / smartphone screens — who knows what this could lead to for the consumer. Quite exciting though and glad in this particular item that were able to shrink down the bezel.

  9. This is very cool. I haven’t seen a curved screen in real life yet but the idea makes perfect sense. I’m sure in a handful of years they will all be manufactured this way. I am definitely going to consider buying a curved screen when I am in the market for a new one. I watch a lot of movies on my computer screen.

  10. I wonder if there’s a reason for all the curved screens we’ve been seeing recently. It seems that different companies are competing to make curved screens first. Is there some specific reason they would want to market this, it doesn’t seem to make much sense for mobiles (maybe a bit more for desktops though).

  11. Am I only the only person psyched here?!! This technology is awesome on so many levels. My husband and I practically do everything on our desktops and this monitor is just the fix we both need. Professionally, as developers this new design offers just the platform we need. He has two monitors (sitting side by side) and I have three (two on the side being angled), with this monitor we can have multiple viewing angles without the hassle of having to open multiple windows. As though the programming isn’t a headache already. We’re also apart of the gaming community, if the specs are as great as they sound, we could have the ultimate gaming experience. Too bad we’ll need to order two of these!

  12. I’ve seen those curved monitors on display at stored. In my opinion, they didn’t do much for me beyond a standard monitor. I suppose it would probably be different if I was at home watching a movie or sports game that I was really interested in. I also wonder if curved it the way monitors are going to start going now, or is it a fad that will sizzle out soon? Guess only time will tell.

  13. This looks really nice. My first concern is any sort of distortion or reverse fish-eye view, but I would think that’s the first thing that would be considered in development so I trust that isn’t an issue. 🙂

  14. This seems interesting, but also seems like it would cost a lot. If I had the chance, I’d definitely choose this monitor for something such as gaming, as the curved display can gain you a large advantage.

    • I agree. Imagine playing an FPS game on one of this screens, granted that your PC can handle high resolutions. I think the price on this one would be really high considering the price of today’s HD monitors.

  15. Curved T.Vs? No, I’ll pass on that. But this is something I would get on board for my PC. I can picture gaming on this to be quite pleasing. I am looking forward to whatever else they have in store.

  16. I sat in front of a curved TV for around an hour and didn’t get anything special from it. Like someone else said, I do think there is more benefit in a curved monitor, however I feel like it is just a passing fad. Time will tell.

  17. This looks cool! LG are definitely working hard to add something new to the market. I think this is gonna be more beneficial for people who want to have a setup with at least 2-3 monitors.
    The price is quite high though, but there’s no big deal since I think we will see more curved screens in the future.

  18. This looks like an amazing monitor. I like the curve for increasing use of peripheral vision since many people sit close to their computers (I know I do). I also just really like the idea of having multiple windows open and viewable at the same time.

  19. This is very nice and good. But the price is on it’s measure. I bet it’s price beats the 4K prices. Even so, it’s still nice to have three of these displays in a gaming setup, multi-media showroom or even in a work office. It has a lot of space to show out data, you can multi-task easily through it and it looks nice as well.

    • That’s why waiting is a good idea 😉 If you wait long enough you will see how the price of this will drop and drop, but at the same time the technology is improved. That’s why in my family they never buy this kind of things asap, because at first they’re very expensive, but after a while they really drop in price.

      I’d recommend you to wait at least 3 or 4 years. If possible! The next 1 to 2 years this will surely be really expensive.

  20. This is amazing, have not seen one yet, but isn’t this gonna hurt your vision, or cause you headaches? I hope not, This is good for gaming though, like FPS and Racing, it will give you more advantage as you have better field of view.

  21. This looks amazing, especially being able to blend multiple together to make a giant curved screen, just imagine if it was a full 360 view. It would be expensive, but it would look pretty cool. The size of 34″ seems to be creeping into TV territory however. But the resolution, man, trying to run 3 of those while playing Battlefield 4 on ultra, that would be turning a gaming computer into a space heater.

  22. I have seen these things at frys. Its awesome and I want one they look fabolous and they look like your in the movie. One problem. They are way to expensive I need a couple of years before I buy this kind of tv.

  23. Awesome! I was watching the TV the other day and they started talking about this new curved monitor, as well as the TV. I really liked the TV! If I had the cash to spend it on that I’d definitely get one of those curved TVs, they sound like a new experience for TV lovers! Bet it will be the same for PC users.

    I guess the safest bet is t wait a bit tho, wait for this to become cheaper, just like it did with flat screen TVs here! The more you wait the better, because they develop the technology more and the prices are more accessibly to everyone.

  24. That’s really wide, I don’t think it would fit on a regular sized table. But it’s good to know that these kinds of things are in production. This would really help out a lot of video editors and graphic designers because they have more room to work with.

    • Depends on what you find a “regular” sized table. Most video editors and graphic designers have huge desks to work with, so this would probably fit on their desk. But the curved aspect doesn’t help much when it comes to either task, it’d really just be something to show off, or for aesthetics.

  25. When it comes to UHD screens, Samsung and LG are definitely on top of the game. While I for one find these curved screens to be heavily overpriced for that marginal improvement in visual appeal, this is because curved screens are currently very expensive to manufacture. As these screens become more affordable and commonplace, and another innovation becomes the next expensive fad in TV design, I might consider picking one up to enhance my movie-viewing and gaming experience.

  26. That is absolutely stunning. I could imagine myself with a curved monitor looking as fantastic as that. I would surely love the larger than life viewing experience and highly convenient media sharing capabilities. First Samsung puts out the first curved TV and now LG is looking to put out the first curved monitor. I’m vastly impressed. Color me very interested in these monitors.

  27. I find myself most interested by the trend of curved screens. I have never gotten to experience a curved screen in person so I cannot judge the differences against flat panels but I can understand the sentiment seeing as human vision more spherical in nature. The thing that bugs me the most about this is the price of these monitors will most likely be astronomical and as such it is really a prohibitive technology. Hopefully improvements in flexible displays will drive down costs to everyday prices.

  28. I don’t think that I would want to use this kind of TV for movies. Maybe it’s just me, but I think my head would be moving from left to right the whole time trying to keep up with everything that is going on and I would just end up dizzy through it all. However, I would definitely use this TV system if I were playing the video games. I can only imagine the effect it has on really bring the character into the game and getting a complete experience from it.

  29. I really like the curved monitors. It adds to the immersive feel of gaming with multiple monitors since it curves around you. It definitely make your desk feel more futuristic. I wouldn’t mind buying one, I love how curved screens are becoming popular. The only gripe I have about them is that they only look good when your looking directly at them. If you sit at an angle your view won’t be the best or you only see a portion of the screen.

  30. That’s really an impressive set of monitor for entertainment and productivity. So many useful innovations are happening around us, I try to not rely on my dreams so much. Many things are already invented, so I often get to thinking, is this dream necessary?

  31. This is so cool! I can’t wait for it to come out. I’ll be the first one in line when it does. I saw the TV version of this on TV a few months ago. And I was floored at the beauty of the screen and the pictures coming out of it.

  32. Pretty neat, I was actually interested in the first curved cell phone made by LG, I think it could definitely be a new trend that develops more in the coming years, although not sure if it would really overtake flat tv’s/monitors etc.

  33. Wow, just wow. As a long-time hardcore PC gamer this is very appealing to me. I love the fact that it’s curved yet you can do a double or triple monitor setup with no problem at all. LG has gotten a lot better in their design and price range over the years. I think I might give this model a closer look.

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